Friday, January 4, 2013

Un, Deux, Trois, Everyday

Christmas is the best time to sample best choices of cakes in the market.
The Christmas of 2012 is an infinite number of things to a thousand different people.  Thinking about it,  I can’t help but agree.   Because, yes, it is many things. It is probably even everything.   To some, it may even be the sweet endings to their Noche Buena.    Though to me Christmas was a celebration, remembering God's ultimate gift to mankind.   To our family, it was more than that, it was to celebrate another life gifted by God.   A coming together from prayers from people who cared, a coming together of family even at times when we thought we will lose hope.
And what better way to celebrate than with a glorious dessert.
It didn't fail me.   A chose a good cake.
A choice from  Tous Les Jours.  The Santa Chocolate Cake.
I was so happy when I knew of Tous Les Jours branching out at Mall of Asia.   Since that time, my daughter got out of the hospital on the 24th of December, I wasn't able to preparing anything, not even a visit to the groceries for our Noche Buena.   Good thing we had previously reserved a rest house at Tagaytay to spend our Christmas.  So, just as we got off the hospital in the morning, we took time to drop by at MOA and pick up the cake I had reserved, before driving up Aguinaldo Hway.

So, here is what I have to say.   But first let me just share what my kids have to say.   "We don't like it...because we LOVE it!"   Yes we do!  Quite surprising, the cake and frosting are  not that sweet, to get a tooth-ache.    Though our Dana didn't get to taste it, I'm sure she wouldn't get scared taking a bite.   The chocolate ganache was thinly enveloping the moist and buttery cake.   A deliberate light chocolate frosting added lusciousness to the whole treat, the toppers are made up of  fondant and some are molded chocolates.
To be honest,  I had a hard time choosing our cake, everything they offered for the season looked so enticing and luscious, as if the stars have rested on each of these treats and sparkled as I individually  checked them out.  Here are some of their Christmas Collection...

Happy Penguin Cake 

These are the all-time K-Pop cake favorites
Family Chocolate Cake

Aside from the K-Pop culture inspired cakes, they also have these.

Tous Les Jours is a French word for everyday, and the cafe boasts of a fusion of French-Korean baking.    It was in Korea when the concept of French baking was established and unique, out-of-the-oven baked goods had gained raves in that country.
To add to my cake, I also bought some Vegetable Croquette and Pork and Sausage Roll.   The first one has a crunchy oomph to it from the cereals where it was rolled on to before baking.  The rolls resemble the texture that of the doughnut, it French baking is known to be choux pastry made savory, same with the second roll.  Also, a big baguette still made it to our table even after Christmas, which we made as Bruschetta.

Tous Les Jours

SM North Edsa
Ayala Alabang Town Center
SM Southmall
SM Mall of Asia
Ayala Greenbelt 5


  1. Wow... they all look great and the price is okay, I guess.

    1. Oh yes they do! The price is not bad as well. It is a bit priced above Red Ribbon and Goldilocks, but the experience for sure would be rewarding.

  2. oh wow! what a feast of cakes and breads :) if i were the one in that shop i'd be so confused which one to buy,i'd like to taste and take them all home :)

  3. I like the Igloo cake,it's cute!
    Happy New Year and Thanks for joining!!!

  4. I really enjoy their bread and pastries, and I just love the aroma of freshly baled products when you enter their shop, really cool.


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