Monday, May 2, 2016

One Day #WithoutShoes

Our life is such a helter-skelter even this summer, to-do lists are never-ending, of course, how can I ever forget to schedule dates with the hubs.

However, in the midst of all the busyness, it’s vastly important to take time to do activities together as a whole family. Common activities strengthen family bonds and build a strong foundation for nurturing, communicative, healthy relationships. Could there be a better way to nourish joy in our families?

So, here is one special day to do so but can be more meaningful in the sense that we all can get to reach out to other communities with the sole purpose.

 “One Day Without Shoes”, is happening on May 10, 2015 at West Gate Alabang.

The TOMS team everyone to join “One Day Without Shoes” for a GOAL:  IN ONE DAY, GIVE 100,000 NEW PAIRS OF SHOES TO CHILDREN IN 10 COUNTRIES.

Each year TOMS spend one day #withoutshoes to raise awareness for children’s health and education. The dream is that some day, all kids will have shoes. With our support on May 10, they'll be one step closer to improving the lives of 100,000 kids in 10 countries.  To date, TOMS Philippines has given more than 850,000 pairs from 2011— highest “give" in Asia.

Bring your family, friends, co-parents, and their children to  can join us on this day.  It would be a fun and great way to educate the children as well — to be aware of what other children go through, and how there are unconventional ways of helping them.

How to join?  You my ask.

2 Ways to Join

1. Attend the “One Day Without Shoes” event + do live posting on IG (Photo of Barefoot + TOMS shoes + Hashtag #withoutshoes = Give a Pair)

2. Post on IG (Photo of Barefoot + TOMS shoes + Hashtag #withoutshoes = Give a Pair)

IG:  @TOMSPhilippines  #withoutshoes  #ODWS2016ph

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