Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Nakiki-Millennial at #Momtribe Meet-up by Millennial Moms at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

It is crippling.
That Love.
Even when I wish to escape it because of crying.
The love now, it's everywhere.
I soak in it's light. And other times, it's still dark.
But I'm better with the darkness now than ever before.

Felt a thug on my heart while listening to the song, Say You Won't Let Go, a song by James Arthur about a guy's love. Hence, the poem.  It's not mine though, but I deeply felt the mother's ache seeing his son growing so fast, that even in her hardship, of mothering him, she still chooses to be in that situation.

I guess when you reach a certain point in your life when you want everything to be photo perfect, when you see your family photo or even your wedding photo looking so interesting, majestic, full of joy, you realize it's not.  That life is, as a matter of fact, not that beautiful as we all expected it to be. We won't be in love everyday with our kids as what we hoped for when we were still carrying them in our womb, marriage most of the time suck.and you are left with tons of responsibilities.

But you know, there is always beauty and madness in our lives, and us, only us moms, understand it perfectly well.  But still you are imperfect!  No one is and definitely you can not force your family into perfectness as well, thanks to Feliz Lucas, for reminding it to me and to my fellow moms.

The song I mentioned made me rekindle how my husband used to be so in love with me or those times when my  kids called me when they did something good or have had the worst situation, depressed as I was, I in-tuned my thoughts to the event I had attended a couple of hours before, when I got to see other moms' struggles with their family lives trying so hard to make sure their kids have a successful lives, beyond tantrums and the ginormous amount of NO's thrown to moms by their kids.

In my view, this generation is so privileged but equally blessed compared to ours, GenX.
Oh yes, I'm not a millennial, I know it's not a surprise to you, but it sure was nice to be in the midst of them.  Thanks Millennial Moms organizer for adding to the list. I was able to attend  last Saturday's #Momtribe meet up where empowered moms have showed the super hero in them without even realizing it.

For me the real super heroes are moms who make it a point to invest on how  they can nourish their kids grow into accomplished, God-fearing people despite being strong-willed. 
Super hero moms are those who work but still chose to breastfeed their babies.
Super hero moms are those that still pursue their life passion but does not compromise with the needs of the family.
Moms who look after other moms, supporting them in different aspects by educating, giving awareness and supporting fellow moms who has businesses, and just being friendly with them...

Are the new age super heroes.

These super heroes, cape less but armed with TLC and wisdom from God, driven and millennial were the ones I had the privilege to be with for an afternoon of enlightenment, new-loomed friendship, tons of treats from partners and co-presentors of  #Momtribe Meet up by Millennial Moms PH.

Ms. Mindy Cabudol, core member of Millennial Moms PH Core group hosting the event

Ms. Dette Zulueta the founder of Millennial Moms PH giving appreciation message and welcoming remarks 

Kalai Medenilla of
giving a talk about breast-feeding

Below is a video of Feliz' talk.

The event was held at the elegant Richmonde Eastwood Hotel with snacks.  Aside from coming home with heart's full, seemed like I went on a shopping spree.

Here are some of the photos from the event...

Surprises from the sponsors and partners at the tables

Moms at play

Liz Esteban, one of the Core Group volunteer of Millennial Moms and creator extraordinaire of @KetalinaManila

Divine Encluna of @GoodBagPH and Annie of

Vanessa of Mommy BFF's and Voila!

With the very inspiring  Feliz Lucas 

The August 18 Millennial Moms Ph #MomTribe Meet-up is co-presented by PLDT Home, Tempra Philippines, Eastwood City and Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. It is sponsored by Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, Atlantic Delights Philippines, Beginnings Baby, KinderCare PH, Lemon Square, @megamalunggay, MegaMangosteen, ProFreeze and Smart Steps. The lootbag and giveaway sponsors are Ajinomoto, Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines, Aveeno Baby, Belo Baby, Botanicals in Bloom, Cusina Natural Antibacterial Dishwashing, 123baby, Good Bag PH, La Filipina, Little Tree Philippines Mighty Baby Philippines, Mome, MyNatural, Sacred, #sarabellaph and Voila

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  1. Maganda rin yung may bonding yung mga mommy, maganda yung program na ganyan may matutunan ka. NAeeenhnace pa yung skills mo as a mom


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