Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Gonna Make My Kid the Shakey's Junior Pizza Master

 If you're a parent like I am, or if you might happen to know someone having problems about their kids bored and is trying to look for activities that might get them going and having fun during vacation, here is one of the great things you can have them do.

If your kids are  7 to 12 years old, let  Shakey's challenge them   to become Shakey's Junior Pizza Masters. A first of its kind in the country, this summer program will immerse kids in our world-renowned tag of fun, family, pizza.  If your family love indulging on them, your kids will definitely have a high time making them while mingling with other kids, building a plight of competitiveness as they do.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Demystifying Superfood with Raw Food Chef Mona Lisa Neuboeck

Heard of super foods?  You might say it would be absurd to link it to Superman's diet.   I guess it's a possibility.  But if you're as curious as I am, let us check out The Beauty of Raw with 'Demystifying Superfoods' with certified Raw Food Chef and Health Educator Mona Lisa Neuboeck at Sugarleaf, MEDICard Lifestyle Center on 12 May, 230-530pm.
Join a group aiming to live healthier on a three-hour class that will focus on the countless benefits and preparation of recipes focusing on powerful healing properties of imported and local  super foods.
According to Mr.  Songco, Marketing and Business Developer of  Sugarleaf, Inc.,  super foods are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that have recently become widely available and which offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. It's going to be a lively and  informative class  where raw-food chef and instructor Mona Lisa  profiles delicious and incredibly nutritious plant products such as goji berries, hemp seed, cacao beans (raw chocolate), maca, spirulina, bee pollen, and a host of local Philippine super-foods, as powerful sources of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, essential fatty and amino acids, and other nutrients.  They represent a uniquely promising piece of the nutritional puzzle.  Each super food is described in detail, and the catch,  generous servings of Mona Lisa's easy and delicious signature recipes. 
This fun and educational class introduces persuasive arguments, based on sound science, for the important role of superfoods in promoting nutritional excellence, health and well-being, beauty enhancement and the transformation of diet, lifestyle, nation and planet.
Venue will be at Sugarleaf at the MEDICard Lifestyle Center located at 51 Paseo de Roxas corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Urdaneta Village, Makati City.  Email or call, SMS 0917 8039 055 for more information and reservations. 
 Be informed and not left out, with only P2,200 per person comes with an incredibly healthy and delicious helpings of all dishes prepared. 
 P200 discount for senior citizens, pairs, couples, groups and students and attendees pre-paying for the workshop through Sugarleaf’s BPI Wilson Street bank account.  See you there! P1,900 for prepayments made before 4 May at the store or through bank transfer.  Attend any three of the four parts of The Beauty of Raw (from May to September) and attend the fourth for free!  Come in a group of five persons and pay only for four.

Sugarleaf, a healthy-eats restaurant-store, is also located at the G/F Health Cube Building, 226 Wilson Street, West Greenhills in San Juan (between Kink Cakes and BDO).  Follow us on Twitter @sugarleafph

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Formal Launching of DepEd's K to !2 Program

I remembered one daughter of mine asked me if she can be a doctor in Italy, when she grow up, because my parents and most of our relatives are based there.    Her brother, told her that before she becomes a doctor, she needs to finish six years in elementary, four years in High School, and ten years in college.  She was then six years old, now she is in high school.   I also remembered their Dad rebutting in, saying "and once you finish everything and become a doctor here, you will still get a few more years to undergo Italy's basic education and get  more years to study there to be considered a Medicine Graduate."  Funny she said, "then I will be a doctor in the States, instead, and take care of Lola (grandma)!"  Her Dad said, "still you need to study more years, because your degree is not enough to serve them."   She asked disappointedly,  "how about in HongKong?  There are Filipinos there, right Daddy?"  Let me cut the story and ask the same question back at you?
In a rapidly changing world, how do you think educated Filipino workers stand against the global competition for jobs?  Can our doctors professionally get the jobs they want or is it that these countries give the jobs that they think we fit in?  Let me quote this conversation at a certain forum in the net,
A question was raised (a doctor applying in Singapore): "i was wondering if there are any  filipino doctors currently working in sg who can let me know how the accreditation process is there for filipino graduates goes.

i plan to go there for fellowship and i also am considering possibly practicing there since my boyfriend is working there already."
One answer quoted from the rest: "I am a fellow at NUH and marami ngang Filipino doctors doon at present, pero mostly as fellows. I personally 3 other Filipino doctors working as medical officers in Tan Tock Seng for 2 to 3 years now, and another one in Alexandria. I am not aware if the SMC is not allowing more Filipino doctors lately as per policy, pero I notice that in NUH there are new MOs coming from Myanmar, so I dont know why not from the Philippines. Are you already a specialist sa atin? Ang alam ko, if fresh graduate ka mahirap mag-start dito, and their system is different. THe SMC din is strict..."
Sad to say, this is what is happening across the world, for most Filipino workers aspiring for good jobs abroad.  It is but  high time to mark the launching of the much-awaited reform the country need to stave-off deficiencies in our education system, that thwarted many Filipinos to extend studies or trainings abroad and many land on secondary jobs or not having any job at all. 
DepEd Secretary, Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC, together with the other DepEd officials, thinking beyond the possibility , have proved that change is inevitable even in educational system.  As President Noynoy Aquino formally launched Department of Education's Kindergarten to Year 12, also known as K-!2 program in Malacanang's Rizal Ballroom last April 24, 2012.  Under the K-12 program, the country's  school system will have Kinder plus six years in elementary, four years in junior high school and two years for senior high school.  
The event also coincided with the unveiling of the K to 12 curriculum for Grade 1 and First year High school or Grade 7.
According to the secretary's speech, the program is a product of the Enhanced K to 12 program which aims curricular reform and innovation with two main components: the content of the curriculum and the preparation of the teachers.
In lieu of this,  DepEd has wowed  us, as  the President's  Ten-point Basic Reform Education Agenda as a realization was presented.
Here they are in my own translation:
1.   We can now start a foundation of extending our educational system in 112 years of basic education, although we still need to pass the law for the additional two years for the Senior high School to be opened nationwide on the year 2016, assuring that this will be backed off with a budget and that the future administrations will continue on this;
2.   More than 92% of the five-year old children is going to Kindergarten already;
3.   We are ready to promote Madaris education to the parts of the country with Muslims while we are start to promote Indigenous Peoples framework of education;
4.   We are together with  Sec. Joel Villanueva and TESDA  in the approval techvoc education specially from Grade 7 to Grade 12;
5.  Making sure that every student knows how to read before stepping to Grade 2;
6.  We can now improve the knowledge of our students in Science and Mathematics as the Spiral approach is promoted in our new curriculum;
7.   GASTPE grantees is coming to one Million and we can slowly raise our subsidy in private schools at a cost of P 6500 in every student every year;
8.  We have enough materials to start the Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education or MTB-MLE for the 12 major language and we will try to add more languages starting with our vernavulars which are being in danger of disappearing;
9.  There are enough number of books and chairs in the opening of classes (which means there is zero-backlog in textbooks and school furniture; and
10.   There are 24 LGUs  who signed in partnership in building classrooms coming to P 1.3 B for a total of  3473 classrooms (or 1700 classrooms coming from LGUs' budget)
Ending this with a hope, that if we are going to work with each other, Filipinos have a take on the global standards and can be assured with a brighter future.
So to all parents and teachers of incoming Grade 1 of 2012, the new program will be implemented and and a preparation for Junior High school, Grade 7 will follow thereafter.    Many challenges are still at stake, all we have is faith and tons of cooperation to get our system through and by then we can say, our future doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other workers have the edge in the global opportunities.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Ultimate Angus Beef Belly at Bar-B-King

I am not really fond of  barbeques, though my husband grew up and finished college with his family  earning income from it.   I  dreaded the thought of burnt pork fats, charred meat and yellow food coloring.   I never in my entire life, smoked myself out on a grill with chicken or any meat.   I prepared what's to be grilled and partake on them, but I would never and could not dare, grill.  To top it of I am not a big fan of grilled meats, but I don't deny eating them.
Then came Bar-B-King in Megamall.   It's a Fast food Barbeque House with a  different take on popular Filipino food fare .   Real barbeque as  good as it gets, should I say.   Every cut of Bar-B-King’s seasoned meat plus a taste of grilled sea foods and veggies infuse a range of amazing flavors.  Juicy, tender and smoky!
Bar-B-King Charcoal-Grilled Barbecues is a Quick Service Restaurant concept focusing on charcoal-grilled barbecues like pork, liempo, beef, steaks, pork chops, sea foods, veggies and more. The outdoor grilling or ihaw-ihaw ambiance makes a perfect balance to the cozy, cool and restaurant ambiance that drives more customers to enjoy the Bar-B-King experience.
Bar-B-King is 100% wholly owned and operated by FoodAsia Corp., the company behind the success of today’s known brands such as Bibingkinitan, The Bibingka Café, Tea Square and Fresh Foods. Established in 2010, it has now five (5) branches: SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM Rosario, SM Dasmariñas and SM Olongapo. Now, Bar-B-King is venturing itself to franchising.

All-Filipino taste in an affordable meal.   Conventional?   Wait till you read  this.   Bar-B-King now has something  new to offer, the  Ultimate  Grilled Angus Beef Belly.    But still have that affordability flare of  Filipino cuisine.    Could you imagine a USDA certified Angus Beef belly for  only P 150, oh wait there's more to it.  P 150 gets you a hefty platter with a thick cut of the beef belly, stir fried corn and carrots, special Bar-B-King recipe of gravy and the original Bar-B-rice.   Let me give you more points to this sinful platter.   Not only is the Angus beef USDA certified, it is marinated Filipino-style, simple without any overpowering sauces or marinade that ruin a good quality taste of an Angus meat.   Also,  according to their chef, it is baked first to get that juicy and tenderness to the meat, than grilled.   Next,  I love their rice, it's something like a java rice except it is not oily and salty.   Also, the gravy is something we could get indulge with not floury and salty, just enough to add  succulence to  the already juicy beef.
Here is what you can see inside the restaurant,  once you enter, an open grille,  which shows-off how every barbecues or grilled stuff on the menu.

Did I mention, you also get a chicken soup stock and rice unlimited!  See!  How can any one go wrong with a meal like that.

If you're still uncontented, maybe a dessert that well suits the complete meal will do. 
Here is very recommendable treat, so up for the summer wave -
The Iced Barako.   A milky concoction of our very own Philippine strong coffee (Liberica) which is blended and iced to perfection.

You can also get a doze of these at any Bibingkinitan Cafe's or stations.   The bibingka and barako coffee duo is still available for P39.  But If you want a cool alternative, you can opt to have Iced Barako instead for only P45.
 Here is a singlet serving of their well-loved bibingka (moist rice cake) from Bibingkinitan.  If you are still wary about the company, here  are some  information proving their qualities in the  panoptic variety  of our food market.

Established in 2006, Bibingkinitan had evolved from a brand-new player in this category into the market leader within five (5) years, in terms of revenues, market share, and market presence with a store network of over 200 in key cities and towns nationwide.

In a time of popular burgers joints and doughnuts chains, Bibingkinitan has initiated renewed interest over Filipino delicacies thru an aggressive expansion program, as seen thru the very warm reception of its products whether in highly urbanized cities, or in rural areas.

  • 2007 Best in Franchise Support by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
  • 2008 Best in Franchise Support by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
  • 2008 Fastest-Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
  • 2009 Fastest-Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
  • 2010 Best in Franchise Support by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines
  • 2010 Fastest-Growing Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines

most delicious Au Jus Gravy.

Aqua, A Summer Pool Party

An event not to be missed if you need chilling out or cooling down from this summer's heat wave, dubbed as AQUA IN THE CITY.    Would you rather spend the a day sweating your way through finding ways to escape the heat or would you welcome the thought of  going to a pool party that is out of this world!
On April 28, everyone is allowed to flaunt their best summer get up as  Manila Ocean Park.bring out all the elements to make AQUA – the coolest event by the bay area. Swim and groove the night away as the sun sets at 5pm onwards. See pumped-up performance from top local bands Silent Sanctuary, Tanya Markova, Moonstar 88 and more. Have some refreshing drinks at Liquid Pool Bar and Lounge and listen to the pulsating beats of house music and club DJ. Be part of the grand launch of Brand magazine - the newest hip publication in town.

Check out over 5,000 breathtaking marine life species at the Oceanarium and marvel as you see live penguins for the first time in Trails to Antarctica. Meet adorable South American sea lions in the Sea lion Show and be mesmerized with graceful dancing fairies of the sea in Jellies Exhibit. At nighttime, a fusion of laser lights, water screens and other special effects are the highlights of the spectacular AQUA Musical Fountain Show.

AQUA will also be an event to  introduce the latest technology to make Manila Ocean Park the first high-tech theme park in the country,  with  the Radio Frequency Identification (RFId) on the e-wrist tag ,  which allows its user to post status updates on their Facebook wall or Twitter in real time  while at the Ocean Park. 

Ticket price is P300 inclusive of entrance to AQUA, 2 drinks and e-wrist tag and will be sold at Manila Ocean Park. For details, visit or call 567-7777 loc. 151 and 155.

AQUA is presented by Ensogo Philippines, Flawless, Brand Magazine, 105.1 Crossover, Hotel H2o, Liquid Pool & Lounge, Zenyu Eco Spa, Makan Makan Asian Food Village and Quix!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nuts About You - A Featured Baker (Part 1)

 This blog was supposed to be a tribute to the good old nuts.   Nutty walnut, pecan, peanuts and coconuts (oops!).   Sorry for those who are allergic to them.   However, I wasn't able to have the proper time to compile all the food that I had prepared and have eaten  with it, sure is  not a way to give justice to these protein and mineral rich food.    
Not to waste the thought though, I wished to pay my testimonial for a high school mate  who I haven't seen nor talked to for years like any of my close friends, and Facebook made it easier for all of us to touch base with.
:Before we get to her baked goods, let us first meet her.  
Here she is, Armi Rose as we know her, is a mom to two adorable kids, hhmmm, I don't think that her eldest boy would still be considered a kid anymore.   You will see more of her in the coming days, she had come out of her baking shell and is welcoming the sweet world with her delicate concoctions.  This hot and fabulous lady knows how to make each occasion extremely worthwhile and once you try out her baked goods your life will turn upside down and sweeter. 

Picture from Ms. Armi Rose (FB)

The one on the top is the Nutty Cappuccino cake.  I ordered this for our teachers' training.  It instantly became a crowd-pleaser.  A coffee and a cake in one, let me say, topped with a delightful dollup of pure chocolate fudge.   Silkened with a cream-based icing with a subtle aroma of cappuccino.  Finished off with nuts sprinkled all over the top and of course, the cherries.
Here a shot I stolen from my seatmate's plate.  Look how perfectly  airy but firm the cake is, and in between two layers is a scathe of more chocolate goodness.   The nuts added crunch and savory to it.   My friends and church mates who were at the training enjoyed the cake and sadly I didn't get a big slice.   The coffee aroma of the cake had everyone getting slice after slice, so I guess you know what that mean.  
Did I mention I had two cakes that day?   The Nutty  Toffee Crumble Cake was a surprise.   I wouldn't mind having too much nuts for that day and oh well of the cakes too.  What wonder can brown sugar make.   If you're not that fond of that kind of sugar, you will definitely change your perspective of it.   This reminded me of my childhood cravings for toffee.   A toffee is actually a candy, a mixture of sugar and butter, something that resembles a caramel or butterscotch.   Having said that,  I'm sure it made you drivel, by the sound alone of sugary sweetness of the cake.   Sinful indeed, this cake is.   The toffee cake is smothered with dulce de leche, drizzled then with chocolate ganache and wonderfully topped with peanuts. The dulce de leche was spot on and I love how it matched  the toffee cake.   I couldn't tell you how fast slices of these cake were gone in an instant at our home and as I was writing these, I am drooling, and sorry if I made you salivate also.
Okay now, I'm sure you want to meet the lady behind these cake creations and delve into these cakes. 

Do call Armi Rose Lontok  at her cell phone at 9175019694, or email at

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Win a Romantic Dinner Concert for Two at The Dining Room

It's Valentines days once more!  I know we are on the mid-month of April and the hoola-balouh of  February has ended, but don't you want to celebrate it once more, or if you weren't able to , here is an opportunity.
Gourmet Farms will be celebrating their  25th year, a Silver Anniversary, and as their way of expressing their heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported, bought and have experienced their wonderful service in the dining and gardening world they want to share it to their most blessed customer.
So, how's a Dinner for two at The Dining Room of  Gourmet Farms in Silang sounds?
Well then, how about a Concert Dinner for 2?
Better yet, a Dinner Concert where Jose Mari Chan serenades  you and your special someone while enjoying a sumptuous deal of a meal.
Here is how:
1.  Visit and subscribe to the side to be eligible for their contest.
2.  Send them an email at  answering this question:
        What do you want the most about Gourmet Farms and why?
    You can sent only one entry.
3.  Here is the real stunner,  on April 21, 2012, Jose Mari Chan himself will be the one to choose the best entry and the lucky winners will be joining the 25th Anniversary celebration of Gourmet Farms with Jose Mari Chan hosting the event.
4.  Fine print:  Your e mail address and the information on the said email will be shared publicly for marketing purposes.
5.  Once you've been chosen, you need to confirm your attendance 1 day before.
6.  Promo runs from April 1 to 21, 2012.

1.  Dinner Concert for two on the 28th of April 2012 with Jose Mari Chan at The Dining Room, Gourmet Farms, Silang, Cavite.
2.  A sumptuous dinner for two is included (without wine and liquor).
3.  A souvenir 25th Anniversary gift bag for all attendees.

Company Details
The Dining Room at Gourmet Farms is the newest event venue just five minutes away from the Tagaytay Rotonda. The imposing white structure with its blue dome is nestled in what used to be Gourmet Cafe along Km. 52, General Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan 2, Silang, Cavite.
The venue has a comfortable seating capacity of 150 guests in its main dining area. The place has a mobile stage, its own kitchen and bar, private function rooms, separate sound room, restroom facilities and covered verandas, one of which opens up to a lush al fresco garden. The al fresco area can accommodate a maximum of 300 guests.
Event packages that can be customized to the client’s preference cater to a party of 50 to 500. The Dining Room at Gourmet Farms also has a roofdeck overlooking part of the pathway leading to the 11-hectare organic farm and a distant view of the activity along the highway.
Special weekend lunch and dinner buffet set-ups that serve, among others, an exciting menu called “Ang Bagong Pinoy,” present favorite Filipino classics like adobo, kare-kare, lechon kawali, sinigang, and pakbet with a more cosmopolitan flavor using a variety of culinary herbs grown in the farm.
The main attraction of the buffet is always its bottomless salad bowl (which its predecessor Gourmet Café pioneered back in the early 80s.) A generous heaping of organically-grown greens that Gourmet Farms is known for, is tossed a la minute for each guest. The distinct and meticulous presentation of the dishes complete the whole dining experience.
An easy 90-minute drive from Manila, the Dining room can be found on Mile Marker 52 on the Aguinaldo Highway in Silang Cavite. Our location is perfect for those wishing to have more than just a great dining experience. We’re minutes from the scenic ridge of Tagaytay with its magnificent views of the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake, and surrounded by its churches and retreat houses. It’s also perfect for travelers, as we are enroute to the beaches of Batangas and we’re close to hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, and spas.
The Dining Room can accommodate 200 guests seated and up to 400 standing, and hundreds more in the adjacent landscaped gardens. You will be attended to by the trained catering staff of Gourmet Farms and served with an array of meals from our Filipino and International Menus.
The venue is equipped with a platform stage and separate sound rooms that you can use to entertain your guests. We also offer design and printing support for invitations or marketing collaterals. For your convenience, we have a paved parking lot that can hold up to 30 cars. And when you need to take a break or sometime to yourself, there’s always the Splendid Chapel, as well as guest rooms, in the Sanctuary.

Gourmet Farms
Contact Person: JESSICA (+63-917-8312299)
ISABEL (+63-922-8213977)
ANNE (+63-920-9618121)

Friday, April 13, 2012

An Easter Spectacle at Pan Pacific

Last Sunday was  an Easter  celebration  kids had anticipated.  Hotels in the metro  all  warmed up and prepped up in preparation for this day.    So why wouldn't we celebrate, in fact,  why don't we  celebrate  it everyday as we rise up in the  break of dawn.   Why?  Here is why...

The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified. “He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying. “Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead; and behold, He is going ahead of you into Galilee, there you will see Him; behold, I have told you.”
Matthew 28:5-7 NASB

Yes  Easter day is a commemoration of  the Lord's risen day.   He doesn't die every year and  rises from the dead three days after every year.   It happened once and  He paid it all once.  

And I am just so happy, elated even  to be invited  to celebrate it with my kids at  the first and only  hotel in the country  that has  the finest  Butler  services,  Pan Pacific Manila.    Parents came  excited as much as their kids were,   and  we were all in for  a treat, which made us adults  became like children for a day.   Let my pictures tell you how the afternoon was.
Right before we entered,  we were greeted warmly and goodie bags were to welcome everyone
The stage adorned colorfully geared-uo for the Eggs-travagant Carnival theme
Charming dining setup, where we all sat on a cushy and tables lowered so kids are more comfortable and relaxed
My daughter Danica paused for the face to be painted

Kids and adults alike had their turns on the face painting spot which had faces livened up with colors and glitters while we enjoy more fun treats.

Giant castle and bouncy house inflatables

Kids  wandered around for the game booths provided which was made more exciting with prizes
We were kept entertained all afternoon with balloon arts, parlor games and magic shows
Spongebob, Patrick Star and the whole Bikini Bottom gang were there and so with  Noah and his animal friends

And then there's the buffet.  The ticket called for a kiddie snack buffet but hefty enough even for adults.    On our plate are hotdogs on sticks, chicken drumsticks, and spaghetti.
If you think the party ended there, wait till you see the other pictures below.

Each children experienced being inside a gigantic bubble.
 Then on to the highlight of the afternoon treat, the Egg-citing "egg-hunting."   Everyone frantic about finding the eggs.   The elegant rooms were turned upside-down as each guest searched for that coveted number of eggs to win the special prize.
The prize for the one who had the most number of colored eggs had this bunny couple taken home.
Though most of the kids and parents got dismayed not bagging home the cute baby  rabbits, we all had so much fun.  Thanks to the butlers of  Pan  Pacific who were present, taking care of all the needs we had during the party.   The kids brought home tons of candies, toys and joyful memories from that afternoon and they can't wait for the next Easter celebration! 
What could have been a better  spectacle for the children and the whole family to celebrate  the Lord's Risen day commemoration.

Pan Pacific Manila is at M. Adriatico corner Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila.  For events and other offers, visit

About Pan Pacific Manila
The first and finest Butler hotel in the Philippines – ranked among the top Asia city hotels at the 2008 and 2009 Readers Choice Awards and named one of the best places to stay in the world at the Annual Gold List by the Conde Nast Traveler.  Awarded as the Philippines’ Leading Business Hotel at the 2011 and 2008 World Travel Awards. 
Conveniently located at the heart of the historical and cultural district of Malate in the Manila Bay area, Pan Pacific Manila is a short drive to the city’s convention, exhibition and business centres and a walk away from shopping, food and entertainment establishments.  A business hotel, designed to offer a comfortable abode to business and leisure travellers with its excellent facilities and service, the hotel has 236 all-executive rooms and suites and 7 spacious function rooms. 
For more information, call (63-2) 318 0788 or visit for more special offers. 

Her Real Stylishness: The StyleRPA Tribute to Upcoming Talents

Online lifestyle magazine celebrated its launch last March 30, 2012 with the first of its many His/Her Real Stylishness tribute awards at Society Lounge, Makati.
            “We want to show that lifestyle is evolving. As the word ‘lifestyle’ goes, it’s alive,” said founder and Editor-in-Chief Philip Abadicio. “People change their habits and ways of living.”
Abadicio’s awareness of the changing times led to the recent birth of’s television extension, StyleRPA TV. The show aired every Saturday evening on GNN (Channel 8 on Destiny Cable) from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    “We store information differently now,” he said. “I believe TV is here to stay. It’s more environmentally-conscious in the way it doesn’t use paper. It can [also] be stored online.”
            “We’re in a good time to introduce ourselves to a burgeoning market that gets their information online.”
            As a lifestyle news website and TV show,'s obvious challenge was keeping up with shifting trends. “It’s a different medium, a different market,” Abadicio said. “It’s a market where attention span is shorter and there is a bombardment of information. We always need to be ahead.”
            “We like to discover what’s new instead of focusing on those who are already known or established. We'd like to be a platform for new designers, new stylists, new chefs, new musicians, new writers…It’s a gut feel that this person’s going to make it.”
            With the His/Her Real Stylishness Award, the lifestyle news website paid tribute to the rising talents who were able to ride the waves of change and made ripples themselves, beginning with the first awardee: 21-year-old fashion designer Ashley Cayuca.
             She exhibited her latest designer swimsuit collection Verao Quente in's grand launch, featuring 15 swimsuits of bold cuts and colors, from hot pink bikinis to sultry sheer black swimsuits. Cayuca's creations had graced various magazines and TV shows and were worn by celebrities like Daiana Menezes, Jessy Mendiola, Lauren Young, and international model Michelle Paloma. 
             Cayuca was awarded after the show by StyleRPA TV’s hosts, Amanda Elvina, Ria Casco, and Nicole Reyes. Among the audience were Cayuca’s parents, violinist Jay and Chikky Cayuca, her brother, Kevin Cayuca, Ateneo Blue Eagle players Chris and Nico de Chavez, and other friends and family.
             Also in attendance were and StyleRPA TV’s Philip Abadicio, Society Lounge owner Patrice Freuslon, House of Rodriguez’s Tenten Rodriguez, Meow Meow Productions’ Marton Benitez, Mike Oreta, Chuck Oreta, Vishoes owners Sheridan and Denise Villanueva, Bespoke Holiday Décor’s Archie Chua, Logika Concept’s Lei and Yasmin Coles,  Pan Pacific’s Pauline Areglado, Digicon Events Management’s AV Galvan, Intercontinental Manila’s Judy Ty, Vanity Magazine’s Joy Fong, Meg Magazine’s Rain Dagala,’s Jayl Aquino, Occassions of Joy’s Joy and John Mendiola,’s Karen Lopez, and of course  moi
             Soon after, the audience partied to the beats of Dj Akx. As the founder had said, ‘lifestyle’ is alive – exciting, dynamic, and shifting. While the landscape continued to change, remained on the lookout for new talent in this new media generation. gives special thanks to House of Rodriguez Salon and Spa in Pandakan, House of Vela in Sampalok, Raymond Rodriguez Salon and Spa in Makati, Coca-Cola, Soyami Soya Chips, and Banana Boat Sun Screen Lotion for this event, and Bistro Better for the food.

Win Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus with McFloat Summer Medley

Wouldn’t it be cool to jam with a new gadget this summer? McDonald’s makes this dream come true with Summer Medley of Surprises – McDonald’s newest instant prize card promotion. Until May 31, when you try any of McFloat Summer Medley’s yummy refreshing drinks – Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Coke McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat, or Honey Banana Sprite McFloat – at any McDonald’s store nationwide, you will get a promo card which gives you a chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.
Aside from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, there are other awesome prizes that can be won via Summer Medley of Surprises: FREE Upsize to Large Soft Drink for any Medium Value Meal purchase, FREE juice Up for any Medium Value Meal purchase, FREE Upsize to Large Fries for any Medium Value Meal purchase, Double Cheeseburger with Regular Soft Drink for only P75, P20 OFF on a purchase of Big Mac a la carte, or P20 OFF on a purchase of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese a la carte. Each promo card is a definite winner!
The summer surprise from McDonald’s does not end there. New brand ambassador Xian Lim will be visiting a few McDonald’s stores in the metro to meet customers who are certified McFloat lovers. Just follow the schedule below, order a McFloat, and get a chance to see Xian:
APRIL 16, Monday
McDonald’s Greenhills, 1:00-2:00 PM
McDonald’s Eastwood, 2:30-3:30 PM
McDonald’s Katipunan, 4:00-5:00 PM        

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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Doctor Who Loves Putting Beautiful Smiles on Every Faces

What could more fulfilling for a professional than doing something worthwhile with one's skills and ultimately to live  for others.   One of those people is plastic surgeon  Dr. Laurence Loh who found his calling to help out children with facial deformities by supporting Operation Smile.   Operation Smile is an international non-profit organization that aims to heal children’s smile by providing safe, effective reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities. 

Of Pink and Violet Hues and Macarons

Taste of Purple
Grapes hang purple
In their bunches,
Ready for
September lunches.
Gather them, no
Minutes wasting.
Purple is
Delicious tasting.

by Leland B. Jacobs

 My eyes set their gaze across the horizon
The sun is setting in late fall afternoon
Cold snap in the air as the leaves swirl about
A welcoming view is the painted pink sky

Streaks of pale blue dotted with white
Have been suddenly brushed with a soft pastel
The beauty is breathtaking, such natural artistry
I am in awe of the painted pink sky

I think of you now, how magnificent it would be
To find ultimate and much needed serenity
Wrapped up in your strong arms in loves sweet embrace
To be held by you under the painted pink sky 

Author Unknown
And then there's blue...and blue cheese-honey macaron. 

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