Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BIZU: l'expérience

In the mood for French Patisserie!

At Bizu, pastry creations are really eye-tempting, the art in cake decorating has been given importance, every detail displays flair and an interest to the palate.  Vibrant colors are used to infuse art into dining...oh what the heck, since centuries I've been dieing to try out their products.   I've so many times bypassed their cafe at Glorietta 4, never did I thought that the money I'd be spending would really be worth it!

At last, with a smoochy here and there to a quite precocious hubby, my wait was finally over. With a long list from  L E S   G A T E A U X   D E   L A V I T R I N E   P A T I S S E R I E  (Cakes from the Vitrine)       I could hardly choose.   Yes, mind you, I want to try everything, that would be gluttonous though, but  I did not say I want to eat all, in my case that would be insanely deadly! We are a family that has diabetes, you know.

So I asked for their best-seller, Samba.  A combination of milk and dark chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate cake and coated with our own homemade chocolate brilliant sauce.

Cafe Mocha

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bibingka and Puto Bumbong is Already Around the Corner

Why is it that Bibingka sellers only do this during the Christmas season.
Thank God then for the Christmas season, not only was .we commemorate  the birth of our Lord Jesus and forever more realize the importance of the His birth, as our Savior, but we also enjoy the fun and excitement and the love that overflows through it.
When December comes, I would definitely look for bibingka sellers, were we see smoke going up the air at night and terra cota pots make-shifted to cookery.
I remember the first time I had my taste with the native delicacy, it was December, my sweet December.
When my boyfriend, that was when I was in HS, gave me one.   Funny, hahahaha, it was wrapped in newspapers, still warm when it was given, and I hardly know that I would look for it every December since then I just could not remember when it was given.

One of the tastiest we tried was at Kalayaan Ave, in Guadalupe, also a friend bought me one at Shell Magallanes, but it was replaced by Go nuts Doughnuts.

So what do we look for in a best Bibingka?  The dough has to be really smooth.   The baked bread should be soft, nicelt done inside, but not "sunog" outside.   Yes it is baked using charcoal on a pot and coaled pan to cover it.  I should not be too sweet nor bitter.   I have tried some which are a bit bitter.
Bibingkinitan, sells on malls all through out the year though, but it does not capture the one I tried the best...
at Mangan Restaurant, at MOA.   You can order Bibingka seperately at Mangan or have a Meryenda package for a mere P 115.00, which includes an ukuy, pancit, puto bumbong and bibingka.

Now we're on our ultimate search for the yummiest bibingka an puto bumbong in town, or even the whole country.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nighttime at Bonifacio High Street

After a gastronomic and wild experience hosted by Nike Philippines and Ogilvy PRW, and prepared by Fridays, we enjoyed the strip with its lights and happenings.

It was our first time to come here and we were excited not knowing there was a nice place to stroll along and find a better place to eat at.


Here are just a few places to enjoy company talks and acquiantances...

Krispy Creme Doughnuts and Coffee

Sonja's Cupcakes

And woah, just the treat I was looking for, GELATTO, Italian Ice Cream, displayed and served as I had it in Duomo, Milan, Italy.   The not-so-big cafe, has a lot off unique and hard to find ice cream assortment.    You can enjoy it on a cone or on a cup of different sizes.   A dollop of scoop costs only P 130 pesos, cheap considering the flavors and quality they are offering.

They not only have gelatto but a whole wide range of food on their menu.

My hubby bought me Panna Cotta flavor! Sooo yummy!

They even offer discount rates for students.

And guess what happened when we got out of the creamery... Just a few meters away from the store, a dn few bites here and there, my ever yummy, ever favorite gelato, fell , due to the amount of ice cream served to me.  Wahhh!  This only means we have to come back here again, and I will definitely bring my kids here with us so we can enjoy different flavors of ice creams.

To our frustration, we just got ourselves our favorite local ice cream brand, Arce Dairy,since we got to Market Market already to go back to were we parked.  I had Atis Delight, and Bhogs had, the yummiest mango ice cream we ever tasted.

What a night, there are a lot more restos and bars available and not crowded, to choose from visit for list and resources.