Saturday, May 4, 2019

Casa de Amor, An Off the Beaten Path Boho-styled Resto

Before we came to know how serious my pregnancy is, my husband and I, together with our bunso (for the moment) went to Trece Martires to send one of my father's boxes to be kept at a house we are currently renting.  To make our long drive worthwhile after ticking off an errand, I looked for a unique place to dine with.  However, we couldn't find a good one in Trece without going inside SM Mall.

I decided to try out Amadeo, said to be the coffee capital of the country and luckily Google was able to direct me to an Airbnb place with a full-service restaurant.

It only took us more than a little over 15 minute from Trece Martires to Brgy. Halang, Amadeo, where Ruby's Place is located.  It used to be Casa del Sol, now when yougo and search for the resto, there are several posters along the way that will lead you to Casa de Amor, the dining place.

The resto is the first building you will see when you enter the premise and behind it are the small villas, which you can rent out for that sanctuary-feel accommodation.

The resto is a two-story open building covered with plastic and mesh and surrounded with nature.

I was already convinced to stay at the ground floor but my loveys insisted on lounging upstairs.  

When I went upstairs, I was wowed by the relaxing vibe as it seemed liked a rooftop place with floors covered by different carpets and pillos.  

Fora preggo mama, I was not sold to the idea of eating on the lowly table, or seated on the pillow.  There are however stools comfortble enough for me.

But the not pregnant me might reallylove the idea, well, my husband and kiddo did/

This resto, I guess is meant to entertain their house guest, as it has diffferent interesting activities te guests can be busy with.  There are board games, books and musical instruments to use and play with.

The menu is a mix of Filipino and Continental cuisine with the main dishes served good for up to 4 pax.

Order their blue or pink lemonade to truly feel the Boho lifestyle.

Their dishes aren't that special, it's straightforward but okay.

We had an order of Chili Wings and Pork Sinigang with rice.

We're a family that is hard to please when it comes to Sinigang, because the Dad of the house cooks the best, if not the best in the world Sinigang.

Hence, I really commend the cook of Casa de Amor as it faired well to us.  We like it thick, "maasim" brimming with vegetables, no scimping on the tomatoes and onions and all the veggies that add to the savoriness of a true-blue sinigang.

For a 15-minute wait of our order, the pork was surprisingly tender.

Sometimes, you get to chance upon places that makes you glad whenever you did follow your instict.

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