Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Am a Coffeenista!

One late Sunday night...
A blissful morning yet kind of depressing afternoon...
Eager beaver looking for ways to put some sunshine into my silver clouds...
Coffee shop cruising at Alabang down to Las Pinas...
About to go home without a shot of cheery coffee or something sweet for that matter...
A slow right curve at Casimiro brought us to Ato's Rack and Coffeenista...ooohhh sounds coffee...
A sudden change of atmosphere, thank God, there are coffee shops, diners and Coffenista!

If you feel like cozying up with a special someone or with BFFs, this would definitely be the place.   But I was blown away when Ms. Meryl had us tour the whole place and guess what, I think I found the place to recommend for any get-together.   She also mentioned that they have been running the place since 2001.   The place is relaxing, with ambient lights, crisp night music, glass-encased coffee beans table, cushy pillows on your back, and soothing aroma of the cofffee being brewed.
 Here is the perfect spot for singing to your heart's content, while lounging out with friends who smoke, and with of course filling your tummies with the house best grubs.   They have what they call a Coffeeoke package. It is a place for videoke while feeling right at home and Ato's pulling off a coffee place environment.
For bigger crowds, celebrate birthdays, reunions or ensemble one heck of a corporate event at the right wing of Ato's Rack.  With amenities such as bar, pool tables, ping pong table, dart boards,internet and Coffeeoke.

Here are some of the facilities you can also enjoy at Ato's Rack.  Let me also inform you that they open at 5 pm everyday and closes at 2 am.   However if you may need to rent the venues, you may want to call Ms.  Meryl-Ann Miranda.   Ato's Rack named after her father, had been destinations for nightspots, not only for its  menu but also for the amenities which "barkadas" will sure to enjoy.

What was truly amazing is the plethora of their coffee concoctions, tea infusions, and forage that pairs with your drink.
 I got a bit conscious inside, after seeing lists upon lists of coffee concoctions, I was not able to decide what I'll be having, should it be hot or cold, bitter or sweet.   Then I said "I'ts late nd I don't want to ruin my sleepiness when I get home, anyways Bhogs will be getting a cup so I'll sip some from him."   So I got lavander -infused tea.    The good thing here is that the sweetener, syrup, is separated so one has the option whether to have their teas sweet or just as it is.
 While Bhogs had Daddy Latte.  Gosh I hope I got that right.   True enough they always serve something extra,  with his big mug, two cutesy choco chip cookies were served.   So be sure to have surprises upon getting your orders, all for lesser cost.   Yes the place is not cheap, it is actually chic, but the price ain't.   Is that good news or what!
 And the highlight of the evening.   The perfect MANGO CREPE I ever had in my life.  And its huge too!   The ultra thin pancake, simply delish, was as wide as a 12-inch in diameter plate, folded in half,  and filled with big chunks of fresh mangoes and cream.   A heavy scoop of dark chocolate ice cream and dullop of whipped cream, all drizzled with chocolate syrup.   This is a dream, don't wake me up, please, please.
Nearly an inch square cube of my fave fruit, mango slices, mixed with the cream, chocolate syrup and choco ice cream, This divine dessert is what it would all take to cheer up a wife, a mom and a friend...
So whether you're a LaSallista,  an Atenista, or whatnot, you can definitely be a Coffeenista!

Ato's Rack and Coffenista
Adress: ATO Building J. Aguilar Avenue, Casimiro or CAA Road Talon Tres, Las Pinas City
Email address:
Contact numbers:
+63-917-8106064 (Meryl)
+63-2-8465729 (land line)
+63-917-5329853 (Marco)


  1. I'm rarely ever in the Las Pinas area, but this place looks like a worthwhile find! Definitely a great alternative to all the usual upmarket and mass-market coffee places!

  2. Oh! It's near, but I have no idea how to get there..:( I'll ask my friends here in LP so we can go there sometime, thanks for the info :)

    Thanks so much for dropping by Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews!♥
    I'm your new follower :)

  3. @Marga, the only non-chained coffee shop and tambayan, sure was the only good find at Las Pinas yet!

  4. @Pearl, tnx for dropping by, and for following my blog, hope we bump into each other at Ato's!

  5. OH MY GOD! I think you just found the gateway to heaven! I never thought that coffee and karaoke (two of my greatest passions in life) can be such an incredible mixture.

    Yep, you're a certified coffeenista!

  6. Been tried calling several times on the contacts listed for event reservation but all lines just keep on ringing. Busy for other business??


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