Saturday, March 23, 2019

Maternity Boudoir Photography with Seriously Boudoir

I can't find any reasons why women don't want to have themselves glammed up or even consider having their photos taken professionally.  If you are hesitant because of fear of judgement, or self-doubt, don't.

If I were to talk to my 20 or even 30 year old me, I could have advised to do a sexy shoot or a "boost-your-confidence photo session" and the one that Seriously Boudoir offers is the best of its kind.  But you know, I was so surprised to find myself projecting to every click of Joy's camera.  I actually found it fun, a bit tiring for a preggy mom at her 40's, but fun.

But what was more exciting was to see the outcome.  I have decided that some photos will just be exclusive for my husband and for me, to be reminded that I was once young and pretty.  For a haggard mom trying to be at best nearing her mid-40s and will be popping out a new member of the family in 2 months, having this moment was so worth to freeze the time with.  This for me was enough, I don't have to frame any of the pictures, I just needed a moment to experience and to tell myself that I did a good job in taking care of myself.

I love working with Joy on this, not only are we both moms to four kids, I can truly tell that she is very passionate in what she do.  I am not really comfortable in front of the camera as I have always been behind it, capturing my kids' moments and taking photos of food and scenery.  But she did an amazing job  in making me comfortable capturing  my genuine laugh, the sparkle in my eyes, and all the other quirks that makes me  "ME."

I left her all the details on how she wants to capture me, she even brought flower crowns as I have no idea how to do this.  With her expertise on lighting, lens choice, wardrobe, and image composition, it made all the difference. Whatever your size is, heck, I was pregnant with a really heavy tummy, she will make you love your body and be proud of it.  I loved her previous works with other mommas, that's why I chose her to do this for me.

Remember, you are not defined by your size, so don't let it keep you from feeling good about the incredible woman you are.

Also, have you ever heard of this tagline: Confidence is sexy

One of the reasons so many women choose to do a boudoir shoot is because of the confidence they gain from it. All of the things you imagine yourself being are already there. You just needed something to help you see them.

You don't have to be pregnant btw to do this, all you need is you, ditch your diet plans, reward yourself and buy that lingerie or invent the wildest idea and have it captured.  But make sure to have a good make up artist too, who knows how to make the real you shine in the photos.  I have included my HMUA's details and Seriously Boudoir at the end of the this post.  So, go ahead and give them a call.  I swear, you won't be spending much with this experience.

Simply Gorgeous Creations by GTC 

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Seriously Boudoir 

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