Thursday, January 3, 2013

Get Nuts with Pinoy Choco at Tsoko-Nut Batirol

Do you know how long Tsoko.Nut Batirol is at SM Makati?  It is actually seven years already.  If you have been to SM Makati you'll probably notice a cafe-like ambiance with the sights and aroma that of an authentic  Filipino "tsokolate" (chocolate).   You might be guessing right now  about the menu of this cafe, food concoctions with Chocnut maybe?   Well not quite.  Tsoko.Nut Batirol is all about Filipino comfort food paired with their very own Tsokolate Ah Batirol and Kape Barako.  
Here is my guess, why they have probably named it as that.  Probably, the owners thought of coming up with the first Filipino cafe, where our local coffee brews are served and with it is the thought of serving the crowd with our well-loved native chocolate drink, the Chocolate Ah and Chocolate Eh, done old-school with a batirol.   A batirol or tsokolatera, a special cast-iron pitcher specially made for this purpose. The chocolate, which is from crushed or ground tablea or cacao chocolate discs/tablets,  is whisked by rubbing a batidor, a wooden utensil similar to the Spanish molinillo, in a circular motion between ones palms to add froth and foam to the warm liquid.   Mixing it rigorously, until a somewhat thick, grainy consistency is reached. Milk and sugar can be added as desired before serving.  In some regions,  the tsokolate is also served with ground peanuts.  Like what was served to us at Camp John Hay.  Thus Tsoko.Nut 
Read about Chcolate De Batirol, Baguio here.

One of my favorite dessert is Napoleones.  These are heavenly puff pastry with light custard filling, and one of Bacolod's pride.  Batirol's version had hit the spot! 


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