Saturday, September 5, 2020

Milk and Eggs Aice Ice Cream Made to Boost Immune System

I'm sure many have already tried a certain variety of Aice Ice Cream, one, because it's the most affordable ice cream on stick and has lots of flavors to choose from.  

Did you know that Aice originated from Singapore?

Now you know and to add to that knowledge, they had recently launched their newest flavor Milk & Eggs in an exclusive online event with food, lifestyle bloggers and influencers. The special flavor with milk, eggs and honey was especially developed at the height of the Covid-19-pandemic to boost the body’s immune system. Ice cream lovers can get the new variant in a special pack of 5 with free face mask for only P100 or P20 per piece from AICE accredited resellers and sari-sari stores.

I was part of the launch which was simulated over an online webcast, however, due to some uncertainty, I missed the event, I know! BooHoo.  Speaking before a group of influencers, invited guest speaker Ms. Joan Sumpio, a popular Registered Nutritionist and Dietician (RND), explained how milk is an important source of calcium. “Calcium contributes to energy metabolism, builds and support bone development, and is necessary in regular muscle function. Eggs, on the other hand, are a great source of Cobalamin, Vitamin A and D, which are essential vitamins to boost the body’s immunity against diseases”, according to Ms. Sumpio. 

And that's how to explain why this ice cream was made to ease the Covid 19 issue and probably help more people not to get sick instead get ample supply of immune-boosting nutrients. 

One of the highlights of the event was when all the guests were asked to open their Milk & Eggs ice cream and take a bite on cam simultaneously. 

The strawberry taste and bits inside have caught some food bloggers by surprise. 

According to Ms. Lucille Chan, AICE PH Marketing Manager, more than the exclusive launch, they have actively distributed thousands of free Milk & Eggs packs to different barangays including front-liners who the company considers as modern-day heroes of the pandemic. 

A surprise of the event came when AICE PH unveiled its first batch of celebrity influencers, namely: Kapamilya stars Sharlene San Pedro and Andrea “Blythe” Brillantes, and volleyball icon Mika Reyes.

 The influencers expressed their thanks and appreciation for being invited and chosen to become part of AICE’s family of pioneer influencers. The event concluded with model and event host, Ms. Anne Quiogue, greeting everyone “Have an AICE day!” 

Aside from Milk & Eggs, the brand has other mouth-watering flavors such as Chocolate Crispy, Water Melon, Choco Mochi (my daughter's favorite), Sweet Corn, Strawberry Crispy, Mango Slush, and Coffee Crispy (my personal fave), with retail price ranging from P10 to P26.  Can't beat that!


  1. Aice Milk and Eggs: Immune-Boosting Ice Cream Lands in Manila ... especially developed at the height of the Covid-19-pandemic to boost the body's immune system. ... The taste really doesn't make sense to me at all though.....Look at here

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