Sunday, May 24, 2015

Inipit Dirt Cake Into Ice Cream Cake

My daughter and I have been fascinated with dirt cakes- you know, cake crumbs made to look like dirt, sand most of the time placed inside a pot and topped with eatable plant.

Also, I had to mention that it's been a long, long time that I had not posted any recipe here, though I had shared some photos of my kitchen creations at Instagram.  I'd love it if you can pay my IG account a visit and follow my epicurean gallery. 

Going back to the business with dirt cakes. there are many variations to making a dirt cake, so it's called.  My daughter who learned her way out in our kitchen with my supervision showed how easy it was to make dirt out of Lemon Square's Inipit Chocolate Cake.

To make this more interesting, the crumbly texture of the delectable Inipit Cake dirt, we used it as a base for ice cream cake.  There is really #NoLimitwithInipit.  Danica again proved that it's "sarap maging kid with Inipit,"  cause there are a lot you can do with Inipit to turn it to a different dessert or snack, and doing it with fun.

So here is the recipe of our own Inipit Dirt Ice Cream Cake.  I know the name of the cake sounds really odd, but that's how she wanted to name it.  If I were to name the recipe, it would be Ice Cream Cake on Inipit Dirt.  Whoops, wait, that's even more odd, hahaha.

Inipit Dirt Ice Cream Cake


8 pieces Inipit Chocolate Cake
1 pint Choco-coffee Ice cream
1/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup cream

1. Make Inipit Dirt Cake:  
    Crumble 8 pieces Inipit Chocolate Cake with fingers, on a  lined baking sheet or baking pan.  

2. Put in the oven over 220 C for 10 minutes.

3. Make Chocolate Ganache:

    On medium heat, using double boiler, melt the choco chips with the cream.  Mix until all chips are     melted have mixed in together.

4. Assemble the cake.

Divide dirt cake into two parts.  Put the first half on the pie pan, add chocolate ganache, top with slightly melted ice cream, lastly, top with the other half of the dirt cake.

5.  Put in the freezer overnight to make sure it's tightly packed and solid.

Enjoy the limitless snack possibilities from Lemon Squares Cake Sandwiches.  Will be making something out of their pandan and ube cakes.  Thanks Nuffnang for the opportunity to play in the kitchen and indulge in our own decadent creations. 

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