Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Whiff of Modern Freshness and Simple Elegance

Ladies and gents, let me ask you, do you remember the shirt your first date wore? How about the brand of shoes? Would she be carrying a bag? Wore a piece of knock out accessory?

I bet you won't recall any of those!  Coz, try as I must, I too, couldn't remember what my first love wore, but one thing I couldn't forget, except for his face and being a gentleman, his scent, the perfume he wore.  Until now, whenever I get a whiff of that on my husband, I remember...

There is more to perfume than its composition of notes. I believe, there are certain aromas that bring a whiff of the past, somewhat like your first date, that kiss, the scent of spring during your childhood, the scent of flowers from your most memorable trip or perhaps a heart break.

Just as how the founder of Whiff gained the inspiration to come up with a medley of fragrances.  While recovering from a broken heart at Grasse, France, Mishy Co realized that perfumes were a perfect way to channel her energies away from her hurtful experience.

Short after she created “Heartbroken collection,” and it eventually became a cult fave.

From there, the new Whiff comes out in the market. With the new packaging, in clear glass and gold elements, it invites the discerning trend setter who finds pleasure in discovering that specific scent bring out their own personal sense of style. The elegantly designed fragrances highlights Whiff’s artisanal values. Aged to perfection, Whiff features the finest fragrance oils expertly blended in small batches. Together with RJ Lopena, a world-class craftsman, the team elevates the formulations to world class standards that make it compliant with the most rigorous quality standards of the Philippine FDA as well as other regulatory bodies abroad.

The collection labeled as Whiff Re-imagined has the five classic scents and the three new ones created by RJ Lopena.


Nectarine Passion
Main Fragrance Notes: Nectarine and Peaches
Top-selling blend of fresh nectarines, peaches and black currants more potent, with the fresh cologne-like quality you’ve always loved.

Spring Floral Drops
Main Fragrance Notes: Jasmine, Rose and Peach
It is a floral and fruity fragrance. 

White Drops
Main Fragrance Notes: Orange, Peppermint and Basil
A unique, fresh, fruity and herbaceous fragrance.

Autumn Dew
Main Fragrance Notes: Pear and Freesia
Crisp fresh pears blend with Freesia, patchouli and white musk bring an invigorating fresh fragrance that both women and men love.

Pacific Rain
Main Fragrance Notes: Lime and Cedar
A refreshing blend of lime woody cedar makes this wonderful fragrance equally loved by men and women.


Gardenia Bliss
Main Fragrance Notes: gardenia and citrus
Romantic Gardenia flowers in full bloom mix with pomelo and other citrus fruits to deliver this unique floral fragrance that celebrates everything good about being a woman.

Mango Verde
Main Fragrance Notes: Green Mango and Dalandan
Whiff's homage to the Queen of Philippine fruits. Immerse yourself in the scent of freshly picked mangoes right before they ripen so it’s sweet, but refreshingly tart. It’s a Whiff innovation that may be the first of its kind.

Pine and Lime Passion
Main Fragrance Notes: Pine and Lime
Aromatic pine notes complemented by refreshing lime result to this unique blend that Whiff believe will be used by both men and women.

I'm so loving all these variants but my most favorite is the Nectarine Passion, Pacific Rain and the Mango Verde. These 8-bottle packaging puts me in the mood for a typical scent every kind of day.  These new refreshing scents are your best accessories in creating more enduring moments.

Here are some parting words from Coco Chanel...
“No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

Whiff comes in several sizes and prices: 50mL (P595), 30mL (P395), and 15mL (P250).

To get more info about Whiff, visit their Facebook page here and in Instagram at @WhiffofPerfume.

You can order online thru their Facebook or Instagram accounts or visit Retail Labat the 2/F Power Plant Mall, Makati.


  1. Iba parin talaga kasi pag may perfume ka iba yung dating. Nakakadagdag ng charm.

  2. I always use perfume whenever I go outside para sakin confident ako pag may perfume ako. Confident ako makiharap sa mga tao kasi mabango ako. Nakakadagdag sya ng kompiyansa sa sarili. Yung feeling mo mabango ka di nahihiya tumabi at makiharap sa tao. ��

  3. I'm excited to try this one 💕 yey !

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