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Singaporean Breakfast Culture at Nanyang

A traveler once said that one of the most authentic views of the Singapore as a city is always at a kopitiam (also kopi tiam), an old-school coffee shop that dots almost every neighborhood in the country, serving up cheap breakfasts, coffee and, later in the day, tea and simple meals.

This makes me really excited to plan a trip to SG as I haven't been there yet and dying to do so.  My husband who's quite familiar with SG business ethics also knows a thing or two about their food culture, especially their breakfast or brunch, being an important meal to start a working day.  As early as 8 am, kopi tiams would steadily thicken with morning crowd waiting to be served with coffees, saucers of watery soft-boiled eggs and crisp slices of toast slathered with thick yellow butter and kaya, an eggy coconut jam - which according to his Singaporean colleague as a perfect kopitiam.

When I searched Google for a kopi tiam in Singapore, Nanyang Old Kopi was the most searched so I added it to my SG bucket list.

So when I heard of Nanyang carrying the said breakfast treats on their menu, I didn't hesitate to visit.  My first Nanyang experience was at Mega Mall.  We went there on tea time but made sure to try their best-sellers which can be classified as all-day breakfast.

Nanyang, however, is not your typical kopitiam, as uniquely Singaporean as it is, it does cater to our Filipino palate, I love how concise their menu is, you can get satisfied just by having a kopi or teh paired with their Kaya toasts or fill up with a piping hot bowl of noodles or some single-serve rice dishes such as the Hainanese Chicken Rice which btw, comes in two varieties - the other one being the Hainanese Fried Chicken Rice.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
My husband loves the Hainanese, and how it was presented.  The chicken meat was seasoned well so that it's not boring the palate, I, on the other hand loves the pickled cucumber where it laid on.  The broth is okay, and all the other condiments make it really sumptuous.

The aforementioned chicken dishes are under the Asian Delights category, since Nanyang translates to south seas, they also added soupy dishes with seafood.  I was able to try the Prawn Noodle Soup.

I was happy, to have some good-sized prawns on my bowl considering how affordable the price is. The orangey broth really captured the taste of the sea and isn't spicy.  The Laksa, however, isn't too spicy as well.

We had their famous beverages as well, the Kopi Jelly Milk Tea and the Iced Kopi Melaka.

I have to say hubby and I got quite addicted to them.  My new milk tea fave is their Kopi Jelly Milk Tea while hubs' cold coffee is the Iced Kopi Melaka.

Iced Kopi Melaka

The Iced Kopi Melaka is a cold version of their Kopi tarik (hand-pulled coffee) sweetened and made creamier with condensed milk.  Their house-brewed coffee is enhanced by pulling a long stream of coffee repeatedly between two large cups, the idea behind this technique is to thoroughly mix the coffee and cool the drink down slightly.

Kopi Jelly Milktea

You won't miss having tapioca pearls when having the Kopi Jelly Milk Tea.  Like how they treat coffee it's the same with their tea or teh before adding some complementary ingredients such as the salted cream cheese float and the yummy, not too sweet chopped up coffee jelly.

Nanyang staff doing the coffee hand-pulling process
Of course, our experience would come incomplete without having their famous Kaya toast and thick toast slathered with the different kinds of Kaya spread and peanut butter.

Thick Toast with Kaya Vanilla Pandan

Thick Toast with Peanut Butter

Kaya Original with butter

You can never go wrong with any of these or the other more on their menu, I don't mind getting my breakfast fixes here with these toasts as they aren't too sweet.


Address: Upper G/F, Building A,
SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: @NanyangPH
IG: @NanyangPH

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