Sunday, September 20, 2015

Aristocrat Wedding Showcase

Aristocrat Restaurant have been our go-to place for authentic Filipino taste whenever we would host a dinner for balikbayan relatives, My father's side of the family has another favorite, only because it is buffet style.  When my parents who are residents of Milan, Italy visited us, we had my father's relatives dine with us on this resto but it failed to live up to my parents expectations plus paying too much for the meal.

So, when we decided to hold another dinner for a different set of relatives, we thought of bringing them to Aristocrat at their main branch and yeah with ample parking space and a park reminiscent of their olden times.  I'm just glad to report that this time it didn't give them any dismay at all, in fact, my father who is very meticulous as he too is a great cook loved all the dishes we ordered for everyone.

It's already given that my kids would love the dinner as we have been always cheering up for their pork barbeques and honey chicken.  Plus, a bakery, right off the resto is also a classic stopover for pasalubong-shopping, their cheese roll is love!

Thus, having attended the Wedding Showcase at Aristocrat was such an honor.  It was made more significant having heared long forgotten stories about Aristocrat's humble beginnings and some anecdotes of how it participated during the second world war. 

Let me give some trivia shared by Aristocrat's Marketing Manager, Mary Jo Ferraren.  Do you know that Aristocrat started out selling food in a jeepney.  If you're familiar with "jollyjeeps" in Makati CBD, that's how they'd sell their food as they go along the Manila bay area.  Before Engracia Reyes, known  favorably as Aling Asiang, named the establishment as Aristocrat, she intended to name it after his son, but the son's disapproval due to the unintentional shame this may cause him, Aling Asiang named it Aristocrat, mocking is son with the words "Ah nahiya ka sa mga aristocratico mong kaibigan ha!"

75 years in the food service business is not a joke, and being true to their vision and sticking to the quality made them a usual family fave even at special functions.

And wedding isn't an exception.  With the thought of providing customers with utmost Filipino service partnered with exceptional menu and a very affordable package to beat hotels and other restos, they came up with this one day event to let marrying couples know that getting married need not be expensive but nonetheless enduring.

Exhibited are elaborate table arrangements from their partner event stylist.  The dessert buffet.

They also made way to bring in wedding suppliers making this event a one stop shopping venue for every bride's dream wedding.

Above all, I was able to savor on their buffet wedding package.

Here are some of the dishes that are usually included in the packages.

Choices of rice and noodles

Fish  n' Chips

Pork Barbeque


Lumpiang Sariwa

For  your reference here are the packages they offer:

For more inquiries you may refer to the contact details below.

432 San Andres Street, Malate, Manila
Phone: 524-7671 to 80


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