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We all know who Dimples Romana is as a good actress, but only a few know about her as a mother.  Allow me to share some of the message she have imparted regarding some tips for our fellow moms on Mother's Day.

As days go by, more and more complex human tasks are either being assisted, if not completely accomplished by artificial intelligence (AI). But no advanced technology will ever match the strength that mothers show in facing the complex challenges of parenting. Giving mothers the strength and ginhawa they need allows them to provide the same for their families. 


How do they do it? Actress and working mother of three Dimples Romana offers a piece of her mind.

TIP 1: Find your support system.

“Having three kids while working is a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, I am surrounded by good people - both family and friends,” Dimples said.


After giving birth to her third child two years ago, Dimples remains grateful for the immense support that her husband Boyet (whom she fondly calls “Papa B”) gives in ensuring that all their kids are always well and happy. To keep her guided as she gets through every day, Dimples firmly holds on to her family and her faith.


“Family. Sila talaga ang lakas ko. At dasal. Madaming madaming dasal,” she added.



TIP 2: Time management is priority-setting.


The showbiz industry always demands long hours but Dimples always makes time for family. 


“No matter how busy I get and how crazy our shoot schedules go, I make sure intentional ang pag-set ko ng time with my family,” she said.


She would even discourage her family from using phones whenever they do activities together to ensure that they are all absolutely present.


“No phones muna, no other distractions. Just them,” she added.



TIP 3: Self-care.


Being a mother may be a 24/7 job but everybody needs a break from everything–and everyone. 


“Recently ko lang talaga natutunan ito. I almost reached a burnt out stage kaya I got worried. That’s when I really took a step back and reassessed what needs to be done,” Dimples added.


For Dimples, taking solo road trips, going on a date with herself at cafes and restaurants, and reading good books keep her mind at ease. She also regularly keeps an eye on her spiritual well-being through prayer and meditation.


Most importantly, what allows Dimples to stay on top of the complexities of being a mother is staying well and healthy by practicing good skin care, as well as taking supplements and vitamins that she needs to stay strong and active.


Tiwala ako sa Actimed Quality Generics which I buy from Generika Drugstore. When I know I’m strong, I can also keep my family strong,” Dimples added.



TIP 4: Remember why you love being a mom.


For Dimples, the best thing in being a mother is the job itself. But like any job, being a mother involves risks and challenges.


Iba na din talaga ang hirap ng buhay ngayon. We truly have to count our blessings sa bawat araw na nakikita nating masaya, malusog, at ligtas ang pamilya natin sa ano mang sakit o karamdaman,”  Dimples said.


But what makes the risks worth taking is the reward that constantly reminds Dimples why she loves being a mom.


“It’s having the ability to raise children who will hopefully make the world a kinder, safer, and happier place for all,” she stressed.


Despite these tips, no one really knows the best formula to being the most effective mom, or parent for that matter. But everybody knows that it takes a lot to do so much with so little –whether it’s time, money, or know-how– and even more difficult to choose to do it everyday. Ultimately, a mother like Dimples finds comfort–a sense of ginhawa– in knowing that there are millions of others who also draw their daily strength from their unique experiences of caring for their families, and are always ready to share their learnings, from one mother to another.


Ginhawang Mother’s Day to all moms!


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