Monday, July 8, 2019

Hakata Ton-Ichi Dishes Up Affordable Yet #EssentialRamen

On certain occasion, slurping your food is encouraged, even when the tita in you says listen to your values teacher when she says eat quietly, lady-like, so no slurping.  Japanese slurps their noodles like it's a must.  According to ramen chefs, when you slurp, you inhale the aroma of the soup and noodles while the taste explodes in your mouth. This is because humans detect taste not just on the taste buds but also through sense of smell, hence, slurping.  It is the best way to combine these two, especially when one feasts on bowls of ramen.

Let the ramen-slurping begin!

Good news, you can now practice ramen-slurping without worrying about your budget as Hakata Ton-ichi already opened their doors for ramen-loving foodies like me.  What's more is that it is located at the newest hip place in Glorietta 2, located at the 4th floor (at Top of the Glo) called Japan Town.

The rooftop of Glorietta has been transformed into a restaurant haven with the other side made to look like a mini Japanese district.

The spanking new interiors of Hakata Ton-Ichi looks like a typical ramen place in Japan, the one that honors Manga, Japanese comic book, so any Otaku would love to hang out here.  I love the street vibe with the use of corrugated roof panel, a container van, hanging tables and lots of fabricated wood resembling cedar.

But most of all I like the menu.  And believe me, you, you'll going to be amazed of how they have curated special ramen variations and Japanese curry dishes along with some other dishes to pair with your primary meal.

When my husband and I tried it, we only had ramen, and I felt sorry not being able to try the curry dishes, so that's going to be tackled in a few days.  At Hakata Ton-Ichi, you can actually build your own meal package, whether it's ramen or curry you're having.  Starting with Ton-Ichi Ramen for only P 180.00.

On the menu, you can choose from 4 different kinds of ramen, 6 curry rice variety, rice bowls in as low as P 190.  They also have sushi, salads, gyoza and karaage.

If you're in for a very filling Ramen meal (I meant it when I said very filling, beyond my normal) consider the Hakata King's Set, the Essential Ramen Set or the Ramen Don Set.

Hakata King's Set, the one we both had, has Hakata Fried Rice, Salad or sushi, side dish, mixed fruits and iced tea, together with a choice of ramen, all for only P 500.  To build up your Hakata King's Set is a three-step process.

Hakata King's Set 


Ton-Ichi Ramen
Red Ramen
Black Ramen
Miso-Ichi Ramen


Potato Salad
Hakata Salad
Sunny California Roll
Teriyaki Pork


Chicken Karaage

My husband's Hakata King's Set

My Hakata King's Set

Miso Ichi Ramen

Sunny Califonia Roll

Fried Rice

Hakata Salad

Chicken Karaage

Would you believe, a set as hefty as these for only P500 per set?

Believe it or not, we sure did had a great time choosing and of course eating them.  Their Ton-Ichi ramen is tonkatsu based with pork-bone based broth that is love at first slurp.  You can order add ons too to your ramen.  The gyoza was typical in taste, same with the California Maki, but the Chicken Karaage was something else, you have to try it to know.  The service, the place and the food, all awesome.


Address:  Japantown, Top of the Glo, Glorietta 1,

               Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

Hakata Ton-Ichi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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