Thursday, May 5, 2016

Puñta at Mandala Park

It has been a year since we last had a unique taste of Latin-American food at Puñta.  
Okay, okay, let me make a confession,  I'm a good girl and had always been one, but of course I do have flaws in my character at times and one of that is uttering a bad word.  Consider "a" when I say that I did curse.  But the only bad word that comes out of my mouth is the word "puñta," and only when I'm angry.

But I'm not here to blog about cursing and how to be a bad or a good person.  I'm here to write about how to be a good foodie instead.

A foodie has to be an ardent seeker for good places to eat, and one that's open to a wide range of cuisine.  Thus if you are a foodie and you haven't tried Peruvian or Latin-American dishes, Puñta is the place to be.

Are we bad parents for bringing our kids here...Bleh...

 I love their red plates, gives a pop of color in the table and made us more eager to eat.

Puñta is actually a lounge and a bar as well, which may be a place for people who occasionally relaxes over cocktails and beers.

It has that modern industrial feel as well, though I do find the place not so family nor kid-friendly, I bet it was designed with parties and millennials lounging over good food.  Since it is a lounge, lighting is so poor so if you're a foodie like me who snaps a photo of their food first before eating, you better dine there during daytime.

However, I do find the staff very accommodating and cheery, plus I so love how fast they were able to serve the food we ordered.

In a not less than 115 minutes, our first dish came and boy was our girls so happy to detect the aroma.

Served on a wood plank, the serving of Street Tacos with chicken in two was adorable.  Two tortillas was topped with chopped Peruvian fried chicken, shredded cabbages, pico de gallo, and a tasty garlicky white sauce.  It was enough to awaken our taste buds but definitely not enough to satisfy us, coz we all wanted more after finishing the batch.

Good thing our next dish came long before we could have finished the Apertivo.  And you'll know my girls love the food if they would gladly oblige themselves for a photo op with the food.  

Plato Asado is a complete meal in itself.  Contrary to what we Filipinos know of  asado, it's actually a traditional dish and also the standard word for "barbecue" in Latina countries, well, except in Brazil, where it is more commonly known as "churrasco."

A wood plank again holds two grilled chicken thighs (you can choose from this or breast) which were topped with a delicate garlic white sauce and the devilishly delish yellow version of chimichurri sauce.

The platter comes with a buttery corn on the cob, grilled perfectly, that is and two side dishes, a Peruvian dirty rice and stewed red beans.

Lastly, all four of us shared a bowl of Lo Mejor over a serving of Annato Rice.  Lo Mejor is a rich dish of braised beef shank and lengua over stewed tomatoes an garlic.  I love that a bowl is also dotted with black olives, cause I'm a sucker for dishes with olives.

The dishes served were quite hefty, so a group can either come here and have fun or just enjoy a classic Peruvian taste, something we Filipinos haven't really explored yet.

They also carry a wide variety of cocktails and spirits, which could go well with their anticuchos, skewered Peruvian meats, which they are famous for too.


Address:  Mandala Park, 312 Shaw Boulevard
                Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City

Punta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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