Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adventures of Mrs. Foodie at Venice Piazza, PART TWO

Our Food Passport
Date:  July 9, 2011
Time: 8:00 pm
Location:  Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig
Weather:  Rainy  (the whole day)
Event:  Food Adventure
Things to bring: car key, SLR Camera, Food Adventure Passport

After our first Food Adventure encounter, which was laid out at my post with the title "Adventures of Mrs. Foodie at the Piazza at Venice (Part 1)" we were back to continue our foodie saga.  Armed with our taste buds and empty tummies, though it was cold and rainy, we headed at the Venice Piazza.

Butter Ginger Crab Claws
At Red Crab, succulent with notes of gingery spice, sweet coconut milk sauce were all-together meaty and delish.   I was actually pushing my partner to order a cup of rice to go with these crab pieces.  But he told me to enjoy the crab meat on its own, for we still have 9 more restaurants to visit.   
 The Red Crab Buffet was displayed outside, so diners can see all the crab delights and some sauce that would  go with it.
 Next was the Ramen Bar.
See my hubby, all in smiles, it was because, this time the service was a beaver! Last time we were a bit disappointed about the slow-pokeness of some of the staff on some restaurants we dined at last time.   Even asking for a glass of water made us more frustrated about the whole foodie ordeal.   But this time, we were amazed.   At Red Crab, after being sat and had our food passport given, we were immediately given a glass of water each, without even asking for it.   Since at that time, it was raining, there wasn't a lot of clients, so serving the food should be a breeze, and indeed it was.
Karaage and Kakuni Bun
I never thought I'd be tummy-filled after our hearty meal at Ramen Bar.   The chicken pieces marinated in a sweet sauce and grilled till tender were savory.   I love the Kakuni Bun.   The breads resemble the siopao bun, which is light and soft, but not sweet.  Made heavy with chewy yet soft pork meat with a very tasty garlic  mayo  sauce, with some crunch from fresh lettuce.   Let me put an emphasis on their staffs good manners and pretty fast food serving.   And what do you know, just by liking Ramen Bar on Facebook, you could have for yourself free food stuffs.   When you visit them at the Piazza, tell any staff you have liked or added them.   Also, if you might want to be using your CITIBANK credit card, you might want to spend at least P1,000 so you can get for yourself a plate of Tempura Ice cream.
What do you think?  Did I try one or not?  One order of anything is worth P50.00 , and it is not included in the package for the Food Passport, You need to pay for it there, as you make "paluto."
First time to go up the second floor of the Venice,  sure is a nice view from up there.   
The Little Italian Plaza (Piazza an Italian word for an open place denoting a public square or plaza where people ought to hang out, dine or listen to music)
To cap off the night, we had the Original Mango and Vanilla Chocolate Yoghurt at YOSWIRLS by BTIC for dessert.
Well, I got sleepy after all the dining and strolling, so we decided to continue the saga next week.  Let me close this blog with a challenge question?    Do you think I have what it takes to finish the rest of the food adventure next week?   Waahhh!  
Catch me at the Venice next Saturday or check out my blog for that and we will see...

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