Sunday, February 20, 2011

At the Stick House

Gianduia Chocolate
Counting down on Italian Gelato stations in the Philippines

Yes...Ice Cream Sticks, but their Italian Gelatos on an array of flavors.

Yes...One can lounge, read a magazine and indulge in their gelatos on sticks with toppings of your choice.

Some of the Italian Gelatos I know are Fiorgelato, Gelatissimo at the Bonifacio High Streets at now I came to discover the Stick House at SM Megamall.

Better visit them at the lower Ground Floor, Bldg A., Sm Megamall
Their website:


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  2. Hi Chef_d,
    Tnx, It would be such pleasure joining your club, I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, the challenges is what spices the experience!
    Tnx and Godspeed!

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