Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frostings Moments

 Another of my kids' cupcake cravings, and mine of course.  As we were searching for another cupcake store, we chanced upon Frostings at Market, Market.   It was just a small stall but big on cupcake ideas.
  My kids have been raving about long before, and we never tried it.   Till I came addicted on reviewing different "cup-cakeries."   One reason is to find out out which carries the best-tasting cup-cake and frosting.   And another reason is of course which to recommend.
Another of our musing...

Here Dana is eying on Brazo de Mercedez cupcake.  Sad to say she was not allowed to eat one.
According to the lady selling these, this is one of the best-sellers, along with Smores, the cupcake Danica is holding at the topmost picture.
Pure genius as I would call it, imagine brazo de mercedez in a cup.   The cup cake is somehow made with yellow cake recipe and topped with meringue-like frosting, well it is boiled icing resembling the meringue, where a button of golden yellow custard sits on top.
Frostings cupcakes are full of surprises.   As you delve in and reach the middle part,  the soft custard emerges.   I love this, because the cake, the frosting and the custard filling is not too sweet, as compared to the real Brazo de Mercedez.
However, my kids didn't like Smores.   The icing is typical as from regular cakes, the cake is not that good but soft and airy.  Not quit the Smores my kids are after.
Here is the Choco Lava.   Which is truly volcanic in chocolate taste.  It has a whole right in the middle to look like a volcano.   The top is filled with boiled icing and smacked right in the middle of it is the "liquid gem", dark chocolate ganache or syrup.   As you can see on the next picture how the syrup oozes out as you reach the middle.   HHHmmmm....Now I'm craving for one.

Too bad those are just the ones we can consume for the day's dessert.   Aside from cupcakes they also have Chocolate Lollies in bright colors.  They actually have several flavors, check out their website at this link:
http://www.frostingscupcakes.com.ph/cupcakes.htmlMobile no.: 0922-898-0273, 0917-824 1042
Tel nos.: (02) 983-3880 local 56
email: info@frostingscupcakes.com.ph
Find them at:
Market! Market!
2F,Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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