Monday, February 11, 2013

The First Yakapalooza at The Park on the Day of Hearts

The National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) is inviting everyone with their loved ones and friends to take part in the first-ever “Yakapalooza at the Park” on Valentine's, Feb. 14, at the Rizal Park that will be celebrated via free concert.

NPDC spokesperson Kenneth Montegrande said the event will be staged by Blitz Communications Philippines (BlitzCom) in cooperation with Unisilver TIME, Mario D’ Boro, Coca-Cola, FEMSA Philippines, PLDT, Stage Crafts and Department of Public Works and Highways.

“Yakapalooza at the Park” will start at 6 p.m. near the Musical Dancing Fountain after the free “concert at the park.” The event will be graced by some of the country's fast rising stars, bands and singers such as Bea Binene, Barbie Forteza, Julie Anne San Jose, Joshua Dionisio, Derick Monasterio, Enzo Pineda, DJ Joker, all members of the group Jeepney Music led by Allan Pineda.

Also gracing the event are DCOY, Ikee, Jash Bagabaldo and jazz performers Jive Disciples. Top radio jocks DJ Rico Panyero and Lala Banderas of 101.1 Yes FM will serve as hosts.

Montegrande said the event, set at 9 p.m., is perfect time for loved ones, friends and family members to show the true meanig of love. He said NPDC will declare 9 p.m. of Feb. 14 as “love hour” to give emphasis on “Yakapalooza at the Park.”

Prior to the love hour, there will be a countdown a minute before to be led by NPDC executive director Dr. Juliet Villegas and other top ranking officials of NPDC.

Montegrande said it's a noble aim of BlitzCom and NPDC to give the public a meaningful way to celebrate the day of the hearts where everyone can show to their loved ones and friends that Valentine's is for everyone who knows the true meaning of love.

“Valentine’s Day is one of the most important ocassions where you can show to your loved one how he or she means to you without spending a single centavo. Love knows no boundaries even in this very empirical world that we live at. We want to prove that and Rizal Park will be the mute witness for that meaningful moment,” the spokesperson said.

The official shared what he read from The Daily Mail, a leading tabloid in UK. According to studies commissioned by the University of Vienna, a 20-second passionate hug increases humans' memory level, lowers stress level and normalizes blood pressure.

The effects are contrary if the hug is un-passionate, especially if any of the parties involve is coerced, according to the study.

“…Scientist found that a hormone – oxytocin – is released into the blood stream when you hold or hug a friend close. This lowers blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety and can even improve your memory.”

“…According to a research from the University of Vienna, you have to be, however, selective over who you hug. Giving a polite embrace to someone we don’t know well can have the opposite effect,” the official report said.

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