Saturday, July 2, 2022

Inviting You to the #711Day SALE-bration Day

 Enjoy a huge price drop on Big Bite, City Cafe, Crunch Time Chicken, and MORE from July 8 to 13 

The most-awaited annual 7-Eleven SALE-bration is coming! 7-Eleven is gearing up for this year’s 7-Eleven Day with a 6-day promo-filled party from July 8 to 13 in all stores nationwide. 7-Eleven is treating customers to up to 50% OFF on over 200 items including its signature food items from Big Bite, City Cafe, and Crunch Time Chicken.  

Office workers, students, loyal customers, and those residing near 7-Eleven stores, better take note! Crunch Time Chicken will start its P10 OFF promo on its 1pc. Chicken with Rice on July 6, in time for National Fried Chicken Day, until July 11. 

Come 7-Eleven Day on July 11, the small size of the crowd-favorite City Cafe coffee blend is offered at half the price. This applies to all available blends: Brewed Coffee, French Vanilla, Mochaccino, Salted Caramel, and Hot Chocolate. Small Prima Americano is also available at half off. The customers’ go-to 7-Eleven snack, Big Bite Hotdog, is also at 50% off on this day. Should anyone need a quick bite or baon, then this is where to get the bang for that buck — and a delicious one at that! 

From July 8 to 13, the convenience store will offer a huge price drop of up to 50% discount on snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, personal hygiene products for the face, body, and hair, and other grocery essentials.  

While #711Day merits its own grand party, what makes this year’s celebration even more special is that everyone is finally able to celebrate together, in person after spending the past two years in quarantine.  

Now that everyone is going back to work, back to school, and back to regular daily routines, 7-Eleven is also urging Filipinos to come back to their stores to regain the experience of shopping at their favorite neighborhood convenience store. Take this as an invitation to get back all the things and people we missed — because with 7-Eleven’s #711Day, it’s a celebration like no other!  

Contactless payments through the CLiQQ app and GCash are available. Don’t miss out on 7-Eleven’s six-day celebration! Visit here for the list of the complete sale items available from July 8 to 13.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

DOT's KAIN NA! A Multi-sensory adventure for Foodies

The Department of Tourism (DOT) aims to satisfy the cravings of foodies, tourists, and non-tourists alike with the fourth hybrid serving of the KAIN NA! Food and Travel Festival in partnership with Ayala Malls.

KAIN NA! with the theme “Foodie Adventures” continues to serve its signature line-up of digital food tourism talks and discussions from June 9 to 11, while on-ground festivities of specially-curated foodie pop-ups of regional cuisines and delicacies are scheduled at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Parañaque City, Metro Manila from June 10 to 12, from 10AM to 10PM.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

A Bear-y Happy Easter at The Manila Hotel

Isaiah 53, in the Bible tells us about how Easter is, as the fulfilled prophecy of the Messiah who would be persecuted, die for our sins, and rise on the third day. Remembering the resurrection of Jesus is a way to renew daily hope that we have victory over sin. According to the New Testament, Easter is three days after the death of Jesus on the cross. Easter follows a period of fasting called Lent, in which many churches set aside time for repentance and remembrance. 

For children and many families, it is the best time to honor the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord Jesus and celebrate his resurrection as a family.  Such a good bonding moment for the family.  It has become a tradition for families and kids most especially to celebrate it joyously with fun games, arts and crafts, dancing and of course egg hunting.  

And The Manila Hotel knows exactly how to make it fun and exciting for the whole family.  With this, Danaera and I (with the help of my other daughter) spent an exhilarating afternoon  at The Manila Hotel's Bear-y Happy Easter.  It was held at one of their ballrooms and it was packed-full of kids and parents enjoying every spaces provided for every activities.

The highlight of the event was the egg hunting activity, or maybe for us.  There were a lot of activities that kept the kids' moods up, despite the many lining up and rowdy kids, the activities were enjoyable and meaningful.  There was the Egg painting, cupcake design, dance workshops, arts and crafts, magic show and the hotel's mascot showing up to enliven the crowd.

Aside from the cupcakes, they also gave out freebies from their sponsors like Absolute bottled water, fruits from DOLE, popcorn and cotton candies.

Most of the guests ended the fun-filled afternoon with a family picture from the booth.

Tickets were bought from the hotel and I'm sure next year will be even more exciting.  Thank you The Manila Hotel for having us, Danaera's first event after being cooped up in our home for two years.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

K-drama inspired cafes in Angeles, Pampanga

Unique, IG-worthy Coffee Shops Near Pasay City

Someone once said, "Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your old self."   

My husband asked me, in full support of what I do for living (blogging) and maybe start me off on the right track with vlogging, "what else do you need, since I've bought you all the things that can help you improve in your vlogging?"  I answered "TIME!" (with a sarcastic smile).

He replied with a laugh, not to insult me, what I need according to him could not be bought haha or is unnegotiable, as we have 2 adults, 2 almost adults and a toddler.  I guess, the only thing that could fuel me to go on and can compromise my need for extra time is coffee!  

Hence, whenever we get to go out for errands, grocery runs and whatnot, I try to ask my husband if we could visit a coffee shop nearby, and Metro Manila never runs out of interesting cafe's to cater to my coffee whims. 

It's great to see new cafes popping up despite the hardships most businesses are undertaking.  It keeps coffee connoisseurs happy while keeping the business community up and running.

Check out our YouTube vlog on the list of K-drama inspired cafes in Pampanga.

To add to the active coffee community, I have collated several unique coffee shops around the metro for you to also visit.  

You get to enjoy both the coffee and the ambiance!

1.  74 Apartment Cafe

The best cafe in my neighborhood, should I say.  It's like a breath of fresh air to us Pasayeno's, like having our own little Siargao or Elyu spirit.  It's near to the clinic where I would bring my kids to and you'll never be disappointed with their selection!  At first, I could hardly choose as they went all in, from coffee mixes, hot and cold, to milk teas and specialty tea beverages! You'll want to stay for more!
My suggestion would be their Macadamia Latte.  I also love their pastry selections such as the orange muffins and chocolate chip cookies and make sure to have their crowd fave croissant to go with your drinks.

It is where jeepneys (Malibay to Mall of Asia) pass by and you'd hardly miss it as it's the only white shop along that street. 

Address: 74 Clemente Jose, Pasay City

2.  Papa Kape

It's one of those hole-in-a-wall type of nooks where you'd never expect an oasis to be.  In a busy residential area of Palanan, Makati arose a coffee and laundry shop.  Aside from the the brand name having a ring to it, Papa Kape may be your typical go-to coffee especially for the local coffee enthusiasts.  Perfect for the plantita/plantito's, bikers and just those needed a breakthrough from the hustle and bustle. 

Been meaning to come here since I knew about this "still secret coffee shop in Palanan" when I saw a churchmate trying it out, as it was a walk away from their church in Filmore.   I love how home-owners' open up their home, garage, gardens to cater to what the community needs, may it be a sanctuary or a cup of coffee.  

Tried their Cappuccino and Hazelnut Latte with Onion Bread and Mangga at Suman to-go, but will come and stay longer next time to try their one-of-a-kind drinks,  Brazo Latte and Kape Gingerccino.

Address:  5641 Ampere Street, Palanan 1235 Makati

3. Cafe 6059

Like the first cafe on the list, they got their name from their address, hence it's easier to find in Google and waze, but in truth, the exact place is a bit hard to navigate to and the street one way and narrow and parking can also be a hard.

However, you'll get to try the best Spanish latte and mocha latte in Brgy. Olympia, Makati.

It's a hip place for the young ones who is into arts, graffiti and spoken word poetry.

Address: 6059 San Rafael St. Brgy. Olympia Makati City


4. M Studio and Cafe

M Studio can easily be associated to Magallanes, but I have really no idea what M means, but I know that their food are gourmand-approved and and the other part of the cafe is indeed a studio, a dance studio,  and also a place to hold photo sessions.

Next to Malibay and The Resorts Wold Manila, Paseo de Magallanes is our next food spot in cases when we need to have food right away.  

M Studio Cafe has that outdoor relaxing vibe, with their dining area perched at the terrace, where you can also see your food being prepared.  To top that, they have a wide array of beverages and coffee mixes, with their strong coffee.

Address: 3rd Floor Oakridge Plaza Paseo De Magallanes

5.  Kapetolyo by SGD Coffee

Ever since Mayor Isko Moreno flexed about the beautification (improvements) in Manila, especially within the vicinity of Manila City Hall, I had my eyes on this cafe sitting next to the Sisa Monument.  It used to be this dirty place where street dwellers would frequent and no one have imagined it's going to be what it is now, a place in the midst of the breathing grounds of Manila, surrounded by trees and historic monuments, and now where you can savor local brews and good food.  

Many bikers have been starting their days here and many others have had special gatherings here which took many to wait until the pandemic loosened up. 

I love their Flat White, and my husband loved their cappuccino, however, I wished they could have widen their coffee selection.  

Address:  Cecilia Muñoz Drive cor. Antonio Villegas St, Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines

6.  Wildheart Flower Shop + Cafe 

Last December, 2021, I visited my Aunt in Las Pinas, it was also my late mother's bday so I figured it's the best time for me to visit this dried flowers shop which happens to have a coffee nook inside!  

That's hitting two birds in one stone right?  I've been buying my mama dried flowers online and it's not that affordable, but more reasonable than buying fresh ones every week.  So, I was like a child in a candy store, and all those dried plants and flowers are eye candy.  But, so happy to know that they sell it so affordably, way cheaper than the ones I get online, with a little fee for the arrangement.  

It was such a blessing to visit them with my husband and toddler and we love their Spanish Latte too!  

Address:  137 Carnival Park Street, BF Resort Dr, Village, Las Piñas, Metro Manila


Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Hopeful for a Healed and Loved 2022

Hello 2022!

For some reasons, this gave me a feeling that this year will be more than better than the years behind! I never really realized that two years went by so fast yet so strong it made such a huge impact on many lives!  Death of a loved one became common, poverty level have increased and though most of the times the streets were deafeningly silent because of locked downs, the times have proved us that we can still learn, we can still go on and wait until the world heals including us.

Last year, I only have a few posts in this blogsite and it was such a waste as I was paying for the domain and I felt robbed off my time.  Time which I asked over and over again to have more of so I could do most of the things I love like writing and baking and exploring places... But like what my husband told me, he could give me everything I would ask except time!

But it was okay, this is how I designed my life to be, to be here whenever my kids would ask of me, to be inside our home where I could see all the flaws and be able to somehow fix it.  But even though I still can't, I know I can find a way to do so.  

For the mean time, let me write...

I have often allowed myself to plan for something exciting but times had changed, so I'm just letting it lead me slowly.  I used to breeze through in deciding what to do in times I'm given choices, whether to add content to my blog or joy to my being or just stay at home and rot, but times had changed, and I'm seeing a very different light, but still light, hope, and joy...

I've been brewing a blog, a list of some of the coffee shops I visited which were perfect for everyone's liking, which supposed to be my first for this year, but somehow I couldn't finish it, so this... 

Let me make this blog post official, to welcome a year of bounty, a manifestation of God's blessings and healing and a year where we can add to our joy.

Hoping to add interest to your life and inspire you to believe more in your self while holding on to your faith in God.

In Jesus name! Amen.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Reinventing the Family Favorite - U.S. Mashed Potatoes with Kale Colcannon


My babies' first solid foods were vegetables and they always included potatoes. My husband and I love mashed potatoes, and we think our kids inherited this love for taters from us! Danaera, our toddler, is no exception.

However, mashing, grinding, and mixing veggies take a lot of time and effort.  So, I gave a happy sigh of relief when I discovered U.S. dehydrated potatoes!

U.S. dehydrated potatoes can be quickly reconstituted into the best and fastest-made mashed potatoes ever. They are made of REAL potatoes, just with the water removed. They provide all the wonderful flavors and nutrients found in fresh potatoes.

I love serving potatoes to my family. They are an excellent source of vitamin C for immunity support, potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure, and complex carbohydrates for energy. Potatoes also contain dietary fiber, protein, iron, and vitamin B6.

And based on experience, potatoes are awesome for babies! They can be pureed, mashed, small-diced, or chopped, depending on the baby’s tolerance for solid foods. Versatile and mild, it is perfect for mellowing out the flavors of other ingredients. It is important, however, to slowly introduce flavors to babies to minimize pickiness and food aversion in the early stages. 

Since our Danaera loves mashed potatoes, I try to always put a spin on my recipes, so she can also experience different tastes and textures from other ingredients.  I use kale and spinach, a little cheese, and sometimes a bit of pasta as well. 

When I was searching for new mashed potato recipes to try, I chanced upon an Irish traditional recipe where mashed potatoes are mixed with macerated leafy vegetables, like kale and cabbage.  It was perfect! I didn't know that the procedure I've been doing this whole time already has a name, hahaha! It is widely known as Colcannon, which is served throughout the year in Ireland, and most especially during St. Patrick's Day.  

Sharing the recipe below:


US Potato and Kale Colcannon



·        1 cup U.S. dehydrated potato flakes

·        1 cup baby kale, shredded

·        1/3 cup green onions, chopped

·        2 tablespoon butter (plus 1 tablespoon for topping)

·        2 cups milk

·        1/3 bouillon cube

·        salt and pepper to taste




1.    Melt butter in a pan over medium heat.

2.    Sauté white stalk of the green onions, add the kale and wait until it wilts.

3.    Pour in the milk, add the bouillon cube, and salt and pepper.

4.    Add the green onions.

5.    Wait for it to boil and turn off the heat.

6.    Slowly add the potato flakes. Mix thoroughly.

7.    Top with the rest of the butter and green onions.

8.    Serve warm.


For more info on the different varieties and forms of U.S. potato products available in the Philippines, click these links:  


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Thursday, December 2, 2021

All Set for the Maynilad Paperless Billing


This pandemic changed our ways in so many ways, as we continue to safely navigate our way to the new normal, we are still in constant fear of being in the crowd and getting the dreaded Covid-19 disease.  Good thing facilities and services that provide us groceries, electricity, and even water continue doing a good job.  Of course, with that we also must take the responsibility in paying our dues.  And I’m happy to share you my experience with Maynilad Paperless Billing.

You’ve heard it, Maynilad have gone paperless and they are encouraging their customers were asked to register online so that they can access their bill and be able to also pay online, if possible, which is safer and more convenient given the ongoing threat of COVID19.


Maynilad Paperless Billing is a program that allows Maynilad customers the option to receive an Electronic Statement of Account (e-SOA) instead of the physical copy of their SOA.

I like this way better for it has such good points, like removing the need for physical contact with meter readers to get your hard copy SOA, thus preventing possible COVID-19 transmission.

Below are some more such benefits as well that you can enjoy when you register to the program:

 *  It allows customers to access their e-SOA anytime, anywhere.

 *  It makes the tracking and monitoring of previous e-SOAs easier and more convenient.

 *  It eliminates chances of losing or misplacing your water bill.

 * It provides an option to get bill notifications via SMS and/or email.

 * It reduces paper consumption and is, thus, environment friendly.


If you are the registered owner or the tenant/occupant, you can enroll in the program, just note that one enrollee per account only can enroll.

I used to get reminder of payment from my cellphone and my husband’s email (for he was the one who registered our account online.  But ever since we enrolled, we don’t have any idea of what was behind the bill at all, like how we have consumed for the month and if the amount we’re due is either higher or lower than the last we had.  When you enroll to the Paperless Billing program, you can get a copy of your e-SOA via email or when you log-in to My Water Bill portal. I checked in at saw an overview of our account. Aside from the billing summary, there are certain features on the right side: PAY Now, Billing Bar Chart and Water Bar Chart.


The Pay Now feature lets you assign a bank or a payment center where you can pay your bill online, no hassle!  The Billing Bar Chart shows your bill for the past three months, while the water bar chart shows your average consumption, also for three months.  These two charts help you compare your water usage and check for any anomalies or wastage.

There are other cool things to see on the website so better register your account and make your life easier, economic, and safe.

Here are reminders from Maynilad regarding Paperless Billing Program:


  Customers with My Water Bill online portal account as of October 22, 2021


All customers with My Water Bill online portal account as of October 22, 2021  werewill be pre-enrolled in the program. If you are one of them, like me, you probably did not receive a printed copy of your SOA starting this month., thus they will stop receiving a printed SOA starting with their November 2021 billing.

These customers will receiveI got an advisory regarding the pre-enrollment of my account to Paperless Billing via SMS and email notifications. regarding the pre-enrollment. Those who are not interested to enroll in the program may opt out. Just text MAYNILAD<space>OFF<space>PAPERLESS<space>CONTRACT ACCOUNT NUMBER send it to 09191626000.

Note: If the customer decided to opt out less than three working days before their reading date, the customer will still be automatically enrolled in the program. The unenrollment will only take effect in their December 2021 billing. 

Customers who are not pre-enrolled

 If you were not part of the customers who were pre-enrolled, no worries as you can still register to Paperless Billing program. Customers who will create My Water Bill online portal account starting October 23, 2021 onwards


You just need to create a My Water Bill portal account first, as mentioned earlier. T, this is where you can view the details of your account, including your previous 12 months e-SOAs.


To create a portal account, just follow these steps:

1.            Visit

2.            Enter your Contract Account Number (CAN).

3.            Nominate a password (The password should be between 6 to 20 characters with at least one (1) uppercase and lowercase letter, and one (1) numeric digit).

4.            Set security questions to secure your account.

5.            Select your personal image.

6.            Input your contact information.


Enrollment can be done via SMS once the account has been validated.

To enroll, once you have a portal account, you can now enroll to Paperless Billing.  Jjust follow the syntax below and send it to 09191626000.


The customer just must ensure that the mobile number being used for the enrollment is the same mobile number registered in the My Water Bill online portal account.


Ø  Other customers


You Otherwise, you may contact us Maynilad through any of the following channels and provide your name, Contract Account Number (CAN), mobile number, and email to enroll in the program.

1. Maynilad Hotline 1626 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-1000-92837 (Cavite Province)

2. Official Maynilad Facebook page (/MayniladWater) or Twitter account (@maynilad)

3. Maynilad Email:

4. Maynilad Business Area (BA) Offices

5. Maynilad Zone Specialists

6. Maynilad Website (


If you’re worried of your online security, don’t be, as there will be no cause for concern, as any data and information collected from customers during the process of enrollment are subject to Maynilad’s Data Privacy Policy. Visit this link to know more:








A Yummy and Healthy Blueberry Christmas

When I was baking for my food business way back when I only had two kids (I now have five!), the Blueberry Muffin was one of my bestsellers. I only had access to canned USA Blueberries (Comstock brand) then, and it was hard to source frozen, more so fresh blueberries.


Times have changed! Blueberries are now readily available, thanks to USA Blueberries. There are now more options of canned, frozen, and fresh USA Blueberries that you can find in stores nationwide.


I enjoy cooking with blueberries. I love them in my pastries, jams, and dips. The burst of flavor is fantastic! It’s both sweet and tart, making them perfect ingredients for savory dishes, too.


But above all, I love this berry for the health benefits it provides the whole family. This nutrient-dense fruit is low in calories at only 80 per serving, rich in vitamin K that helps regulate blood clotting and packed with manganese for proper bone development. It is also a good source of vitamin C for a healthy immune system and dietary fiber that helps keep cholesterol in check.


Blueberries may promote good health in additional ways: cardiovascular health, brain health, exercise, insulin response, and gut health. My daughter is diabetic, and I am happy to know that blueberries can fit into a diabetes-friendly meal plan.


These lovely berries taste great, are healthy, and are fun to use in the kitchen! Seriously, what’s not to love about them?


I am sharing with you a dessert using four simple ingredients. I came up with these beautiful Danish pastries that go so well with tea or coffee.


USA Blueberry Danish Pastries



1 cup frozen USA Blueberries, thawed

1 pack store-bought puff pastry

1 tub cream cheese

1 egg (lightly whipped)

optional, strawberry slices

optional, honey to sweeten



1. Preheat oven to 425F for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. While still cool, roll the sheets into an 8-10 inch square. Cut each square into 4 smaller 4-5 inch squares.

3. You will need 2 squares for one puff.  Cut out a square in the middle of 1 puff. Put it on top of the other puff.

4. Spread the cream cheese inside the square and top with blueberries (and sliced strawberry)

5.  Brush the pastry with the scrambled egg and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.


Additional note:

You may opt to mix heavy cream and vanilla into the cream cheese, but I just let the flavor of the blueberries shine without adding any sweetener.


A Blue Christmas – Recipe Contest by USA Blueberries


Allow me to announce an exciting contest where you can win P5,000 worth of GCs! Below are the mechanics:


·        The contest is open to all Filipino citizens based in the Philippines and must be at least 21 years of age.  No purchase is required to join the contest.

·        Post the photo/s of your USA Blueberries holiday dish using frozen and/or canned USA Blueberries on Facebook and Instagram.

·        Post must include full recipe and must mention and show the brand of USA Blueberries used.

·        Use the hashtags #ABlueChristmas #USABlueberriyRecipeContest #USABluberries #USBluberriesPHL and tag @usbluberriesphl and the influencer you follow (@joyfelizardo).

·        Participants may send multiple entries but can only win once.

·        Deadline for submission of entries is on Dec. 15, 2021.

·        There will be 10 winners.  Entries will be judged based on the following:

- USA Blueberries as the main ingredient – 50 points

- Originality – 25 points

- Visual impact – 25 points

·        Winners will be informed via private messages and announced on USHBC-Philippines’ social media.

·        Each winner will receive gift certificates worth P5,000.

·        The decision of the judges is final.  All entries will be considered property of USHB-Philippines.


Send your blueberry recipes now! Please make sure your recipes are fun, unique, and creative; remember that ORIGINALITY is worth 25 points!


# # #


This article was written in partnership with USHBC in the Philippines. Visit and like and follow USHBC-Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for more blueberry fun, cooking tips, recipes, videos, and trivia.