Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Catch the Crunch with Purefoods Seafood Delights


We have been shying away from shrimp lately as I find it hard to squeeze in visits to the market.  However, I discovered that our favorite frozen meat brand have caught on to the needs of modern family's kitchen habit. 

Thus, it's definitely time to cast those worries  into the sea and catch Purefoods Seafood Delights!

These tasty treats are ready to cook, fry, and eat, making your mealtime a breeze. Say goodbye 

to  mealtime  dilemmas  and  hello  to delicious,  nutritious  dishes  for the whole family to love,

creating joyful, memorable moments around the table.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mondelēz International Achieves Plastic Packaging Goals in the Philippines

Company meets EPR commitment of collecting and diverting equivalent volumes of plastic 

Reducing packaging, evolving packaging, and helping improve diversion systems 

    Global snacking leader Mondelēz International strives to advance its support for a more circular economy for packaging in the Philippines. Recently, the Company has made strides to advance more sustainable snacking by reducing its packaging use, evolving its packaging, and helping improve diversion systems in the Country. Most notably, the Company has achieved its commitment to collect and divert the equivalent volumes of its post-consumer plastic packaging used in the Philippines in 2023. This is in support of the local Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Law, which obliges companies to be responsible for the plastic they use in their operations. 

    As part of its mission to lead the future of snacking, Mondelēz International empowers people to snack right, by offering the right snack, for the right moment, and made the right way. Making snacks the right way for both the people and the planet means focusing on making snacks with more sustainable ingredients as well as supporting a more circular economy for packaging. Mondelēz International is the maker of Oreo, Toblerone, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Tang, Eden Cheese, Cheez Whiz and Tiger Biscuits. 

First Likhaan Fair: A Day Celebrating Filipino Artistry and Craftsmanship this June 2024

Likhaan, a trailblazing online platform for Filipino creators, is thrilled to announce its first-ever pop-up event, the Likhaan Fair, taking place on June 22, from 10 AM to 6 PM at Launch Garage in Quezon City.

This FREE, one-day event will showcase a diverse collection of handmade creations from Filipino artists, craftsmen, and suppliers under Likhaan, all in a vibrant space where these talented creatives can display and sell their extraordinary works.

About Likhaan Fair

The Likhaan Fair aims to unite art enthusiasts, collectors, and local community members in a celebration of Filipino culture and creativity. By offering a venue where local artists can shine, the event seeks to foster a greater appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


We all know who Dimples Romana is as a good actress, but only a few know about her as a mother.  Allow me to share some of the message she have imparted regarding some tips for our fellow moms on Mother's Day.

As days go by, more and more complex human tasks are either being assisted, if not completely accomplished by artificial intelligence (AI). But no advanced technology will ever match the strength that mothers show in facing the complex challenges of parenting. Giving mothers the strength and ginhawa they need allows them to provide the same for their families. 


How do they do it? Actress and working mother of three Dimples Romana offers a piece of her mind.

TIP 1: Find your support system.

“Having three kids while working is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, I am surrounded by good people - both family and friends,” Dimples said.


After giving birth to her third child two years ago, Dimples remains grateful for the immense support that her husband Boyet (whom she fondly calls “Papa B”) gives in ensuring that all their kids are always well and happy. To keep her guided as she gets through every day, Dimples firmly holds on to her family and her faith.


“Family. Sila talaga ang lakas ko. At dasal. Madaming madaming dasal,” she added.



TIP 2: Time management is priority-setting.


The showbiz industry always demands long hours but Dimples always makes time for family. 


“No matter how busy I get and how crazy our shoot schedules go, I make sure intentional ang pag-set ko ng time with my family,” she said.


She would even discourage her family from using phones whenever they do activities together to ensure that they are all absolutely present.


“No phones muna, no other distractions. Just them,” she added.



TIP 3: Self-care.


Being a mother may be a 24/7 job but everybody needs a break from everything–and everyone. 


“Recently ko lang talaga natutunan ito. I almost reached a burnt out stage kaya I got worried. That’s when I really took a step back and reassessed what needs to be done,” Dimples added.


For Dimples, taking solo road trips, going on a date with herself at cafes and restaurants, and reading good books keep her mind at ease. She also regularly keeps an eye on her spiritual well-being through prayer and meditation.


Most importantly, what allows Dimples to stay on top of the complexities of being a mother is staying well and healthy by practicing good skin care, as well as taking supplements and vitamins that she needs to stay strong and active.


Tiwala ako sa Actimed Quality Generics which I buy from Generika Drugstore. When I know I’m strong, I can also keep my family strong,” Dimples added.



TIP 4: Remember why you love being a mom.


For Dimples, the best thing in being a mother is the job itself. But like any job, being a mother involves risks and challenges.


Iba na din talaga ang hirap ng buhay ngayon. We truly have to count our blessings sa bawat araw na nakikita nating masaya, malusog, at ligtas ang pamilya natin sa ano mang sakit o karamdaman,”  Dimples said.


But what makes the risks worth taking is the reward that constantly reminds Dimples why she loves being a mom.


“It’s having the ability to raise children who will hopefully make the world a kinder, safer, and happier place for all,” she stressed.


Despite these tips, no one really knows the best formula to being the most effective mom, or parent for that matter. But everybody knows that it takes a lot to do so much with so little –whether it’s time, money, or know-how– and even more difficult to choose to do it everyday. Ultimately, a mother like Dimples finds comfort–a sense of ginhawa– in knowing that there are millions of others who also draw their daily strength from their unique experiences of caring for their families, and are always ready to share their learnings, from one mother to another.


Ginhawang Mother’s Day to all moms!

Friday, April 19, 2024

Tastesetters Victors Night: Celebrating Innovations in the Food and Beverage Industry


April was said to be the month when Filipino food is celebrated, and what a way to keep it alive and remarkable than having one at the Tastesetters Victors awarding night at the Yuchengco Museum last April 11, 2024.  It was when Tastesetters brought together culinary experts and enthusiasts to celebrate the innovations that continue to push the food and beverage industry forward. 

Tastesetters believes that food is a work of art, which is why they have chosen the snazzy Yuchengco Museum to be the setting of the event. By combining complex flavors and intricate plating techniques, gastronomic masterpieces are created that surprise and delight the senses. They also partnered with local artists Mario “Ram” Mallari Jr., Nina Bantoto, and Bimbo Yance, bassist of The Dawn, who generously exhibited their skill and expertise that commemorate the creativity that food and art share. 

Upon my  arrival, I was greeted with cocktails at the outdoor reception area.  Sweet and savory creations were served to set the tone for the evening.  Next to the registration table was a dirty ice cream stand, which I thought was just there to amend for the heat, it was actually a unique treat that transcends all your understanding of the ice cream.   I could'n stop myself trying out Manong Sorbetero’s Adobo Caramel Sorbetes with Pork Floss and Kare Kare Sorbetes with Tulip Dark Chocolate Paste and Jif Crunchy Peanut Butter.  They were absolutely and surprisingly yummy without being overwhelming.  the taste of savory melds in perfectly with the sweetness from the featured ingredients.  Had Chef Sonny not told me about them I would not have tried them.

On to the appetizers such as Palabok in Pani Puri, using San Remo Angel Hair Pasta with Clara Olé Cream-based Pasta Sauce Crab Flavor, Kinilaw na Hamachi at Scallops with TABASCO Sriracha, and US Beef Belly Kansi, which were all=together impressive teasers for the feast to come.

At the main hall, the event started with Tastesetters displaying their expertise by speaking on the food and beverage innovations that they spotted. In the past years, they identified emerging trends that eventually made it big in the scene–like the dominance of matcha, the return of black-colored dishes, the craze for Korean cakes, and more. 

This year, they presented various upcoming innovations that will excite and inspire chefs and diners alike.

First is Gastronomic Artistry, which is the theme of the event. This interprets the plate as a blank canvas that encourages chefs to create illusions, illustrations, and even sculptures that turn dishes into awe-inspiring masterpieces. 

The second looks back on how Korean culture has increasingly influenced local industries, notably through its cuisine. Samgyeopsal and bingsu have become favorites, while ramyeon and kimchi are now pantry staples for Filipinos. The Next K-Wave invites culinary experts to discover the new ingredient, flavor, or dish that will be the next big sensation in the country. 

Tropical ingredients like coconut, mango, calamansi, and watermelon get the spotlight it deserves on the third trend. This invites industry leaders to get a Taste of the Tropics by incorporating these island elements into dishes in unexpected ways. 

Complex heat in food has slowly emerged through the years. From just challenging others with increasing intensity, this fourth trend creates a wider spectrum of spicy flavors up and down the spicy scale. Turn the Heat Up by being more clever in adding that more intentional kick of spice to food and drink.

Now is the opportune time to put Health on a Plate. This fifth trend rides on people’s shifting behaviors to, now, being more mindful about what they eat and put into their bodies. By swapping certain ingredients to go for more wholesome alternatives or indicating the calorie count of each item on the menu, restaurant owners can create healthy and refreshing plates that revitalize from the inside. 

Getting in on the Saucy Secrets may be easier said than done. With this sixth trend, popular dishes, like sisig, are remade into intriguing condiments. Its iconic flavors are taken from the sizzling plate and put into bottles that can be used as a surprising addition to other dishes. 

Lastly, Gourmet for All democratizes certain elements of upscale dining to create food that’s within the reach of a wider market. Fine ingredients like truffle and caviar are put into more accessible food like chips, instant noodles, fries, and more. 

After all the forecasted food trends were presented, the evening transitioned into the awaited degustation dinner. Created by Tastesetters’ very own Chef Sonny Mariano and Chef Wado Siman, the menu celebrated iconic Filipino cuisine. The chefs pushed the envelope further by adding surprising twists and flavors with SYSU products that updated these beloved dishes. 

The experience started off deliciously with the Benguet Corn Chawan Mushi and Reconstructed Tokwa’t Baboy with TABASCO Chipotle.  The above photo, which partially looks like sliced turon (sweetened banana rolls) evokes a staple Filipino savory snack with a hint of Mexican taste from the chipotle sauce.  While the other is inspired by the Japanese steamed egg custard but accentuated with truffle oil, which I truly enjoyed.

The guests, including  me dined salu-salo style enjoying reimagined Filipino classics such as Balamban Lechon Baboy seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning that had three sauces, including one made with Clara Olé Pineapple Jam.  It also included the "burong mangga" in local craft beer.  I went fancy over the three "sawsawan," as it was typical for us Filipinos to have one especially if we are eating with grilled or fried meat, in this case, the Cebu-based roast.  The addition of Clara Ole Pineapple jam gave the lechon an exquisite taste with the mix of sweet and tangy flavors, giving that Taste of the Tropic trend.

Making the feast healthier, the Adobong Pusit Adlai, was the absolute compromise from the regular rice dishes.  It was prepared using the Clara Olé Pasta Negra Sauce, and made more delightful with the Burrata cheese and tomato confit.  I love how it was presented, looking like a magical garden with a semblance of moss and edible florets, makes you really dig in for the priced carbs.

Of course, a meal course isn't complete without a vegetable dish, hence, Kare-Kareng Gulay, which was made with Jif Peanut Butter complimented with a vegan bagoong.  The addition of crispy pechay or Chinese cabbage was a game-changer.

A homage to the Quezon fiesta is this Seafood Habhab, the chefs' rendition of pancit habhab,  When the triangular bowl filled with vinegar was placed on the table, I instantly knew what was served next.

More meat dishes came in the form of saucy and vibrantly presented and executed manner.  If you think there's nothing more to do with Kaldereta as it is glorious in itself already, wait till I tell you how I enjoyed their version.  

The tender and succulent beef was rendered in Bugnay wine and it was evident they used US Short ribs cooked ala Bourguignon served with a yummy mash of sweet potato and carrot.  But wait, the experience was made more elevated with braised onions, making me remember Julia Child.

How about a different Chicken Inasal, something that is drenched in its own juice but with a citrusy flavor already?   Too bad, I was not able to try the crunchy chicken skin served with it.

The final course included a Cassube Flan, made with McCormick Ube Flavor, and a Cashew Mazapan, made using Embassy Chocolate’s Zen 33% White Couverture and McCormick’s Vanilla and Ube Flavors, intended to be eaten with the edible menus–much to everyone’s surprise. 

Once the guests were delighted by the feast, the much-anticipated awarding ceremony commenced. The Tastesetters team identified three nominees that embodied each of the five categories and one winner that stood out from the pack. 

First, the Rookie-Up and Coming award celebrated the businesses new to the Tastesetters scene. They are the ones to watch and are anticipated to make it big in the industry. While Lawson and Chick n’ Juicy were nominated, Mrs. G Cakeshop Corporation took home the custom trophy by artists Ram Mallari and Nina Bantoto. 

Second, the Operations Efficiency award highlighted establishments that optimized workflow, customer service, resource management, and the like. Binondo Foods Corporation clinched the award after being nominated with Waffle Time and Philippine Seven Corporation. 

The Marketing & Promotions award was up third with the nominees being Pho Hoa, Binondo Foods Corporation, and Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings. This accolade puts marketing efforts front and center. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings ultimately won because of their impactful strategies that made waves online and offline. 

Being the bread and butter of Tastesetters, the Menu/Product Development award focused on those who create innovations that consistently impress their customers–whether they’re regulars or newcomers. Philippine Seven Corporation won the prize after being nominated with Bon Chon and Hopia King Bakery. 

Finally, Collaborator of the Year celebrates establishments that initiate productive partnerships, keep good supplier relationships, and more. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings and Hopia King Bakery were nominated alongside the category winner, Authenquick Foods Corporation. 

To close the event, Miss Sandy Cu, the Product and Business Development Head of SYSU International, led a toast to celebrate the coming together of industry experts and enthusiasts for an evening of impeccable food, beautiful pieces of art, and inspiring displays of innovation.

Stay tuned for exciting news on Tastesetters’ upcoming events, workshops, seminars, and more. Be the first to know when you follow Tastesetters on Facebook. For more information, visit their website. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

LOVE THE FLAVORS, LOVE THE PHILIPPINES: The Philippine Eatsperience opens in Rizal Park and Intramuros in Manila


One of Luneta’s pocket gardens transformed into a bustling food park on Wednesday (April 3), as over 30 food joints  offer dishes like Cebu lechon, Chicken Inasal, Ilocos empanada, to Bicol Express, among other iconic food that represent the Filipino way of celebration. 

The new Filipino fiesta-themed food and lifestyle market at Noli Me Tangere Garden is now open to the public starting Thursday, selling various regional cuisines for one year. It is accessible to commuters and cars, just a stone’s throw away from Roxas Boulevard and Kalaw Avenue.

Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco led the traditional pot breaking to launch “Philippine Eatsperience” to celebrate the Filipino Food Month 2024. 

Newport World Resorts Gives Prominence to Local Dishes in Celebration of Filipino Food Month


What a way to welcome April than with a food binge at nonetheless than the country’s   premier   lifestyle   and entertainment   destination that's a walk away from our home in Pasay. 

Find your way and celebrate Filipino   Food   Month with us  at Newport World Resorts.   In partnership   with   the National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA). With the theme of “Engaging the Youth in Shaping the Future of Philippine Culinary Heritage and Gastronomy,” explore and savor the rich flavors and colorful history behind 11 featured dishes by Newport World Resorts’ award-winning restaurants.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

What I've Learned Through 40+ Years of My Life

I have learned that...

I don’t have to react to everything that bothers me.

You see, I'm an overthinker... 

The energy it takes to react to every bad thing that happens to you drains you and stops you from seeing the other good things in life same goes when you let it ho over your head, again and again.

Teaching myself to "BE STILL." and "know who God is" in my life gave me peace and enough wisdom to surrender to Him all that I could not handle.


Lenten Dining Made Easy with foodpanda

This Lenten season, people often opt to look for healthier meals. Luckily, foodpanda has your back. Navigating meatless dining during this season has become more accessible than ever making it easier to start your meat-abstaining journey.

foodpanda offers numerous meat-free choices to cater to different tastes. From simple favorites to creative dishes, there's something to satisfy every palate from foodpanda's restaurants. 

Monday, March 25, 2024

Discover the Philippines’ Breathtaking Shores with 7-Eleven’s Summer EsCUPades

n the midst of the summer heat and longing for a refreshing escape, 7-Eleven is treating the country to another round of drinks and exciting getaway trips. This time, customers are invited to rediscover the beauty of the local scenery through the Summer EsCUPades Raffle Promo.


As part of its 40th anniversary celebration with over 3,800 stores nationwide, this year’s adventure will be all about exploring the wonders that lie within the islands of the Philippines. With Summer EsCUPades, drinks and destinations go hand in hand as 7-Eleven gives customers a chance to travel to the top luxury destinations in the country: Siargao, Palawan, Boracay, Bohol, and Cebu.


Sunday, March 3, 2024

7-Eleven celebrates “Forty-gether, Kasama ang Paborito mong Kapitbahay"


7-Eleven, the Philippines’ leading convenience store, has always been a go-to destination for essentials, quick snacks, and affordable meals for all Filipinos. This familiarity is thanks to the delightful years spent with the 7-Eleven community spanning over four decades. 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Speak the Language of Love: Discover Your Valentine's Day Gifts with foodpanda

 Have you thought of a perfect dish or surprise gift for your special someone or loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day? Celebrate the day of love by transforming your home into a haven of romance, where a delightful surprise is knocking at your door. 


Let foodpanda come in and help you choose sulit and kilig gifts and essentials! Dive into these affordable deals from February 12 to February 14. Use the code:VDAY150 and get P150 off via pandamart or foodpanda shops



Plus, a P200 cashback on food delivery (min order P799) and pick-up (min order P499). Use the voucher code: 200LOVE on February 14 &15, and be sure to use your cashback for another order until February 19.  Who said saving can't be as delightful as the surprise itself?

DOT to host the Philippine International Dive Expo (PHIDEX) in February 2024

 Plunge into the captivating depths of the country’s underwater marvels as the Philippine International Dive Expo (PHIDEX), returns on February 23 to 25, 2024 at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Pasay City.

Dubbed as the country’s largest platform for the diving community, the PHIDEX prides itself as the only dive show in the region with its value-added event components, including Dive Travel Exchange (TRAVEX) business-to-business (B2B) meetings, a Dive Conference, and post-event dive familiarization tours.

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, a certified diver herself and chair of the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving (PCSSD), hailed   PHIDEX’s “timely” comeback with the Philippines’ recent victories in the dive industry.

To recall, in 2023, the World Travel Awards recognized the Philippines as the World’s Leading Dive Destination. The country also won as Asia’s Leading Dive Destination, its fifth straight win, a testament to the collective efforts to preserve and further promote the dive industry together with the stakeholders from the local government, the private sector, and various dive communities.

"The PHIDEX is a manifestation of the Department's thrust toward strengthening the country's diving portfolio and our diving stakeholders and enthusiasts' commitment to leveraging the country's natural assets beneath our vast waters as one of the favorite diving destinations in the world," she said.

"Being one of the 18 mega biodiverse countries in the world, The Philippines boasts a multitude of marine species from across our regions of over 7,641 islands. I encourage our fellow Filipinos and foreign friends to come and visit us, and see for yourselves the beauty in our waters, finding more reasons to love the Philippines through the PHIDEX," she added.

Themed “Heart of Asia’s Diving: Collaboration for the Ocean Community,” the fourth edition of PHIDEX will specifically showcase the Philippines’ competitive edge as a diving destination for adventurers and enthusiasts alike. It will also provide an avenue for stakeholders to connect, network, and generate investments for local and international experts to share industry knowledge as well as best sustainable practices for ocean tourism in a global context.

Diving is also a key priority for the DOT as part of its multi-dimensional tourism approach, evident through its series of successful dive-related initiatives launched across the country. These included the Anilao Underwater Shootout in Batangas, the DIVE7 Festival series, Davao Dive Expo, NorthMin Dive, Cebu Travel Catalogue, BHOLDEX, MisOr Dive Festival, Samal Island Dive Safari, Bay Deep Mati Freediving Festival, and the inaugural Philippine Tourism Dive Dialogue held in Cebu last September, among others.

For the exhibition component of PHIDEX 2024, the DOT has partnered with Underwater 360, organizer of the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX), the longest-running and largest dive expo in Asia.

Over 100 exhibitors, representing dive resorts, dive shops, training agencies, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers, marine conservation associations, and National Tourism Organizations are expected to join the expo.

For inquiries, please contact the PHIDEX Secretariat at Prospective exhibitors can reach out to Mr. Desmond Ho, Regional Business Manager of Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd /Asia Dive Expo/Underwater 360 ASIA, via and

Thursday, February 1, 2024

7-Eleven Chef Creations x Romantic Baboy's On-the-Go Korean Meals

Convenience and delight have always gone hand in hand at our favorite kapitbahay, 7-Eleven. When it comes to deliciously affordable food offerings, 7-Eleven's Chef Creations line does not disappoint with its array of meals. 

Just last year, its collaboration with Romantic Baboy was met with only finger hearts by customers. Now, this perfect pairing has more mouthwatering choices a few months after its initial launch. After all, only the best K-dramas merit a second season.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Elevate Your Gatherings with foodpanda's Platter Meals Extravaganza


It's that time of the year to plan ahead all the family celebrations lined up for the year, and what better way to plan and budget ahead than with the options from foodpanda.  

To start the good year they made their app ready and it's packed with big group meals that would definitely satisfy everyone's cravings and level up group bonding into something extraordinary which we all truly deserve!  

Oh btw!  This post is filled with discount food vouchers from our favorite food app, make sure to read through and take note of the codes!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Duty Free Philippines Reports Commendable Sales Boost for 2023

Today was such a remarkable and eventful one, after finishing the day's chores and business errands, I was able to attend Duty-Free Philippines' event at Duty Free Luxe in MOA.  It was such an honor to be amongst the invitees who witnessed how the aforementioned business has grown after the pandemic.  

After the welcoming remarks from Ms. Josh Mirafuentes of DOT,  the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Vicente Pelogio A. Angala without any ado proceeded on how DFP has navigated through unprecedented challenges over the years.  Having a commendable sales milestone in 2019, raking in an impressive 226 M dollars, while witnessing a parallel surge in income, reaching a substantial P 464 M.  It is through DFP's unwavering commitment that translates to a significant P 243 M contribution to the Department of Tourism (DOT) for government tourism programs and projects, fortifying crucial support for government-driven tourism initiatives.  Because let me reiterate Mr. Angala's stand that Duty-Free is under the DOT after all.   And even in the face of the global pandemic's temporary disruption, this did not hamper their stalwart recovery.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Marian Rivera-Dantes, Home Credit’s Flash Mob Wows All!


Marian, together with Home Credit dancers, delighted the audience with their energetic performance, dancing to the beat of the viral TikTok dance, Sabay-Sabay Tayo, and later transitioning to Home Credit’s theme song, titled Para Sa Life. 

Home Credit also organized a dance challenge for the mallgoers, encouraging them to learn Para Sa Life’s choreography. Those who showcased their moves on social media, tagging Home Credit’s official accounts, snagged exciting prizes.

Sip, Laugh, and Learn with Birch Tree’s "Cowmustahan!" Series

In today's fast-paced world, Birch Tree Fortified Choco recognizes the importance of meaningful connections and valuable life lessons. That's why they are thrilled to introduce "Cowmustahan!", an engaging and heartwarming YouTube series that is an enchanting world of fun and wisdom served in a glass. Join them on a journey of discovery as they explore the heartwarming tales of its characters and the profound lessons they impart in each episode.More than just a kid’s show, "Cowmustahan!" is a delightful rendezvous with Berty - the curious, playful, and kind baby cow, and Mama Betty - the nurturing, empathetic, and cheerful mom cow. Together, they are the heart and soul of the "Cowmustahan!" Series.