Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Latest Food Finds at Midnight Mercato

So far my "crabby patty"...
Johnny Steams-Manila's First Steamed Burger!
I got so crazy with grilled burgers.  There is this particular hamburger chain from US which really captivated me from the first time it touched my taste buds.   Oh, no why have  I forgotten about it.   Hey guys, I wish you could help me out here, they used to have a branch at Gorietta and Taft Avenue, near La Salle, now I could not find one here in Manila.  And I couldn't even remember the name of the burger chain. 
I am a die hard fun of burgers.  Let me choose  between a rice meal and a burger meal, for lunch or dinner, guess what I'd choose, the burger.   Let me tell you a short history of how I evolved into a carnivorous-eater.   (hey, burgers have veggies).   I had my first burger at Wendy's when I was 8, and I hated it then, because of the onions and mustard!  Until Jollibee came, and oh how it became my first-love when it came to fast-food.   Then I was introduced to McDonalds.   When I was in college, BigMac was way to expensive for me, I needed to practically save some from my daily allowance for me to eat  BigMac for at least a  month.  Time came that I could buy a BigMac for myself and had lost interest in it, cause of Jollibee's Champ.    Then, went to dates with burgers as our staples, enjoyed while watching movies.   Till Wendy's came with a bunch of chicken, BLT's, and more burger assortments.   College life=Burger life!
To make my life story short, I married, had babies and Jollibee....But then,   the enlightenment,  Carl's Junior. It was different, aside form the drink-all-you-can station, they introduced "char-broiled burgers" and they did not cut down on the greens and the tomatoes.   During my kids growing period, we never missed a family day-out without making a stop at Jollibee, so what hubby would do is buy us a couple of burger meals at Carl's Jr.  and ate it at Jollibee.
Gone are the days, of my "burger-eating season",  since more and more restaurants have been into fusion and themes that made dining fun an adventurous.   
A night at Mercato Centrale is a sinful indulgence.   Diets are ruined, food discipline a No, No.  But joy of eating a definitely Yes, Yes.   
Now I'm totally back into burger consumption.   Thanks to Johnny Steams Steamed Burger.   You heard me right, the burgers are steamed, not fried!   No wonder, they are juicy, no hard and bitter part, every bite was a piece of pasteurific beefy goodness.   We bought the burger and took it home, I decided to take a bite at the car, cause I was thinking the best time to taste it is while it was hot.   
I got Chili Cheese Burger, we were offered the Opa! Burger and Yankee burger, since I was quite undecided what to get, thinking it would be too spicy for me, for it has jalapeno chilies.   Chili Cheese has all the works plus, the intriguing Johnny's home-made chili sauce, jalapenos and the 100% premium beef patty was greatly topped with the hot melted cheese, I think they used mozzerella on it.   I would definitely go back for more of the Chili Cheese Burger and would definitely try the other flavors.   By the way, we finished the whole burger without even reaching 1/10 of the way to our home...  Really superb as what Bhogs would say!

The Pot hole
 Where you can find the one of a kind cheesecake, The Pistachio Cheesecake... 
The light green creamy, silky and the play of cream cheese and pistachio captivated me.  The cinnamon flavored crumb layer made the perfect match for the filling.   I was actually looking out for different nuts, particularly walnut and pistachio, there was  a stall nearby "Nuttyliscious," where they have it though they are not shelled yet and what a perfect nutty desert for my nutty craving.

If those are not good enough reasons to visit Mercato Centrale, during the weeked, late at night or early morning here are more...
Mascarpone Raspberry Cake from Pot hole
Samples from Pot hole, an extreme delight!

Cupcakes from Heavenly Divine Desserts


  1. will be heading there later! I'll try them out, tnx!

  2. Do you have PotHole's number?

  3. Hi Joy, we're glad we put a smile on your face with our burgers :) Thanks and we hope to see you soon again :)


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