Thursday, December 2, 2021

All Set for the Maynilad Paperless Billing


This pandemic changed our ways in so many ways, as we continue to safely navigate our way to the new normal, we are still in constant fear of being in the crowd and getting the dreaded Covid-19 disease.  Good thing facilities and services that provide us groceries, electricity, and even water continue doing a good job.  Of course, with that we also must take the responsibility in paying our dues.  And I’m happy to share you my experience with Maynilad Paperless Billing.

You’ve heard it, Maynilad have gone paperless and they are encouraging their customers were asked to register online so that they can access their bill and be able to also pay online, if possible, which is safer and more convenient given the ongoing threat of COVID19.


Maynilad Paperless Billing is a program that allows Maynilad customers the option to receive an Electronic Statement of Account (e-SOA) instead of the physical copy of their SOA.

I like this way better for it has such good points, like removing the need for physical contact with meter readers to get your hard copy SOA, thus preventing possible COVID-19 transmission.

Below are some more such benefits as well that you can enjoy when you register to the program:

 *  It allows customers to access their e-SOA anytime, anywhere.

 *  It makes the tracking and monitoring of previous e-SOAs easier and more convenient.

 *  It eliminates chances of losing or misplacing your water bill.

 * It provides an option to get bill notifications via SMS and/or email.

 * It reduces paper consumption and is, thus, environment friendly.


If you are the registered owner or the tenant/occupant, you can enroll in the program, just note that one enrollee per account only can enroll.

I used to get reminder of payment from my cellphone and my husband’s email (for he was the one who registered our account online.  But ever since we enrolled, we don’t have any idea of what was behind the bill at all, like how we have consumed for the month and if the amount we’re due is either higher or lower than the last we had.  When you enroll to the Paperless Billing program, you can get a copy of your e-SOA via email or when you log-in to My Water Bill portal. I checked in at saw an overview of our account. Aside from the billing summary, there are certain features on the right side: PAY Now, Billing Bar Chart and Water Bar Chart.


The Pay Now feature lets you assign a bank or a payment center where you can pay your bill online, no hassle!  The Billing Bar Chart shows your bill for the past three months, while the water bar chart shows your average consumption, also for three months.  These two charts help you compare your water usage and check for any anomalies or wastage.

There are other cool things to see on the website so better register your account and make your life easier, economic, and safe.

Here are reminders from Maynilad regarding Paperless Billing Program:


  Customers with My Water Bill online portal account as of October 22, 2021


All customers with My Water Bill online portal account as of October 22, 2021  werewill be pre-enrolled in the program. If you are one of them, like me, you probably did not receive a printed copy of your SOA starting this month., thus they will stop receiving a printed SOA starting with their November 2021 billing.

These customers will receiveI got an advisory regarding the pre-enrollment of my account to Paperless Billing via SMS and email notifications. regarding the pre-enrollment. Those who are not interested to enroll in the program may opt out. Just text MAYNILAD<space>OFF<space>PAPERLESS<space>CONTRACT ACCOUNT NUMBER send it to 09191626000.

Note: If the customer decided to opt out less than three working days before their reading date, the customer will still be automatically enrolled in the program. The unenrollment will only take effect in their December 2021 billing. 

Customers who are not pre-enrolled

 If you were not part of the customers who were pre-enrolled, no worries as you can still register to Paperless Billing program. Customers who will create My Water Bill online portal account starting October 23, 2021 onwards


You just need to create a My Water Bill portal account first, as mentioned earlier. T, this is where you can view the details of your account, including your previous 12 months e-SOAs.


To create a portal account, just follow these steps:

1.            Visit

2.            Enter your Contract Account Number (CAN).

3.            Nominate a password (The password should be between 6 to 20 characters with at least one (1) uppercase and lowercase letter, and one (1) numeric digit).

4.            Set security questions to secure your account.

5.            Select your personal image.

6.            Input your contact information.


Enrollment can be done via SMS once the account has been validated.

To enroll, once you have a portal account, you can now enroll to Paperless Billing.  Jjust follow the syntax below and send it to 09191626000.


The customer just must ensure that the mobile number being used for the enrollment is the same mobile number registered in the My Water Bill online portal account.


Ø  Other customers


You Otherwise, you may contact us Maynilad through any of the following channels and provide your name, Contract Account Number (CAN), mobile number, and email to enroll in the program.

1. Maynilad Hotline 1626 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-1000-92837 (Cavite Province)

2. Official Maynilad Facebook page (/MayniladWater) or Twitter account (@maynilad)

3. Maynilad Email:

4. Maynilad Business Area (BA) Offices

5. Maynilad Zone Specialists

6. Maynilad Website (


If you’re worried of your online security, don’t be, as there will be no cause for concern, as any data and information collected from customers during the process of enrollment are subject to Maynilad’s Data Privacy Policy. Visit this link to know more:









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