Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Diana Stalder's Go for Gold Campaign at dS Beauty Cafe

Diana Stalder is fully committed to support their clients' desire to be beautiful inside and out.  By this means offering the best services and products that targets the distinct needs of the rapidly-changing and diverse skincare market.   From skincare services. products, to specialists and now a beauty cafe. These stand as a testament to the top-notch brand that had established a reputation in the beauty industry for 18 strong years.

My last visit to Megamall was a blast, not only that I had discovered a lot more restos and cafe that had recently opened, one that I did find unique is Diana Stalder's Beauty Cafe.  It's a nourishment section inside dS which is their solution to a healthy weight management system, where in they provide refreshments such as custom tea, coffee and ready to serve products that fall under Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

Incidentally, my visit to dS is for the launch of Go for Gold Campaign featuring the VIP GOLD MEMBERSHIP program coincided with the start of the Chinese New Year.  

"Everyone, not only the regular clients of dS is entitled to be a member of the VIP Gold," according to Ms. Dina Dela Paz-Stalder, CEO and President of Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skincare (dS). Having a VIP Gold Membership Card  means a full calendar year of pampering of the face, body and skin that suit everyone's active lifestyle on a very reasonable mean.

A gold that's only 6000 Php but worth more than what glitters. All dS VIP Gold Members will enjoy tons of privileges and benefits at premier branches the very moment you enrol.

A full year of pampering for members includes:
  • 3 Facial Supreme Treatment
  • 3 Gold Facial Treatment
  • 6 Underarm Bleaching Treatment
  • 4 Whole Body Massage Treatment
  • 4 Paraffin Wax Treatment
  • 6 Skin Awakening Treatment
More exclusive privileges are:
  • Free dS signature coffee or tea
  • personal hygienic kit in a personalized golden pouch
  • personal therapist by appointment
  • exclusive gold treatment rooms at premier branches 
  • exclusive invitations to promotions and sales events
  • special discounts on sparty and other parties
  • earn points in three was: purchases, member get member, and pre-appointments
  • Convert points for free Gold memberships, birthday sparty, or exchange for products 

The membership and all the services and  perks is valid for one year and can be used at all premeier dS branches such as dS Gateway Araneta Center, dS SM Megamall, dS Svelte Eastwood and dS Calamba.

In the photo above is the first ever member who signed up for the VIP Gold Card, and have been a regular customer since the first time she tried dS,

For more details about Diana Stalder's VIP Gold Card, visit Diana Stalder branches at Gateway Cubao, SM Megamall, Eastwood and SM Calamba. You may also call the hotline number 984-8188 or 0925-300-6395. 

Do follow them on Facebook/DianaStalderByDermaline, Twitter @diana_stalder and Instagram @dianastalder.



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