Monday, June 11, 2018

Recipe: Strawberry and Banana Crumble

A couple of days ago, our meal called for  a really quick and easy to prepare stir-fry vegetables, #MEATLESS.  So, while searching for recipes, and checking what was left on my fridge, I stumbled upon an adorable picture of crumble in cups.

It seems yummy and so Instragrammable, so it left me reading the segment and studying how to make the crumble.  The book is entitled Food to Love, btw, written by an Irish chef named Edward Hayden.

The recipe called for apples and berries.  I thought it would be a lovely dessert for our seemingly mundane Mushroom Chopsuey.  However, I checked the freezer and I only have a few frozen strawberries and none of the blueberries, which I thought I have.  Also, when I went to the market to buy the ingredients for our viand, I only found bananas, no apples, or I guess, I just didn't look harder.

So, I kinda tweaked Chef Ed's recipe and thought that banana and strawberry goes well together on smoothies so I believe it should work in this recipe too.  Spell high hopes!

You know what, after tasting the baked batch, well it's just regular-sized ramekins and a small espresso cup, I got so proud of myself for believing in me, in my guts and in my choice of flavors.  It did work!

So enough with the excitement, let me now share this easy  (to exaggeration) to make fruit crumble.

Quick Note: A crumble is either a sweet and savory baked dish that is a layer of fruit or vegetable stewed and topped with a crumbly mixture of carbs and butter.  Cinnamon is usually added to intensify the aroma and flavor, plus it's best in lowering down the body's sugar's glycemic index.

Kindly click on the recipe below to view the recipe, or you can also print it.

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