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Perry's Tea Bar and Bakehouse, A Worthy Hangout for Tea-tas and Tea-tos of Manila

Because of the dog's joyfulness, our own is increased. It may be a small gift to some but not the likeness of me.  It is not the least reason why we should honor as love the dog of our own life.  I've been looking at our dogs that way since we had them and that's how Perry's life is appreciated by his dog parents as well.  Perry was a fawn pug owned by the Cortez', the namesake of the newly-opened tea bar and bakery at McKinley West, Taguig.

Such a loving gesture for the beloved pug.  Though Perry was gone for years, his memory lives on.  And whenever I hear his name, I'll remember the meal my husband and I had during their first days of opening.

I've been getting many inquiries about this fairly new dining and tea destination in McKinley, and how happy I was to know they have officially opened their doors.  At first I thought, they'll be another milk tea place but when I figured they are already rendering their brand, I got all the more excited, and oh let me tell you, it's not just for the tea lovers but for gourmands as well.

Their juxtaposed at the corner of one of the building in McKinley West where automobiles do their corner turn on the way to SLEX via Lawton St.  Parking is no problem, it's just behind the building.

Surprised as I was, this joint isn't your typical, humdrum tea drinking place.  Perry's educates and enlightens their guests through a sensory experience with tea.

No other place have a contemporary tea bar where the art of serving tea following the Chinese tea tradition called Gong Fu is featured.  Tea appreciation is heightened and pairing it with Perry's unique menu is a whole different experience in itself.

My husband and I have been there during their first days of opening and went back to celebrate Dads' Day with the whole pack.

On our first visit we had a tisane, Berry Blast to be precise. A tisane is an infusion of sort that works like a tea.  It is served hot on decanter and with a small glass of syrup for sweetening, but you can also have it cold as they would have ice cubes on your glasses.

Pureed Potato Truffle Egg
The epicurean day began with Pureed Potato Truffle Egg.  If you love truffles then you can easily get hooked with this.  The toast, from their own oven served warm and crisp ready to be dunked into the precarious dip you won't find anywhere else.  This can either be complicated yet simple but for me it was lasting.  The puree is smooth as silk and the flavor of truffle lingers while the poached eggs gives cloud-like texture.

I have actually converted my husband to be a follower of truffle.  I sometimes use truffle oil with my cooking at home but he dislikes the pungent aroma and would often run away from whatever it is I'm preparing with truffle.

But I got him to try it and you know what, I finished the whole batch. 

Mediterranean Salad

 Then, the glorious serving of Mediterranean Salad came next.  It's mix of fresh, crisp greens and their house-made pickled onions, Parmesan and blue cheese all coated with yogurt dressing a perfect vegetarian dish for any kind of meal.


A heaping of this soup can either make you forget your name or remember your first love.  The flavor can be complex but each sip causes you to warm up and conjure up grandma's cooking.  I remembered my lola's Kare-Kare but then again, I also remembered my first taste of Indian food.

Served with locally-sourced black rice, this soup can be a complete meal in itself, it's rich and dense and full of flavor. 

Their menu is meticulously curated by the Chef Hatch Bodegon of Refinery, hence, anyone who had been to the aforementioned restaurant can attest to his kitchen  savvy.   

If you're not sold yet, how about trying out Perry's Carne Asada with Chimichurri sauce. Plated over a tortilla (they make their own, btw, and all the side dishes) 

Perry's does not confine itself to a particular cuisine.  Along with the well-curated tea leaves from all over the world, they've shown marvels re-creating famed dishes with their own tweaks.  You'll agree with me once you've had a try of their Carne Asada.  It's like eating an elevated version of Shawarma and the authentic Mexican version, it was delish nonetheless.  

Another must try on the menu is Perry's Burger.

Sandwiched in between two idyllic pineapple buns is a juicy, thick wagyu burger patty, the only wagyu burger you'll only want to have to complete your line of burger collection.  Grilled to perfection, the wagyu burger has that incomparable beefy flavor, perhaps there is again a play on the spices and seasonings.   

Curious about the pineapple buns?  

This airy bread has a crusty, sweet and buttery top and you get all kinds of textures in one bite.  This particular burger is plated with homemade sweet potato chips that's savory yet not overly salty along with a mayo dip that has a Moroccan taste added.

If you're like me who's conscious about health and likes to end every good meal with hot tea (or be boozy with wine), maybe it's time you get to visit Perry's where good teas (and booze) are married with good food.

Perry's Teabar and Bakehouse

Address:  G/F One West Campus, McWest Blvd.,
               Mckinley West, Taguig

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