Friday, December 7, 2018

#FlavorYourFun with Conagra Brands at the Family Preview of Ralph Wrecks the Internet

What used to be a leisure to me had turned out into one crazy chore with my kids, and not to mention the cost I would be spending when my kids would join me.  I have my list, they, however don't but we'd end up buying more of  the things they want than buying all the things on my list.

Grocery shopping isn't just about crossing items off a to-do list, anymore, for me, it’s more of knowing what your family loves and spending delicious, memorable moments with them.  But of course making sure that they are made according to health standards I adhere to, and what sumptuous dishes I could create with them ingredients.

Good thing there's Conagra Brands.

You too can discover delectable ways to get creative and make memories with Conagra Brands’ roster of quality products the whole family is sure to love. One of North America's leading packaged food companies with beloved brands including Hunt’s tomato products, Libby’s Vienna sausage and corned beef, PAM cooking spray, Peter Pan peanut butter, Act II popcorn, Snack Pack pudding and gels, Reddi Wip whipped cream and Blue Bonnet margarine, Conagra Brands lets you #FlavorYourFun with ease and share it with the people you love whenever you’re together.

Conagra Brands sure had hit the warm spot that thugs the heart of every consumers.  At the media preview of Conagra Brands, they had invited celebrities, influencers and media representative to watch the private screen of Ralph Wrecks the Internet, all while indulging everyone with snack creations made from Conagra Brands.

In the media round off held at the movie screening of Ralph Wrecks the Internet last November 24, Saturday at Bonifacio High Street (BHS) Central Square Cinemas, the marketing arm of Conagra Brands showed us how we can take our favorites even further, coz they know specially with moms who are all about getting their family to spend time together in delicious ways.

The event was taken up further with fun- (and food-) loving kids and their doting parents who got to sample more of Conagra Brands’ flavorful and fun treats as the company showcased its flagship products and ambassadors at a special block screening of Ralph Breaks the Internet on .We all sampled unique and yummy movie-themed snacks before the film, got to meet Conagra Brands’ team of mom ambassadors who shared and showed off their inventive twists on their family’s food favorites.

Caught up with Ms. Danica Sotto Pingris.  She's an actress, host, and rising YouTube chef.  She finds that Conagra products are a worthy addition to her kitchen arsenal. As the mother of two school-age children, she is familiar with the task of preparing baon for them every day. “Since my kids love Libby’s Vienna Sausages, I cook it for their baon all the time! Libby’s Corned Beef makes a great and tasty breakfast too, it’s such a staple in our household.”

She also finds herself reaching for convenient and delicious Snack Packs to make lunchboxes both fun and healthy. “I love how Snack Pack gives me a way to feed my kids fruits. Since you can easily mix in fresh fruits to give the pudding some extra flavor, it’s a perfect baon treat that will give kids the nutrition they need!” she exclaims.

When it comes to preparing snacks and desserts for the family, Peter Pan peanut butter is another one of Danica’s favorites. “I love how versatile it is,” she gushes. “It’s always a hit when I spread it on pancakes, make it a dip for my homemade granola bars, or simply put it on my bananas! You can do many wonderful things with Peter Pan!”

As a model, food enthusiast, and host, Xandra Rocha Araneta’s busy schedule and energetic family keep her on her toes too, which is why she enjoys leisurely weekend brunch at home. “My go-to meal is always Libby’s Corned Beef,” she says. “I add in tons of onions and tomatoes. My husband likes it a little crunchy, so I let the corned beef crisp up in the pan before serving. We enjoy it with fluffy scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice!”

When she’s baking, Xandra loves how convenient it is to have products like PAM Cooking Spray handy. “Just a couple sprays of PAM on the pan, and my baking sessions are hassle-free!” she says. As a health-conscious foodie, she also finds that Conagra strikes the perfect balance between indulgence and nutrition.

She also found that using Blue Bonnet margarine makes for a great alternative to butter that’s still delicious!  Hence, I'm taking her word for it, as I haven't tried it with my baking.

With so many kitchen favorites to choose from, you’re sure to love making every moment more delicious thanks to Conagra Brands.

At the event, the guests, including yours truly were given chance to bring home some of the feautured products, and I'm just as excited to prepare good-tasting meals with these.

About Conagra Brands

Conagra Brands (NYSE: CAG) is one of North America's leading packaged food companies with recognized brands such as Peter Pan®, Hunt's®, Reddi-wip®, ActII®, Healthy Choice®, Orville Redenbacher's®, PAM®, Snack Pack®, Banquet®, Chef Boyardee®, Wesson ®, and many other Conagra brands found in grocery, convenience, mass merchandise and club stores. For more information, please visit us at


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  2. Libby's vienna sausage is my son's all-time favorite. I always have them on stock.

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