Monday, July 4, 2011

Adventures of Mrs. Foodie at the Piazza at Venice (Part 1)

Just in time to probe our new baby, the Canon 1100D starter kit.  Gosh, I'm such a noob, really!   (That's what my kids call me, when they need to hit me with a joke!).
I used to shy away from new technologies, coz I know I still like the old school stuff, but we were offered a "shop now, pay later" package from one of the digital shops at MOA when we were looking for a cheap ink jet printer.   Without proper training and know hows, we still took the challenge of owning one!!!

Where could be a perfect spot to train up with our new gadget, but at the Italian-inspired night out at The  Piazza at Venice, McKinley Heights.
What could be the perfect subject, but Food, lots of picturesque dishes...
What could be a perfect concomitant, but the Food Adventure!

Remember, I announced this event last month, here is the link:
A Food Adventure has been going through since May.   It was supposedly be until June, but good thing they extended it until July 30.
Here begins our "avventura alimentare"...
First up, salads.  So we decided to head off first at Blackwoods Bistro.   Hmmm... Sorry but I have to really voice this out.   My food adventure turned out to be a "Foodie's Misadventure."   Well you see we came a bit late already, we were there passed 8, we thought we needed to consume the whole passport.   We still yet have to know the rudiments of the sport, we saw a lot of diners gawking revoltingly at the restaurants lined up inside the Piazza, each having the Food Passport in hand.
You see, to experience the ultimate "food adventure," each foodie explorer needs to purchase the Food Passport.   In it listed 12 cafes and restaurants, each carrying their own specialty.    It is a sit down style dining,  previously I thought it was going to be like a buffet style where the restos have what they offer on a table and we would just get for ourselves anything for each of the twelve restos in the game.   Once you have your food passport you can go around look for the restos and get in, hand over the passport to any staff and they in turn will mark the spot for their restos.   Once the spot is marked, you can not avail another.   So just one try for each restos.
So at Blackwood Bistro we seated, we came inside but we were asked if it would be okay for us to seat outside, well I didn't mind, since we were not there for the restos ambience, we were there to experience what first they could offer, in terms of foods and second in their manner of service.   So that we have the idea, where to go next time and what to order and of course who to refer.
Immediately getting our passports to be stamped,  we were advised that we will be getting two orders already, one dish from Blackwood and another from Pinchos.   We waited for about 20 minutes till we were served,  it was just the Baked Oysters from Pinchos that were served.   Since we were famished, the oysters were "gone in 60 seconds," now awaiting for the salad.   We waited for a few more minutes, we then asked for glasses of water, disappointingly waited 15 minutes more for the water, and only one waiter was working for Blackwood, it seemed that all the staff went inside and left the customers waiting.   I never intended to get mad or dislike their sevice, so I went inside Pinchos seeing there are a lot of staff inside, I just spoke to the girl on the door and told her my misery,  she immediately took care of our needs.
Waiting more, we thought of ordering already at Sweet Pea, which is the next resto to Blackwood not to waste more time.   Until, the salad was served.   The wait was worth it, anyways.   The Crab and Mango Salad was delectable, semi-sweet and a bit spicy from the wasabi.   The ripe mango cubes mixed with the green lettuce was so refreshing and with the dressing combined perfect.   My husband, not a salad guy, loved it.   But then again, it is a salad, no cooking involved,  how can a small plate of salad take 20 minutes to prepare? Hmmm...
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Wake up call to these two restos.  
Now at Sweet Pea Restaurant.   Kudos!   I give you a high five, all-thumbs up (yeah, I'd even put up my toes with them if I could).   Both for the service and the dish!
I love their Quesadillas, lightly toasted, unadulterated dips went with it, the zesty tomato-onion  and guacamole.   Truly the best combination for the crispy Buffalo Wings.   Play with two tasty-liscious dips, the paprika yogurt or the syrupy type.  Chix served hot and the service a breeze.   We even got to understand the mechanics of the Food Passport.   We almost got disappointed, since it's about 10 pm and most of the restos are closing, and we were only on the third leg of our game.  We thought we wouldn't be able to have the chance try out the other dishes, imagine only 3 of the 12 restos.   Thanks to Sweet Pea's staff, they told us that the passport is still applicable until the 30th, so we can go back on Saturday and continue on with the adventure. 
Hurried up, we still had some space left on our tummies for sweet and cold treats.   Free Yoswirls and Sol Gelato desserts were up for grabs.   It was easy for me to choose.   Even though Yoswirls is nearby, I opt to choose Sol Gelato, which is located at the other side.   Ever since, I've heard of Sol Gelato I became so intrigued.  Do add their Facebook account and you will know why.   So far, the Niagara Falls, the Mount Olympus,  and the Einstein of all gelatos,  The taste of Florence in every creamy bite.  Triple the Nirvana feeling as we have three different flavor samples in a cup. Oh I can't wait to go back on Saturday, perhaps I could steal a few moments and not wait till Saturday.

To be on the safe side I won't give out the names of the scoops we tried yet, because all of them were extremely satisfying, oh Nirvana!    I'm dying to try all their flavors, though I was told that they keep on experimenting with new flavors.   One proof that they are the ones who concoct the gelato and the ingredients are fresh!   More reasons to visit them...


  1. Given the heat of the day, I am suddenly craving a cupful of something gorgeously cool and creamy from Sol Gelato!

  2. I bet you'd love geloto at Sol Gelato!


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