Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chefs on Parade

     The event definitely did not only give a glimpse of the Philippines'  and Asia's culinary expertise, it also highlighted creativity, craftsmanship, artistry and gastronomy!   I have been awaiting for an event as such, so even though my schedule for February is very tight, I had to make time for this!

     Chef's on Parade is a  culinary competition which pays tribute to aspiring Chef's to the Multi-awarded Chef's.  Everything about food and dining are highlighted here.   With Tradenet partnering with COP to give way to traders and concessionaires to show off an array of their products in discounted prices.   Since I've been eyeing for more utensils and gadgets that I can use to hone my skills in cooking and specially in baking ( for cake decorating that is),  I did not waste time and hurried myself to the traders' alleys and indeed I got myself stuffs which I have been looking or in baking stores but could not buy because of the high costs.   
    Aside from these, I get to sample new products, specially foods and drinks, and get home with loads of freebies and networks.   What's more is, I get to be a part of the Filipinos pride in the culture of  kitchen management and the journey of food.    No wonder why tourists flock our restaurants and hotels.
    Once there, you have to prepare yourself on what activities you are embarking, cause when I got inside there are a lot going on around, that is why you have to be armed with the schedules of the workshops or the cooking demos you are to attend.

From foodies like me and gourmets alike, everyone marveled at the spectacular creations of the Chefs that paraded....
Here they are...   (This is only the first day, and the only day I had)

Kindly click on the link below to see the pictures form the event.

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