Tuesday, September 19, 2023

A Lovely Lunch in Celebration of Tuna at Cafe Ilang Ilang

What a week it has been navigating around the month of September but who's complaining! Our September made sweeter with  invitation from Manila Hotel to try their Tuna Festival at Cafe Ilang Ilang. 

It made me reminisce about our trip to General Santos in 2012, after indulging mainly with dishes from the Tuna Capital of the country.   


You can read about it at the link below:


The Tuna Festival of General Santos City is truly a celebration of the ocean’s bountiful offerings with diverse activities that mirror the city’s vibrant marine industry. To celebrate this tradition, Café Ilang-Ilang embarks on a culinary journey that puts the spotlight on the ocean’s prized gem—tuna.

I couldn't agree more with what Ester Joy Yap said, "Tuna is a true gem of the ocean, and we want to highlight its amazing flavors through a variety of dishes. Our goal is to provide our valued guests with an exceptional dining experience that celebrates this extraordinary fish.". She is the Assistant Food and Beverage Director of The Manila Hotel.

On my visit, I started with some salads endowed with either raw tuna slices or seasoned with specialty dressings and continued on with sashimi and sushi at the Japanese Station. I then proceeded to the Korean station and had some savory and sour Hoe-Deopbap, another Tuna salad but Korean inspired.  On top of that, I also enjoyed many other dishes in the different culinary stations that feature tuna.

Some of the dishes included are: Tuna Kilawin, Tuna Chicharon, Sinigang Tuna Panga sa Miso, Bistek Tuna Belly, Tuna Bicol Express, Sizzling Tuna Sisig, Tuna Kare Kare, Tuna-Shrimp Paella, Grilled Tuna Steak, Tuna Putannesca, and Indian Tandoori Tuna Kebab. These dishes are available on a rotating line-up at Café Ilang-Ilang’s lunch and dinner buffet until September 30, 2023.  But of course, you can still partake any other dishes rather than tuna, but who doesn't like tuna?  

Always a great and sweet endings at their well-loved dessert station! 

Join us in celebrating the Tuna Festival at Café Ilang-Ilang and revel in seafood sensation that reflect the rich tapestry of the Philippine seas. For more information, please call (+632) 8527-0011 or (+632) 5301-5500 or email restaurantrsvn@themanilahotel.com.

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