Friday, March 20, 2015

OMG! I'm already 39, so what now?

Another OMG moment slightly going on in my mind right now.  Today is my birthday, no grand celebration, no cooking, no nothing, just what I want it to be.  In fact, i'm just at home, enjoying my loved ones' greetings, calls and text messages and here in Bloggers sharing my thoughts.

One year more and I'll be saying good bye to my thirties, though many say that I don't look my age, soon enough my years will take its toll on me.  So as much as I can do to hide my real age, years of hardwork, stress, sleep-deprivation and a lot more will show.  

But as Leroy "Satchel" Paige had put it "Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

Oh well, I guess I have  a lot to mind instead of tricking others about my age, a lot to be thankful of, which really mattered most to me.

Let me share you 39 reasons why I feel blessed beyond what I could have asked for.  These are just some of the top reasons why inspite of my age, I still feel that vigour and confidence to do things I haven't done before, when I was younger and stronger.

1.  Yes!  I believe in a God who is faithful, beyond reproach and an ever loving Father.

2.  I have Jesus, He is the lover of my soul.  I'm captured by  His abiding love and He loves me inspite of my true being.  (Romans 8:38-39)

3.  I have loved ones and friends who always pray for me.

4.  I have a husband who always stand by me, though he may not be all that I have ever dreamed of, he is here, ready to give me a hand, a hug and kisses, no matter what.

5.  I have a son, nearly a man, destined by God to be a true leader.

6.  I have a daughter, who is the most responsible girl, the one who will paint my most interesting picture and hang on a museum someday.

7.  I have another daughter, God's constant reminder of His love and His beauty reflected on her.  Others refer to her as the bravest pretty face.

8.  I have another daughter, the third of them, who I know will take care of me and her dad when we are really, really old, the person who always give us laughter and makes our family life crazier.

9.  I have a cuddly dog.  She is our joy-giver, comforter, "bantay" who always sleep at my foot and never leaves my side at home.

10.  We will have puppies next month.

11. We have a home, it's not a mansion, but a place we all feel safe and comfotable.

12.  My husband cooks my kids' favorite dishes and always think of what I like to eat.

13.  I have a good oven where I can bake whatever we fancy having for snack.

14.  I have a couple of recipe books who I have relied on throughout my life of cooking and baking.

15.  My herbs and plants are growing.

16.  I have friends who treat me good with perks in return for  blog features.

17.  I found a friend in my financial adviser who assured me of helping out make my kids dreams come true.

18.  I live a life where the past is a learning tool, the present is defined by current situation and my future secured in God's promises.

19.  I have a best friend, whom I met in college and now have been more than a sister to me, she had always been my supporter, even though I falter many times.

20.  I have another best friend who I almost lost through time, but God brought her back to me and now we will forever be there for each other.

21.  As long as I have a stable internet, a quiet spot to think and inspiring stories to tell...I'll be alright.

22.  I belong to a church who teaches me to rely more to God, to live a life of Shalom.

23.  I have parents who have been my idols when it comes to marriage and family life.

24.  I have a sister who is also my best-friend.

25.  My sister have beautiful babies who always makes me smile and laugh.  They make me miss the times when my kids were still babies.

26.  I've breast-fed all 4 of my kids.

27.  I met a lot of different people, good people, and bad people.  They all gave me lessons I learned.

28.  Made Philippine traveling as my next hobby.  The beaches as my backdrop.

29.  I have control of my time.  No boss, no shifts, no tme in.

30.  Our daily needs are met by our business.

31.  I have brother who I'm so proud of, being a servant of God who has a heart to always follow Jesus.

32.  I have a brother in law who always takes care of my sisters and nieces needs, a husband to my best bud and a cool dad to my nieces.

33.  I have a sister in law who is filled with many talents and blessed with a beutiful face and heart to serve Him and my brother.

34.  Bhogs and I have an Ate in Ate Lhen who we know will stand for us too in times of troubles.

35.  So blessed to come from the most prestigious and challenging university - De La Salle University.

36.  My husband works at home.

37.  Both my husband and I have no vices, we don't smoke, we don't get drunk and definitely never in to drugs.

38.  I am a Filipino and so damn proud of it.

39.  I have so many friends and many more are welcome to be part of my life.

You know what, I still have  a lot, the list can go on unending,  they are countless like the stars in a perfect night.

There you go!  I hope this makes you think of your present situation, I know what I listed are simple ones, probably "sisiw" compared to yours.  However, these are what defines my happiness.

How about you?  How is your happiness defined by the life you live today?  Care to share the list?

A truly happy birthday indeed!

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  1. It's so nice reading through your gratitude list. You are indeed blessed.
    Have a great year ahead! :)



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