Monday, June 25, 2018

Getting the Family Back-to-School-Ready

It's been two weeks since my girls school started and I'm already more stressed than the week before it.
You know, if not planned properly, back-to-school season can be stressful. The shift in schedule requires an adjustment from everyone in the household.

From two months of sleeping late and not waking up anymore at 5 am, we are now back to the normal program of waking up early and trying to sleep at least before 10 PM, as long as all the assignments and projects were all done.

To make it easy, actress and 'tanging ina ng bayan' Ai-Ai de las Alas shares some tips.

She recently signed up as brand ambassador of Pest Off!, the only brand that caters to both insect and rodent categories of pest control.

Known for its superior quality and value-for-money price points, Pest Off! can be a much needed ally in keeping the home pest-free. A large number of diseases are carried by pests so you don’t want them parading around your residence. All the back-to-school planning would be useless if your children get sick.

For getting rid of cockroaches, mosquitoes, houseflies, fleas, and the like, Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer Odorless spray is very reliable. It clears your space of  those that make you go eeeewwwww and it doesn’t have the unpleasant kerosene odor usually associated with insecticides. SRP: 175g (small) - P140.00-143.00, 350g (big) – P196.00-199.00

Especially created for everyone’s favorite ipis, is Pest Off! Roach Trap, a ready-to-use cockroach bait enclosed in a plastic bait station that has four small openings. Each bait station is effective up to a radius of one meter and can work up to three  months. (SRP is P160.00-165.00). And there’s also Pest Off! Cockroach Gel, a cockroach bait in gel form packaged in a syringe applicator, making it effortless to squeeze the formula through cracks and crevices. It remains potent and kills cockroaches for up to 90 days. (SRP is P298.00-300.00)

Double purpose is the Pest Off! Roach & Ant Killer Chalk which targets both cockroach and ants but is easy-on-the-pocket. Sold in boxes of 2’s. (SPR is P33.00-35.00)

For the annoying flies, Pest Off! Fly Paper is your best bet. It catches more flies because its surface area is 17% bigger than other brands. Price-wise, it is smaller, much cheaper than its competitors. The thick paper makes it agile and allows it to be bent and formed into different shapes to suit your needs (SRP: P19.00-21.00)

For rats and mice sneaking around in the dark, Pest Off! Glue Boards is the answer. They’re very convenient to use. Just lay them along the path that the rodents take and soon you’ll get a catch. Unlike traditional rat trap mechanisms, there is no need to place bait and set-up a contraption.  And disposal of trapped rat is easy. Hassle-free in every way!. The glue boards trap the rats because of the strong adhesive on the board but the adhesive is safe for humans. In case the adhesive comes in contact with your skin, you simply have to wipe it away with mineral or baby oil. SRP: Mice Catcher Cheese Scent - P99.00-101.00, Rat Catcher Cardboard – P148-150.00, Rat Catcher Plastic Board Cheese/Peanut Scent – P163.00-165.00

Another solution for rodent infestation is Pest Off! Ready-to-Use Cereal Bait which contains 2nd generation anti-coagulant compound, Brodifacoum, which effectively and efficiently eliminates rats and mice. A single feed is all it needs to take effect. Other brands contain active ingredients (Warfarin and Coumatetralyl) categorized as 1st generation anti-coagulants or multiple-dose rodenticides. (SRP is P48.00-50.00 for 50g, P73.00-75.00 for 100g)

With its array of products, it’s easy to agree with Ai-Ai de las Alas. Indeed, Pest Off! makes the perfect partner in keeping the household clean and safe.

Pest Off! is owned by Global Winds Corporation (GWC), a duly registered company with the Food and Drug Administration as a Household/Urban Hazardous Substances Distributor/Importer/Wholesaler. GWC was established in April 15, 2003 with the aim of improving the lives of its customers through its quality products in the Pest Control Category.

You can buy Pest Off! products in supermarkets and hardware stores nationwide.

For more information, look up #pestoffph. Or follow @pestoffphilippines on Facebook and @pestoffph on Instagram.

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