Tuesday, April 19, 2022

A Bear-y Happy Easter at The Manila Hotel

Isaiah 53, in the Bible tells us about how Easter is, as the fulfilled prophecy of the Messiah who would be persecuted, die for our sins, and rise on the third day. Remembering the resurrection of Jesus is a way to renew daily hope that we have victory over sin. According to the New Testament, Easter is three days after the death of Jesus on the cross. Easter follows a period of fasting called Lent, in which many churches set aside time for repentance and remembrance. 

For children and many families, it is the best time to honor the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord Jesus and celebrate his resurrection as a family.  Such a good bonding moment for the family.  It has become a tradition for families and kids most especially to celebrate it joyously with fun games, arts and crafts, dancing and of course egg hunting.  

And The Manila Hotel knows exactly how to make it fun and exciting for the whole family.  With this, Danaera and I (with the help of my other daughter) spent an exhilarating afternoon  at The Manila Hotel's Bear-y Happy Easter.  It was held at one of their ballrooms and it was packed-full of kids and parents enjoying every spaces provided for every activities.

The highlight of the event was the egg hunting activity, or maybe for us.  There were a lot of activities that kept the kids' moods up, despite the many lining up and rowdy kids, the activities were enjoyable and meaningful.  There was the Egg painting, cupcake design, dance workshops, arts and crafts, magic show and the hotel's mascot showing up to enliven the crowd.

Aside from the cupcakes, they also gave out freebies from their sponsors like Absolute bottled water, fruits from DOLE, popcorn and cotton candies.

Most of the guests ended the fun-filled afternoon with a family picture from the booth.

Tickets were bought from the hotel and I'm sure next year will be even more exciting.  Thank you The Manila Hotel for having us, Danaera's first event after being cooped up in our home for two years.