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Lux Resort Dining The Way You Like It at Bluewater, Sumilon Island

How do you picture yourself on a perfect island escape from the urban daily grind?

It would have been marvelous, donning your new bikini or board shorts, lying down on the white sand facing a stunning azure beach view, while deciding what to have for lunch or what type of tea to have in the afternoon?

Oops, that would have been my thoughts...I guess, wherever I go, food is always on mind, though there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away, there are far more ways to enjoy life on the beach, most especially at Bluewater Sumilon Island.

Aside from wading in the crystal clear waters of Sumilon Island and running after the golden hours to get shots of the sunrise and sunset, I and some of my new found media friends have feasted on all the felicitous offerings of The Pavilion.

Let me share you some of the boundless ways you can enjoy superb dining at Sumilon Island.

Welcome Afternoon Snacks

After an hour of boat ride from Sibulan port of Dumaguete, we reached the wharf at 4 in the afternon and we were warmly welcomed by the staff and had our bags and luggage taken to our assigned rooms.  A cold welcome drink and fresh fruit platter awaited us.  The signature Bluewater drink - Calamansi Lemongrass Tea, was such a refreshing treat from our flight and sea transpo.

Having heard that a snack specially prepared by the Pavilion will be served, I didn't bother to touch the nicely cut and plated fruits.

After fixing our stuff, we headed uphill to the Pavilion and the sight on our left was just as breath-taking as I've imagined it to be.  Along the path to the dining area you will see the huts of the Amuma Spa, which were situated at the cliff.

Atop the eastern side of the island situated The Pavilion Restaurant, the sole food provider of Bluewater Sumilon.  The bucolic setting of the dining venue blends in so well with the captivating oceanic view.  It's an al fresco dining, to enjoy both nature and the gustatory experience in a whole new light.

These are what we had with teas and coffees, before we were primed for the eventful weekend that was ahead of us.

An assortment of tea cookies

Custard topped with nuts and candied citrus peel
Empanaditas or Bocaditos
These sliders were just as awesome (in taste and in looks) as any fancy 8-pounder

Luau Dinner at the Sand Bar

After moon-gazing and a quick tour to the two family villas, we boarded a cart and were brought to the sand bar.  We were told that we will be having a dinner by the sand bar ala luau.

The trail going there was dimly lit but as soon as we reached the stop, a team of guys were waiting for us with sulo and a nicely lighted pathway going down the beach beckoned.  Overlooking, it was a surprise to see the kitchen crew set up way down at the beach.

And yes what better way to have a luau party than on the beach itself.  On the middle of the beach was a long table covered with white linen, well lit with bulbs on mason jars hanged as our lamps.  On the left was a bonfire and some seating ensemble ready for the ultimate beach party, for whatever occasion you can dare think of. 

Honestly, I was so impressed and I have to give it to the event stylist and the staff who took time to elaborately prepare this shabby-chic beach themed table set up.  I loved how bunches of pine needles on mason jars gave color to the monotonic hues of the night.  The array of shells on a boat gave quite an interesting piece to talk about.

Planning the menu with the chef would also be as easy as pie.  On our dinner, we have a vegetarian lawyer with us, so Chef Dennis Jay Uy, Bluewater's executive sous chef, prepared a little something so that she can also enjoy dinner with us, without being left out from the gustatory merriment.

So if you think your family deserves something like this on a very special vacation, don't hesitate to give them a call and you'd be given the utmost customer care.

While we were still reveling  at the splendor before us, our appetizers came.  First to reach our table was a plate of crumbly balls surrounding a mushy-green dip.  These ball-shaped nibblers are mixed cheese and jalapeno rolled in panko and is served  with organic green tomato and coriander salsa.

Then came the Melba Toasts with a spread of Sauteed shellfish and truffled Gruyere Mornay.  A mornay is a classic cheese sauce used mainly for vegetables made by enriching a standard Bechamel sauce with Gruyere and Parmesan cheese.  The truffle made every inch of the difference in the whole bowl.

In a setting like this, I always wonder of how they are going to serve the salad.   Many would probably think of Ceasar's salad or summer pasta salad.  So as the bowl of greens hit the table, I was taken aback at how it looked like and smelled like.  It's an organic mix green salad, where the rockets played so well with morning  glory florettes, grape tomatoes, fresh herbs, white raisins, scrapes of Parmigiano, Bleu Cheese, and finally, Walnut Brittle, all dressed in Italian vinaigrette.

I thought I was all stuffed, but the main course began piling up on the middle of the table.   First to come is the Southern style marinated chicken with  grilled tomatoes, asparagus, rockets drizzled with Lemon thyme au jus.  I'm not sure why it's southern-styled, seemed to me, it's just grilled the inasal-way, a little tangy-sweet-spicy drenched my palate.

No hardcore carnivore would snub on this, Charbroiled Pork Ribs on Chipotle Barbeque sauce.  This gave a little Tex-Mex feel to our already busy appetite.  The spiciness, a bit elevated, came from the smoked-dried jalapeno mixed to the barbecue sauce basted heavily on the tender pork rib meats.

So there's chicken, pork and now a huge whole fish.  At this point, I was trying to figure out where to place more bites, or a few more, coz it was so savory.  As much as I love grilled fish, I love it even more when baked, specially after it been ladled with red curry coconut sauce. 

Thankful that we were served with red wine to help drown all that I've gorged on.  The wine made it all a complete alluring dinner, don't you think?

I can't remember to have rice with all the meat I had, though I can fairly recall how I gobbled up a lot of corn kernels.  These grilled corn on the cobb, was undoubtedly so good, maybe because it's not only grilled to perfection, it's also barbeque- rubbed and served with a heap of Jalapeno butter, and finished up with a dot of cream.

Dessert came and we were like, ahh and ohh!

Their version of Brazo de Mercedez was okay, I didn't really expect much for I was feeling heavy.  However, some dulcet would take care of the fishy and meaty taste.

Fruit platter is always on their menu.

While we all thought dibbing and wine-drinker has commenced and the alcohol have started kicking in, mini ramekins carrying Mango Clafouti came.  Clafouti or Clafoutis (pronounced klaw-foo-TEE) is a classic French dessert, with a texture that's somewhere between a pancake and custard.  I had to admit I finished mine thus, I had a hard time standing up as my chair suddenly drifted below the sand. 
That's just a gist of how Bluewater could spice up your events or any gathering either with food or just drinks.

Breakfast at The Pavilion

Nothing can awaken your spirit more than a filling brekkie, and this island boasts of their fresh offerings with a breakfast buffet to match any buffets set not on an island.

According to Chef Dennis, it was however a challenge for them to bring in ingredients, since they are settled on an island, but naturally the island sufficed with fresh catch of the day, growing their vegetables and herbs organically and the daily boat trips of their staff.

So the clients are assured of savoring local and international fares every meal.

And what better way to enjoy an islander's breakfast than with an enthralling scenery as such.

Aside from a variety of food usually served on breakfasts, they also prepared a table for meat dishes and sometimes pasta would also take the scene.

Buffet Lunch for the Day Tour Guests...

Enjoy a taste of Island Paradise for a day.

Set lunch
Boat transfers (Bancogon – Sumilon – Bancogon)
Island activities (kayaking, trekking, snorkeling)
Use of swimming facilities
Note: Above rates are inclusive of tax and service charge • Cannot be combined with other resort promos and packages • Terms and conditions apply • Prices are subject to change withour prior notice • Please call the resort to get the schedule of boat trips.

Dinner by the Grand Payag...Where the beach is in between the clear waters of Sumilon and a Lagoon

For inquiries and reservations, please contact Bluewater Sumilon BANQUET SALES Department at
(032) 481-0801 or fill out their Events Inquiry Form or
email us at

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