Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Rather Late Christmas Greeting From Your Gastronome

From the family that built the home for foodies!

Also remember,

A little something to ponder on while munching your favorite cookies...

Dear friends (what I call those who visits, reads and comments on this web page) and loved ones,

This Christmas had been an awesome one for me and my family.   Sure, I wasn't able to prepare a fete for our Christmas dinner (or Noche Buena), was not even able to gift wrap my gifts for my kids, not being able to send nor greet everyone on Christmas Day, heck not even a post of how elaborate this season was for Gastronomy by Joy.

I think my excuse would be accepted.   
One of my daughter you see  is a DM 1 patient, in layman's term, she is diabetic taking insulin, subcutaneously.   She was confined to the hospital six days before Christmas, due to Dengue fever, causing DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis), with the condition of her blood sugar unstabilized.  Forcing an eight-year old girl to vomit profusely, getting dehydrated and losing hope.
All praises to God, we got out of the hospital in the nick of Christmas time, yes we went out at 12 pm of December 24.   It was a miracle that after three days of staying at the hospital, my Dana was able to recover so fast.   Though unable to sit up, she was able to have enough nutrition and medication to get her platelets dropping at bay while recovering a normal blood sugar reading, although her platelet count only went up the day before we went out.  

Seeing a flood of prayers from our friends and relatives was truly heart-warming.   The  gift that won't collect dust, won't be destroyed by moths, won't be stolen.  The gift that added more years to our daughter's life.
With that, we give our heart-felt thank you

But, in spite of all the things we went through I still would want to  let you know, that you are valued!   This may not be considered as my gift to you.
In case you didn't realize, there is someone a far greater gift-giver - the reason, why we had to do all sorts of things to show our loved ones how they are loved.  
The One who have loved us far greater than anyone else, causing His life to be given as a gift to humanity.
None other than the Lord Jesus Christ. 
As the Bible dictated,
'And the angel said unto them, 'Fear not:

'Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy

which will be to all people,

Unto you is born this day

a Savior which is Christ the Lord.'

Luke 2:11

Above all the feasts, the harmonious songs and the gifts, what is also important is the family, where love is the beacon and through which God's merciful and everlasting love is illuminated.

With my sincerest gratitude,

P.S.  Don't worry I still have a lot in store for the foodie-lovers out there.


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