Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Coffee-nating" at Cafe Belardo

Hey, I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but believe me, "coffee-nating" or "caffeinating" has never been this relevant and encouraging and never to forget comforting.   What was funny was that I was not wedded with caffeine, what got me addicted was knowing the stories behind how each of these coffee artisanal thought of such possibilities and how they were able to deliver good service and of course good products.

In a about a week, I was able to visit three interesting coffee shops, not only that I was able to get first-hand, insider information on each of the coffee-shops from none-the-less, the owners themselves.    The two coffee shops will be revealed soon, one from Las Pinas and one is the newest late night "tambayan" in Imus, Cavite.
This time I even got farther, where the coffee aroma led us, where one of the best types of coffee beans came from, in Amadeo, Cavite.   Amadeo, being  the "Coffee Capital of the Philippines,"   has been known around the world for its Pahimis Festival which was being celebrated during February.
After visiting Jungle Resort, near Metrogate Silang Estates, this time we decided to head on to Amadeo, and we brought along with us two of our church's leaders.   Everytime we go to Tagaytay we make it a point to take the route to Amadeo to go home.   My kids and I love passing by  hectares of coffee trees and they love seeing the big kettle and cup  figurines on each of the Amadeo boundaries.   And all of this times I would crave for a cup of  joe, but never have we tried the town's specialty.   Till one time we saw a coffee shop.   Since then, I've been raving to stop over and feed my curiosity.

Belardo Coffee Enterprise has been in Amadeo's coffee industry for centuries, now the third of its generation host a quaint, solitary coffee shop at one of the boundaries of Amadeo, the one nearest to Tagaytay.   Proprietors Marlon and Erna Belardo was so kind enough to let us in to their family business.   Aside from milling coffee beans and making its way to certain coffee shops in Tagaytay, they also supply raw coffee pods to Nestle.   Just last December 8 (2010), they've opened up Cafe Belardo.    It was not odd though for a sleepy small town with very cool climate to have a cozy coffee nook.

A gold mine in the middle of nowhere should I say.   Odd as some may think but I say a genius idea.   Ms. Erna  even told us that the idea came from their daughters who would often visit Sbux for frappes.   Since they have hectares of coffee farms and harvests the best robusta excelsia why not open up a coffee shop for sampling and nooks for selling their coffee products and making it a painting gallery.
Dana at the door, behind her are coffee products 

My yummy Machiato

Entering Cafe Belardo was a relaxing comfort, being in Amadeo is relaxing enough, with its cool, unpolluted breeze.   The guys and the kids had their sips outside and the two of us ladies made our usual chats inside as I checked out the paintings of a local Amadeo painter , coffee trees inspired.   Though they don't have grubs to go with their coffee concoctions, they do have a lot of coffee selections in their menu.   Plus you can extend your love for coffees at the comfort of your home whilst bringing home "Amadeo Brews",  in selections such as Barako, Hazelnut, Robusta, Arabica, etc.   Did I mention how great-tasting the cup I had was.   I got a cup of hot Machiatto, a velvety, smooth blend should I say.

Oh I could forever live there, my mind is in heights as I savor the aroma of their coffee being brewed.   With the place like a home a midst the tranquil ambiance and modern interiors.
Too bad the sky got darker and from a far you can see a backdrop of red sky, but luckily  we were able to have a quick tour at their backyard to see a couple fruit-bearing coffee trees and a civet cat.   Thank God we don't need to skip our coffee booze as we cruise along Amadeo.
Me and the kids playing around one coffee tree with bundles of  fruits

Alamid or Civet Cat, the culprit behind Alamid coffee
CAFE BELARDO ( Belardo Coffee Enterprise)
Amadeo-Loma Boundary, Amadeo Cavite
Contact Numbers: (046) 6820263  or  0915 4334768


  1. I still can't bear the idea of drinking a cup of coffee made of civet poop. hahahaha! Perhaps if I will have the chance to taste one, I'll change my mind!

    I want to thank you for sharing your "caffeinated experiences", hahaha!

    You ought to be a coffee conoisseur. You'll enjoy the experience and you'll be doing a great favour to all of your readers.

  2. Gee! I wish I could have the same experience...Never heard of Amadeo coffees, though we do usually pass by along that way to go to Tagaytay. I will definitely drop by Cafe Belardo's on our next trip to Batangas. Thanks!

  3. WOW! Me and fiancee are looking where to buy coffee beans for our wedding. We are both coffee addicts thats why we opted for a coffee-themed wedding. I heard that coffee beans are cheaper in Amadeo.,do you know how to get there via public transportation?

    Thanks a lot! Your post was really helpful.

    1. Hi sayshaze!
      Thanks for dropping by, also for appreciating my write-up. You won't miss it when you are along Amadeo, there is only one road from Gen Trias leading to Tagaytay. It is near the border of Amadeo and Tagaytay, coming from Gen, Tiras, it is on the right side.
      Look for Ms. Erna Belardo and ask about their packaging. We also customize coffee packs for gie-aways. You may contact me at 09237160904

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