Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crepe Made Simple

I used to think making Crepe is a hard task, or something reserved for the learned chef. But the things I'd do for the love of cooking...

Back in college, when I first had a try of this unheard-of (from my end) dessert slash snack, I would watch for hours, over a limited-sized bar, a lady making crepes of different flavors.  I used to think you need to undergo a special skill training for this. She was even using a shallower pan, probably intended for  making dozens of crepes. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

#KnorrPH Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampalok with Gabi

Can I share a little secret with you?

Although, I was born to live in the kitchen, I never really cook Filipino dishes that much.  But don't get me wrong.  We love Filipino food very much, my family specially, and we'd often have soupy based meat dishes.  That's also how my kids grew up with- having the kind of lunch many Filipino kids do, like having Sinigang, Tinola and Nilaga.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Our Top Three Restaurant that Start with P

P is definitely not a strong letter when it comes to describing food.

Let us see, can you think of words beginning with the letter P that has a connection with food or dining.  I can think of some...

Poach, peach, pickle, prune, peanut, pepper, pint, pili, produce (as in farm-grown).  Okay, that's a lot, but not that much....I'm sure there's more.

So when I realized right after checking my photo library that I have stored photos of our dining jaunts to certain restaurant, I noticed there were several restaurants beginning with P that I haven't really featured yet.  Only cause I can't seem to find enough time to write about each of them, so I collated them here in one sweeping post.

Patriccio's Cevicheria

Adam Levine's Proactiv TV Commercial

 Everyone has their own little secret probably long hidden in the past, even celebrities!  So I'm not at all surprised when Adam Levine of Maroon 5 blurted out and even revealed in You Tube about his acne problem when he was younger.

This "Sexiest Man Alive” for 2013 was once upon a time, someone who struggled with acne

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant, A Wonderful Foodie Discovery

Every time we would go to Wilcon Depot, in either of  the two branches along Chino Roces Ave.(formerly Pasong Tamo) I would see a sign bearing a vegetarian restaurant.  I didn't realize that it had been a year since that time hubby and I were that busy shopping for construction materials when we were renovating our kitchen.  And it had been a year that I've been meaning to check out this vegetarian resto - Live Life.

Live Life...

I just love how it sounds and perhaps it has a deeper meaning sorted out by the owner/conceptualizer of this said food hub. What does living the life truly means?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gluten-free Chocolate Banana Muffin

At the last World Food Expo 2016, I came home with heavy eco-bags filled with Dezaan cocoa and US Dehydrated Potato Flour and other unique, sought-after food products.

I've been thinking of ways to lessen my kids' carbo-loadings and making sure that our juvie DM daughter has her blood sugar in control.  Making sure as well that my family is free from the risk of not only diabetes but also Celiac disease.  There was a period before when our diabetic daughter would have episodes of tummy aches, fearing it may be Celiac-related or something about her diabetes, I studied on how to remedy stomach aches and with that, I came across studies linking tummy problems with celiac and diabetes, the culprit-gluten!

Sugar-free Brownie Muffin: Using Home-made Almond Flour

Tried out a sugar-free and a gluten-free recipe this time.  Developing this kind of recipe is indeed an exact science and a complete risk-taking process.

First, I figured out what to replace refined white/brown sugar with.  And it ain't cheap.  You can use muscovado or coco-sugar but it won't be sugar-free anymore.  Here, I used Fit and Sweet Stevia.  I have to tell you though that there is a bitter after taste which one has to get used to.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mama Chit's Coffee House, A Go-To Place for Collectors and the Likes

This place is just legendary.  They claim and many would testify that this burger joint had been Marikenyo's go to snack joint, specially if it's burger they crave for.  

A stone's throw away from Marikina Shoe Museum, and a short pace from Rustic Mornings by Isabelo, it's the next best thing to do after going to the Shoe Museum.

Exile Creamery Co.: A Preview of Heavenly Flavors

After trying out some dishes from Exile at Main St. Restaurant, we were given a chance to try some of their artisan ice cream creations.  Nothing but pure joy for this event.  It could have been unbeatable if I was able to go home with a bucket or two of their delectable flavored ice cream.

Like most of the artisan, home-spun ice cream that seemed to be prosper about, Exile claims it ti be 'all-natural'.  It means natural ingredients such as true cream, whole milk, eggs, sugar, and home-made vanilla extract, etc, goes in their ice creams.

Exile on the Main St., Katipunan Ave.

It was those kind of times when you feel you want to regress from being a non-parent and go back to the kind of life you have before being one.  Every parent have his or her qualms about trying to be the parent their kids need them to be.  It's a 24-7 job, without pay.

However, my reward is seeing the result of my kids' hard works. Specially when it is reflected in creative and artistic ways.  All my kids are ceative in their very ways but one girl actually stands out. She eventually followed her heart and took Fine Arts.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Thing or Two on Pursuing Your Purpose


I used to catch myself in several crossroads, dwelling in situations eating up my energy and not being able to accomplish important things.  

So it did matter to me how I'll be living my life out of the fact that I chose to stay at home and care for my kids and husband, though I have this voice inside me that I wanted to do more, for myself and for my God.

Eventually, after discovering my purpose in life (through the famous Purpose-Driven Life and the talks about  it in our church), I gained a good ground where to plant my seeds at.  Also, I gained a better understanding of God's plan for me and perhaps for my kids as well.

When you've no sense of life purpose, no goals to animate you, you're prey to destructive feelings. Boredom and listlessness can give way to despair, hopelessness, depression and anxiety.  I've been there!  I'm sure many moms like me have been there too.  But let me tell you this. you were born with a genetic master plan - a blueprint for your unique qualities, gifts and talents. This 'plan' contains a program for your physical and inner growth, including the unfolding of your full potential

What is great about your 'genetic blueprint' is that you can read about it in God's words and you'll come to a point of realizing what you can do accomplish this plans.  Just continue to pray and hold on to God's promises!

I was just so happy that I was given an opportunity to share how this happened in my life at  the Alliance Women Fellowship (AWF Zone 2) yesterday, Saturday at CAMACOP, Mount of Olives Christian Church, Brgy. KApitolyo, Pasig.

Pastor Bing Dasig reached out to me and asked if I could do a food demo geared on Health and Wellness and also share a thing or two about my walk with God, specially in pursuing my purpose.

Blogging opened up a whole lot of favorable circumstances.  Though undeniably another work list, it gave me a sense of fulfillment, doors to share my faith with and a voice which represents many moms and women.  Knowing that friends and family, and people I don't even know read my blog gives me enough joy, and doors keep on opening, doors of God's outpouring of blessings.  And this one, which happened yesterday was just one of it.

I really didn't put much effort on it, what I just did was to share some of the things I also learned from attending events and exposure to many products which I've grown to love.

On the said event I did a demonstration of how to easily prepare a super-breakfast/snack for their families, healthy salsa and vitamin-infused water.

Here are three things I made for them and educated them the importance of having each ingredients in their diet.  And I was glad they were happy to learn about them.

3.  Lemon/Cucumber/Gynura Prekumbenis Infused water

In my message, though I would have wanted to share more about breakthroughs, I just gave my life as an example, from humble and truly failed beginnings to success and bliss.

Thus, allow me to cap off this article with this quote:

“All people are standing; you got to standout! All people are breaking grounds; you got to breakthrough grounds! Don't settle for less; rise up and stand tall in what you do!” 
― Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Two New Brands in Angeles, Pampanga, One Launch

Sunrise Surprise and Trim & Beyond, owned and operated by businesswoman Kim Epil, sprung open their doors last August 1, 2016 located at Fil-Am Friendship Road, Angeles City.  Ms. Epil, armed with a culinary background international certification for beauty and aesthetics and with a family background honed for business, wishes to deliver not only her customers' needs but their wants and whims as well.

Your Next Ultimate Get-away at Misibis Bay Resorts, Albay


Words and photos by Demi Barbra Angeles of and

After soaking in some history and adventure, it’s time for some fun and relaxation!

While visiting the Bicol region and would like to bask in its waters, one should not miss a five-star treatment in the Philippines’ luxury island playground.

Misibis Bay is situated on the southern tip of Cagraray Island. It will take an hour of air travel from Manila plus an hour’s drive away from Legazpi City to get to this 5-hectare resort.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crafty Party Inspirations at A Handmade Affair

Whether you're an event specialist or just a mom trying to make living more beautifully,  A Handmade Affair: Crafty Celebrations  and Wedding Expo is an event for you.

Happening this August 20 and 21 at the Bridgetowne Tent along E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, QC, expect creative inspirations to make affairs, from kiddie parties to weddings, the stuff of DIY dreams.

Here are what you'll be missing if you won't attend:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spanish Brunch with a Modern Take at Cafe Enye

If you know your kitchen history, perhaps you could go beyond that and scrutinize our country's spice trade.  Not all foodies could handle that.  Nah! Not even me!  But one thing is worth digging into is how our country managed to establish our own distinctive flavors.  Undeniably, we took ours from Spanish influences and some from the Chinese and eventually from other nations who took us into.

It was how we started our conversation with Chef RJ Ungco of Cafe Enye.   According to him, not only is his Spanish background inspirational to how they conceptualized the menu, it was how the spices played a critical element, thus a talk on spice route.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hunt & Gather, The Father's Day Edition

One of the things my girls and I get all excited about is going to food and craft fares. Thinking it's a fashion event, my girls came all dressed up, good thing it wasn't what they were expecting, coz, we'll end up bringing home more stuff for their closet, which will not make their Dad happy..

Chimara Feel Good Kitchen Now in UP Town Center

Feeling blah or listless?

I can be so sure you are grabbing a big chunk of chocolate right now?  Or running to your coffee-maker trying to fix your downtime.  Yeah?  This are just two of the proofs that there is really a link between food and mood.  Want more proofs?

Think of Noche Buena, the meal that leaves you as sleepy as a dose of Valium. Then there's the grande mocha latte; does anything else pick you up quite like a drink that combines two caffeine-saturated food in one foamy cup? And when you're feeling low—your hard drive just detonated, your credit cards are maxed out, your college freshman just arrived home...yadah, yadah, but you don't reach for salads, do you? No, you grab a chocolate, because that's what makes you feel better.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Forget Me Not

This is not another sad nor bitter post...this, in fact, is another discovery from us, from our visit in 

To date, this is my fourth restaurant try out in the said place but first in Lilac St.  Lilac St. if you might have known is the foodie haven of Marikina, which is likened to Maginhawa, Kapitolyo in Pasig and BF Homes, Paranaque.

Oh, I think I already did try one, except it's located at the corner of Lilac and Kanlaon Streets.  

Serenely Stylish Modern Zen Experience Now at Midori Clark Hotel and Casino

On the photo is Joy Mendiola of

There are so many ways to love about this newly opened hotel in Clark, Pampanga. As the government eyes Clark International Airport to serve Northern part of Manila and the rest of Northern Luzon areas, Clark is seen to flourish in the coming future, thus having more hotels and entertainment venues would be welcome in the environment.

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino adds a new tone to the seemingly forgotten commercial venue that is Pampanga.  Midori is a Japanese word for green, though the building isn't painted green, it's beautifully built in the middle of lush greeneries.

Peanut Butter, Muesli and Fruit Parfait

Have you ever had those mornings, tired of the usual omelet, bread and peanut butter and boring fruits on the go.  Of course you do!  No one is excused from not having boring breakfasts worst is grabbing whatever you have on the kitchen for that quick run for work or for school.

Breakfast is a big deal in our family, specially if you have energetic kids going to school and a child that needs special care in her food intake.  Well, as you all know, we have a 12 year old "juvie" diabetic.

As much as I would want to make my own muesli from varied oats we have in the pantry, I never had that opportunity, which I'm still planning to do in the coming days, I HOPE! (Sigh)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jeunesse Anion Fun, Food, and Fitness Event at Mariott Hotel Manila

With the advocacy to provide sanitary pads and liners that help to do more for your wellness, by empowering women to get into the habit with practical healthy living upgrades Jeunesse Anion, proved to be true to its words.

To celebrate women empowerment partnered with a lifestyle geared to wellness Jeunesse Anion has partnered with Marriott Hotel Manila to freshen up those habits and stay motivated with an hour of Zumba and exciting demo of healthy one-pan meals, courtesy of Simply Cereal, Doña Elena Olive Oils, Clara Ole, and Al Dente Pasta.