Thursday, August 1, 2013

Smitten by the Spectrum

   I have always marveled at  how a melange of gustatory delight is spread out in such a fashionable manner and how hotels can bring this to light some more.
   Everyone knows that Makati is a melting pot for forging success.  Still stands out undisputed as the economic heart of the Philippines as well as one of several key financial, professional and commercial centers within all the Asian countries.  For this reason, and for the fact that it also houses influential intercontinental matters.  Having this in mind, food and beverage businesses still shine more fervently, as we see new restaurants, including hotels popping up like mushrooms here and there.
  However the case is, Raffles and Fairmont Makati, two neoretics in the Manila's hospitality hub makes a stunning appearance and were warmly embraced by both the local and international market in the vicinity.
  I have not had the luxury yet of checking their sought after accommodations, including state of the art suites, and having heard from a friend that the units of the Raffles Residences are sold out.   But I was able to reacquaint myself with their buffet offerings from The Spectrum.

   Even before I entered Fairmont Hotel,  I knew what I'll be dealing with - myself (lol),  and how I can manage to enjoy ALL of the items on the buffet, which I'm sure I couldn't.  Good thing I went there with my friend and Bhogs.  That way, if there would be something I could have missed out, they can tell me how good it would be.
   Aside from the cheerful wait staff, the food station to greet you first is the heavenly dessert station.  Then I remembered, on the right of the restaurant's entrance is a glass wall where you can see some chefs doing their thing with the bread doughs.  Quite noticibly on the other side of the glass is a display of jars of fine fruit jams from Pierre Marmonier, the French creator of The Fruit Garden.
   We were seated under a glass-ceiling atrium that bathes the corner dining area in sunlight.  The best place to take your  food photos on daylight.  Also at a table near the dessert station and a section for honey with a mini apiary.
This section is one of it's kind, only The Spectrum have this, together with a splendid play of infused honey.
  I got all frantic seeing it and tried smelling each jar of honey with choiced herbs and spices even nuts.  One jar actually has figs and apricots in it, and oh how I love apricots.  Just a thought though, how do you pronounce apricot? I heard Chef Stephanie Zubiri once say it with a long /a/.  
   On the same display are small bowls with a spoon of Mascarpone Cheese swimming in honey and dashed with chopped Macadamia.
   Facing it is the bread station.  Go crazy with an assortment of freshly baked breads to go with your soup, pasta and salad.

  You know what, it took me a long time to pay a dear friend of mine a visit at his work-place, but finally the long wait was over!  Teehee!
  So here begins, to delight my insatiable appetite with Spectrum buffet's delectable edibles.
   Merna and I were tempted to begin our much-awaited lunch with sweets but we were able to arrest ourselves from the temptation and began with their soups.  They had two options that time, Tom Yum and Tomato Soup.  I opted to have the first one, Tom Yum.  The starter was able to warm me up with a slightly spicy and seafood-rich taste.  And because I planned for this occasion and didn't have breakfast, something hot needs to fill my tummy first, and this was perfect.
      My second plate, three salad choices and a bread stick.
     After which I began my tour down the alley of sublime and novel fare.

   You can ask the chefs to make kebabs for you and discern Middle Eastern cuisines like the Moussaka and Stuffed Wine Leaves.
 How about some Calamata olives, Babba Ghanoush, Hummus and Biryani Rice?

   While Bhogs had his second and third helpings of all sorts of Sashimi and seafood, I had myself a plate of saffron-flavored pasta, which was freshly-made with cream sauce.  I was asked if I want bacon and ham slices or some other ingredients to go with it.  But I opted not to add anything else to it, for I saw Bhogs on the meat carving station getting a chunky slice of steak.
   The premium grade US Roast Beef is the crowd favorite, Bhogs was always reminding me to get my slice before it rans out.
   The idea of an open kitchen is ace, where sanitation is always a priority. The passion of every chefs and staff is so fascinating, giving the diners the satisfaction that their sumptuous demands are always met.

  Just some of the meat and fish dishes in rich sauces.
   A bountiful catch of the day...
   Nicely sliced raw Norwegian Pink Salmon...(drools).
   An assortment of cheeses and cold cuts of sorts.
  The salad station with different bottles of vinaigrette and dressing.
   Sushi section.
Roasted duck and other meat choices, including bagnet.
Thus, my indulgence began.
   Guess what I have here on my Entree plate...
   My Creamy Saffron Pasta.
  Roast duck.
   Nicely done slices of Roast beef with grilled veggies and sprinkles of chilli-flavored salts.  Too bad I never got to take a photo of the different flavored salt.
  Yes, they do have an ample sampling of dim sums, in steamed baskets, and what I had was seafood wrapped in lettuce.
   Till, I gave in.
   Just before I get to finish my last plate, I have to dig my dessert spoon into these lovelies- Strawberry Panna Cota and chunky, nutty Smores.  If you think I ended there, let me give you a glimpse of their heavenly dessert buffet.

   Can you here them singing to you in an ensemble of sweet harmony and for sure some helpings will then rock your world with the perfect combination of ingredients including chocolate.

    With awe, eyes wide open, slight smile, gentle bite on the lip and with a quiet "mmmmmm..." I caught myself, suddenly at a hard time to verbalize anything coherent, as always when in the presence of all these
Isn't that the perfect personalized touch! Thanks for allowing us give in to our sweet tooth cravings.  And just so you guys know (addressed to The Spectrum) the three of us did help ourselves with these.  
Those oddly shaped chocolate cookies by the way are to die for.  I guess for bakers like me, there is that something really wonderful when you enjoy a baked good without you making them,
   " Everyone has a price - mine is chocolate."  ~Author Unknown
   I just love claiming that expression for myself.  don't you think you ought to reward yourself with these.
    If you aren't into cakes and pastries, next to it is the gelato and sorbet station.
   The impressive crepe station for that unique sweet ending, where you can have a crepe done the French way.
An array of flavor in one visit, from fruit, coffee to vanilla Crème brûlée and lots more.
    Please do not hesitate to ask for a cup of tea or coffee, it goes with the buffet fee.  Here are what I had with my mint green tea.
   A Madeline, a honey comb chunk inside the dark chocolate cup, all drizzled with honey infused with fig and apricot.
 Pichi-pichi with Parmesan cheese please.
Cold Mango Sago.  See even touches of the Filipino cuisine is splattered around.

   Now, this isn't my mine, this is my friend's crepe, topped with poached mix of berries and vanilla ice cream and lavished with love.   Well, the one who made it for her is her husband,  no one else than the Executive Pastry Chef of Fairmont, Chef Didier Derouet.
  Now here is mine and Chef Didier  made it himself.  

 Well, 37 years of perfecting culinary skills, especially in the line of desserts and pastries is really something.
    I can thoroughly describe my "dolce finale" or final dessert as "sex on a fork".  The vibrant colors, different mouth-feel of soft, crunchy, cold and warm, tarty berry sorbet, the spiked peach slices weaved into the buttery soft warm crepe.
   Doesn't the photo really captured the moment, it doesn't get any better.

   The buffet lunch is more or less P1600 per head.  I know you might say it's pricey.  Well compared to having buffet somewhere else, I would still prefer them over the cheaper ones, considering the five-star quality of every food and ambiance is amazing.  I'm frugal and most of the time, a cheapskate, but when comes to food it's a different matter.  I can also say  that every cent spent is well worth it. 

Fairmont Makati's Spectrum is an all-day buffet open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Breakfast:     6:00am to 10:00am, Mondays to Fridays
                    6:00am to 11:00am, Weekdays and Holidays
                    PHP 1,336 net (inclusive of service charge and applicable taxes)

Lunch:        11:30am to 2:30 pm daily
                   PHP  1,596 net (inclusive of service charge and applicable taxes)

Dinner:       6:00pm to 10:00pm daily
                  PHP 1,842 net (inclusive of service charge and applicable taxes)

**Buffet is inclusive of coffee and tea.

Fairmont Makati is located at 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City or call 555-9888 for inquiries. Check out the Facebook Pages at and for more details.


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