Monday, July 4, 2011

Enlightening Tastebuds with Lemon Bars

Looking for a place to eat and of course have a cup of coffee while going home from an exhausting Wednesday, we chanced upon this Spanish-looking house along P. Ocampo St., Manila.   Remembering that I've always been wanting to visit this place for centuries.
Looking back...
Those were the days when food and restaurant reviews are read on magazines and lifestyle sections at newspapers.   A famed food writer posted a review about their pastries and cakes and having it with teas and coffees.  The pictures embraced my mind, the haloed dessert on a wooden coffee table laced with a  classic off-white table runner, and since then I've raved and dreamed of relishing it.  The featured food Lemon Bars, Food for the God's, their seasoned cakes.
However,  it is now the online generation, how come there isn't anything posted for Becky's Kitchen.   Well, it is befitting to write something that satisfies ones gustatory sensation.   Seasons passed yet my raving remained till at last the pastries are now on my own table.  
People are still lining up for their turn to take home a box of cakes and pastries.    Sigh!  They don't have coffee tables inside, though the aroma of coffee and sweets devours the whole place.   But they do have chocolate crinkles and breads which we can take home for "pasalubong" to the lil' food monsters left at home, instead of the usual D and M Donuts.
Merrily, we went home and excitedly awaiting to taste the lemon bars and a slice of Swiss White Chocolate Cake.   Oh!  Nirvana!  I knew it, just as I've imagined!  There is a lemon orchard inside this 1 1/2 by  1 1/2  pastry bar.
Did I mention I also brought home a slice of cake?  Sorry but my camera didn't make it on time to shoot it, my daughters took their turns in diving into it, and me too!
You can spot their bakeshops at:

1061 P. Ocampo (formerly Vito Cruz) cor. Bautista Sts, Singalong Manila, Philippines
Tel: 525 1648/523 4245 or
Community Center Suha St. Valle Verde I, Pasig City, Philippines 
Tel: 671 7606

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  1. oh my, i miss becky's!!! i love their swiss choco cake and prune walnut muffin!! :)


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