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Newport World Resorts Gives Prominence to Local Dishes in Celebration of Filipino Food Month


What a way to welcome April than with a food binge at nonetheless than the country’s   premier   lifestyle   and entertainment   destination that's a walk away from our home in Pasay. 

Find your way and celebrate Filipino   Food   Month with us  at Newport World Resorts.   In partnership   with   the National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA). With the theme of “Engaging the Youth in Shaping the Future of Philippine Culinary Heritage and Gastronomy,” explore and savor the rich flavors and colorful history behind 11 featured dishes by Newport World Resorts’ award-winning restaurants.

All the way from the Visayas and Mindanao islands comes a regional dish called Sinuglaw that captivates the taste buds with a delightful balance of savory and tangy flavors. Known for its innovative approach in the kitchen, Casa Buenas at Newport Garden Wing’s version   of   Sinuglaw   shows   off   a   creative   flair  through   succulently   grilled   pork,   tuna ceviche, and toyo-mansi gelee.

Sheraton Manila Hotel brings the culinary heritage of Cebu to the metro with its iteration of the slow-roasted pork belly known as Cebuchon, seasoned  with aromatic  herbs and spices. 

Taste the savory flavors of the North with Hilton Manila’s Kapampangan Sisig, a beloved dish made of diced pork originating from Pampanga and served sizzling hot in a cast-iron plate. Experience an elevated  bistek  with Hotel Okura Manila’s Wagyu Bistek Tagalog made of thinly sliced premium Japanese wagyu and marinated in Yamasa soy sauce and Yuzu juice.

At Newport Garden Wing, regional delicacies take the form of hearty courses and sweet desserts. Marriott Manila’s Siquijor Style Chicken Matar reflects the culinary traditions of the province of Siquijor through tender chicken simmered then garnished with fresh herbs. Specialty restaurant Garden Wing Cafe boasts a gourmet twist to the Filipino favorite cured beef tapa dish with the Beef Tenderloin Prime Tapa.

Silogue shares the taste of comfort with Ginataang Bilo-Bilo or sweet glutinous rice balls in creamy coconut milk broth. Holiday Inn Express Manila-Newport City takes the sweetness to  the  next level in the staple Filipino fluffy meringue and custard dessert, Brazo de Mercedes.

Filipino Food Month also takes over Newport Mall. Cafe Mary Grace adds a home cooked touch to its signature Sirloin Beef Tapa, marinated in a special blend of garlic and spices, and perfected with garlic fried rice and eggs. The Red Crab Alimango Food House shares the country’s love for seafood and spice with a fresh and flavorful Chili Kangkong Crab. Last but not least, Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant elevates the traditional beef stew into the exquisite Wagyu Brisket Caldereta, celebrating the richness of the prime beef and the bold flavors of Philippine cuisine.  

For the second year, Newport World Resorts is thrilled to partner with the NCCA for Filipino Food Month, kicking off last March 20 at Casa Buenas. This April, embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the country’s delectable heritage and innovative future through these 11 featured dishes, prepared by award-winning chefs.

Escape   the   ordinary   at   Newport   World   Resorts,   you   know   you   want  to.   

For   more information   on   Filipino   Food   Month,   visit  and   follow @newportworldresorts on Facebook and Instagram, and @nwresorts on Twitter. Make the most of your visit and sign up for an Epic Membership or download the Epic Rewards Mobile App for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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