Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Uncle Cheffy's Unlimited Chicken and Pork Cracklings

It's been a long time since I last visited The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill.  I'm glad that the upgrowth is steady and in a few years time. McKinley will be my parents' new home.  Aside from being near to where we live, nearer than the Makati area, my family would hang out here or pass by for a snack or meal.  However, with it's continuous development comes some changes in the business around the area too.  At the Piazza alone, some of our favorite restos are not around anymore, such as Sol Gelato, The Sweet Pea, Little Asia Symphony of Flavors and The Old Vine Grille.

Though the same company who runs Kuse and the Old Vine Grille have set up a branch for Uncle Cheffy. 

Frankly, I can not really see a big difference in the transformation from the Old Vine Grille to Uncle Cheffy, well except of course for the menu. 

Uncle Cheffy is quite famous for their panizza, a flatbread pizza that's eaten rolled with microgreens. 
I used to come to Uncle Cheffy for their salad and panizza but this time I got to try their fried chicken and Pork Cracklings.

Here now is where the treat comes!  If you are a major meat eater, then you'd definitely love this news.  Uncle Cheffy offers a promo for their diners, for only P 199 you get an unlimited serving of their best-selling fried chicken and pork cracklings.  They call this "the all-day everyday promo and it comes with a glass of cold iced tea.  This is really best for those long lunch breaks or a dinner get-together with family and friends.  Super Sulit!

It's just that I didn't find the chicken that special, it's a so-so fried chicken for me that could definitely compete with Max, but not the Aristocrat.  The pork crackling however was  something.  I like that's it's not too salty that it'd burn your palate but it was perfectly seasoned.  The way it was cooked was pretty interesting too.  Cooked twice as they say, the secret to it's crunchy outer layer and soft texture of the inside was that it was braised slowly in it's seasoning of herbs and spices then dried in the oven before it was deep-fried, hmmm, come to think of it, it's actually cooked three times.

When dining with this promo some things you have to take note off first:
  • Each person availing of this is only given 90 minutes to flip over with their plate. and savor as many servings of chicken and pork
  • If at some point you decide to further your savoring, additional P199 will be charged for another 1 1/2 hours more.
  • As is with other buffet offering, rules must be applied: NO SHARING,  NO LEFT OVER, NO TAKE OUT
  • Only after the food is finished that your plate is refilled.
  • This is for dining in only
This promo is ongoing and will be available until October 30. 

Also, while you're at it, and if you haven't tried their panizza, I urge you to try them.  At this dinner I also got to try Uncle Cheffy's Favorite Panizza, it's a cheesy flat breadroo with bacon and mushom slices strewn on top.  It is served with lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and pico de gallo.

Dessert was also great, we had Italian Leche Flan and Cheffy Cheesecake.
The Italian Leche Flan (P 130) is an upscale egg custard as it's luscious and smooth in every spoon.

A slice of this combinational cheesecake would just cap off the meal and make your day from good to great.  The Cheffy Cheesecake (P 150) is a layered New York cheesecake and chocolate flavored cheesecake.  It's a dense kind of cheesecake but every fork-bite is interestingly-silky and I just found myself having bite after bite of it, though I was so full, I could never stop myself indulging in this sugary and cheesy delight.


Address:  G/F Venice Piazza,
                McKinely Hill Taguig City
Contact Details: 836 49 69 / 836 49 70

Uncle Cheffy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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