Tuesday, May 30, 2023

How I Literally Lived Like a Panda With pandamart


I couldn't over-emphasize how great a help online shopping is especially for a mom managing a household with a toddler in tow, a job or business at home and being wary of the flu season.  In my case, I have been bed-ridden for days due to influenza, getting infected from the youngest family member, but thanks to pandamart  I was able to buy the things we need at home even while I'm nursing a flu in bed, the blessings of modern living!

I got reminded of this magical app on my phone called foodpanda and inside is pandamart, after attending the launch of its first-ever physical pop-up store in the country at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City a couple of days back.   Here, consumers can physically experience the items sold in their online grocery arm, pandamart.   I didn't realize foodpanda’s online grocery store offers a wide assortment of fresh, frozen, snacks, drinks, pantry essentials, pharmaceuticals, and other household items to be delivered to your doorsteps in less than an hour.

Let me remind you that this pop up store is not a physical store per se, as pandamart does not have a physical store yet open to the public but only serves consumers who buy from the foodpanda app.  So don't get overly excited.  The opening of this concept is to  allow  mall-shoppers to fully immerse in the pandamart shopping experience, 

The new pandamart Pop-Up store, allows them to browse through the displayed products in the kiosk, order conveniently in the foodpanda app, and pick up the items on the same day.

“The online grocery space is ever-growing and ever-changing, so to keep up with the current times, we are stepping up our game in ordering a wide selection of quality groceries to customers,” said Danielle Eleazar, Head of Marketing (New Verticals) of foodpanda Philippines.   Eleazer added that despite online grocery shopping becoming increasingly popular, grocery consumers, in general, still prefer to experience the quality of their items physically.  “pandamart addresses this limitation by launching our first local physical pop-up store where consumers can physically experience the items sold in pandamart.”

Special treat for pandamart shoppers

Exciting activities and exclusive promos await our shoppers, including discount vouchers, item giveaways from brand partners and entertaining spin-the-wheel games with a chance to win prizes. Additional vouchers and prizes of up to Php 10,000 will be given away to audiences who will tune in to the special Facebook live stream online selling event on May 27.

This will also feature the pandamart pop-up store look, available products, amazing deals, and how to order. 

Shop like a panda

As foodpanda offers a leveled-up experience to consumers with the first local pandamart pop-up store, the online food and grocery platform is also bridging the gap between the usage of online and offline channels when it comes to grocery shopping for its app users.

This also underscores the objective of the company’s brand philosophy, which encourages people to live like a panda and allows for more time to do more important things in their daily routines. “By having the convenience of picking up the items after looking at the items first hand and checking out the order in the app, they can have more time to roam around the area or run other errands while waiting for their order.”

“We want to bring even more awareness to our online grocery service so that new and existing foodpanda app users can try out the fast and convenient delivery of pandamart’s wide assortment of items and fresh quality products.” Available until the end of May, pandamart’s pop-up store provides impressive features to give shoppers and consumers a first-hand experience of what pandamart has to offer.

So head to Trinoma mall to enjoy groceries done right with exclusive deals and exciting prices.

Want to try Foodpanda's pandamart for the first time?  

Use the voucher code  NEWGROCER for P100 off on your first order and enjoy convenient online grocery shopping in the comfort of your own home.

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