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Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks and Oysters Now Making Splurges at Subic

Subic Bay is the Philippine's paradise for sports and extreme adventures.  With its diversity in culture, the different cuisines have paved way in making every experience more stirring.   Added to the growing foodie and party trend is the opening of the Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks and Oysters.
Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks and Oysters is now creating the ultimate bar experience in the heart of Subic Freeport Zone, within Ayala Mall's latest project, Harbor Point.
Murray's New Orleans, reflects the old Bourbon Street fare for the new and upbeat crowd.   Magnified in the colorful interiors.  The rustic and textured effect of a brick wall against the bright yellow wall which glorifies what New Orleans dining and partying is all about.

To add to the enjoyment, the new Subic branch offers entertainment, creating a lively atmosphere for a fun night out.   The stage  which is leveled up and set behind the bar provides, the perfect view to enjoy talented bands as well as the upbeat performances of  the Mardigrettes.  

Nothing, yes, nothing can define New Orleans more than the  Mardi Gras style.   It also shows in the manner they serve their food.
Distinctive of New Orleans is also its unique blend of flavors that produce a delectable array of aromas.  The cuisine is unique and characteristic of its diverse ethinicity.   Like Creole cooking their menu is a mix of this and that, inspired from the Cajun and Creole brilliance of Murray Hertz, the menu is now improved with the culinary experts of Chef Peter Ayson and Chef Kirsten Habawet. 
Some menu items declaring the style, is the Mardi Gras Nachos.   As you can see the colors are striking and so is the taste.   The crunchy yellow, red and purple corn tortillos are topped with chopped up chicken barbecue  pieces, sharp melted cheddar cheese, and mango jalapeno sauce.
Another one of my favorite is this bowl of White Gumbo soup.   Can you imagine okra swimming in this creamy soup base, Creole-Cajun inspired stew with the the 'holy trinity' - white fish shrimp and chicken, made more flavorful with Andouille sausage?
More Andouille sausages were served, this time with caramelized red onions.  I love suasages, specially the European ones, this however is the spicy Spanish variant, which were a bit hard on the bite.
 The revamped menu consists of this new offering, the New Orleans Masquerade.   This perhaps is their version of Sisig.   Bits of pork mask and chicken livers sauteed with onions, bell peppers and chillies.   However, the menu dictates that it is served  over a sizzling skillet topped with fried egg, but what arrived at our table is this unassuming spicy mix.   Well, all-together served up which I think is best with rice, since it has that strong blend of spices going on in there, and the still the best Pulutan for every drink.
This however, is very particular of the Cajun practice.    The Mushroom Alfredo Pasta, is so spiced up with a blend of Cajun herbs and spices on the sauce.   In this dish, Cajun seasoning combines with dark roux (pronounced as 'ru) to give Cajun dishes their robust, country taste.   Roux is a mixture of flour and butter cooked slowly over low heat.   As you can see it is enough to thicken this pasta giving it the extra kick.

Another original, this is authentically Cajun, never had I tried a chicken coated differently.   Why?  I've checked several recipes online with the title, Louisiana Fried Chicken, and now I know why.   For one, it's not only the meat itself, being tender and mildly spiced and flavored, it's the coating.   Though you will not find the crunch you are looking for, the texture is somewhat like that of a fried Kikiam, (Que Kiam).   Here is our secret, before fying, the seasoned meat, is dipped in a mixture of buttermilk and eggs, then coated with a mixture of  some Cajun seasonings, baking powder and cornstarch, yes, cornstarch instead of flour or chicken breading.

Lastly, I was able to try, the famous Baby Back Ribs.   With it is a generous serving of coleslaw and dirty rice.   I've known that to create mouth-watering ribs,it is in the process.   It has to be slow-roasted on a low-temp, to maintain that  tenderness and juiciness with a light marbling of fat.  The barbecue sauce had to be distinct as well but not overwhelming.   And I think this dish passes these points mentioned.
Ooops, how can I forget the dessert.   The photo seems simple but the taste was a blast and a bit out of this world.   It's a simple yellow cake soaked in a mix of three kinds of milk, topped with whipped cream and strawberry filling.   I somehow felt like I was a spooning of some baby food, with the super milky moist cake.    What I like is that it is not overly sweet, but milky indeed.

The Launch of the Megarita.

No Mardi Gras would be complete without an experience with spiked drinks.   In addition to their extensive bar list, they have unveiled the Megarita.   From the classic Margarita, every mega-sized cocktail glass has a revitalizing twist.
These electrifying array of colors served in New Orleans chalice with invigorating flavors such as Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Breeze, Midori, Cadillac, Raspberry, Blueberry, Pink Lady and Electric Blue.
With it's mega doze is a price that's affordable for the whole 'barkada' for only P 299.   Available in all Murray's New Orleans branches.
Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks and Oysters dining with a Mardi Gras style.

Scene-stealers at the Launch

The talented and award-winning bartenders will also put up a show for everyone.  On the photo above, is an example of their flaming bartending performance.
The Mardigrettes, the home-grown talents of New Orleans showcases the moves of the staff who moonlight as performers.   Their impressive choreography matched with colorful costumes are well becoming crowd pleasers.
These and many more awaits everyone and only proves that New Orleans can do more than drinks and food.
Laissez les bons temps rouler!

The Menu:


Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks and Oysters
Branches:  Bonifacio High Street, SM Mall of Asia, Robinson's Magnolia, Newport Resorts World Manila, Harbor Point Mall Subic, SM Lanang Davao


  1. My husband loves steaks and ribs, so I'm sure he'll like Murray's New Orleans. I'll keep this restaurant in mind when we visit Subic hopefully soon.

    1. Oh yes! You should try them and please do let me know how you might find then to be.

  2. That restaurant has outrageously vibrant colors! It might not be good for those who want to relax but it will surely brighten up one's mood. :D Food looked all festive and great!

    1. They actually exemplify the vibe of the NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)nightlife.

    2. They actually exemplify the vibe of the NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)nightlife.

  3. I have been to New Orleans Bourbon Ribs numerous times. Their baby back ribs is the best.

  4. The place looks pleasing... with good food and amazing people to share the moment, this one should be a place worth to visit

  5. Seems I wanna visit it too and have my friends party! Thanks for this good news!

  6. i can't wait to visit those places with that kind of mouth watery foods. .

  7. Very inviting. Make me wanna invite my friends to visit this place. :)

  8. I'll include this place on my list whenever we visit Subic in the future. Now I'm craving of that Milk moist cake.

  9. Oh, you went all the way to subic to visit and experience their good food. Nice!! I think they got a branch also in greenbelt. Been hearing a lot of good things about their menu and service. will include this in my must-try restaurants. hihihih

  10. This is a cool place to be. I will visit this one day

  11. I love New Orleans! Gusto ko sa kanila yung steaks nila. Really sulit kahit medyo may kamahalan :)

  12. like the place!! very colorful.. you can definitely see the influence of Mardi Gras!

  13. Definitely checking this out.. and SOON!

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