Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A Decadent Dining Without Being Pricey at Paradise Dynasty


A decadent.  

I had this wish when I was younger to live a life of indulgence, having studied at DLSU and seeing my classmates spend away their weekly allowance for a simple shirt and me, coping with a meager daily budget.   I thought that one is decadent when he or she can buy everything and does not even bother with the price.  I, on the other hand, have been used to a non-luxurious life but have tried my best to buy the good stuff and suffer the consequence later, not having enough left.  

Sure one can change through time but the dream to live a life of luxury is still in place.  Then I thought, that luxury can have different meanings to anybody.  I'm still not rich, but I'm living comfortably, and I make sure to stick to my budget. 

This foodie momma chose to focus on self-worth as opposed to a net worth kind of lifestyle.

Let me call myself, for the time being, a decadent, as my experience dining with Paradise Dynasty definitely was truly indulgent when it comes to service and food quality without being costly.