Monday, May 12, 2014

CPK at SM Mall of Asia with the Pack

Eating with our kiddos has been all-fun yet getting more costly.  I'm not sure whether I'll be proud or happy that we are raising foodies or critics or just always a hungry pack .  
They pretty much know where to go for good pizzas and pastas.  Their favorite, California Pizza Kitchen and sure know how to dress for it as well.
After attending Danielle's graduation ceremony at PICC, they chose to have lunch at CPK Mall of Asia. This time the grad gal doesn't need to be dolled up (see how disappointed she is), however, with the bare make-up necessities I have stocked for that special occasion, she managed to wear a not too shabby make-up look.
My son as usual wore something he usually wear, men's jacket and his denims,while the girls garbed their favorite dresses. 

You might ask, why would my son wear men's jackets.  I have explained it at my other blog and why teen boys and men alike should too.  Read it here.
If you realized that you need one, I would suggest you check out  

Moving on...this post is actually dedicated to the daughter who graduated from high school and celebrating it at CPK.

"Yes, my favorite pizza," she quivers.

Those are chicken fingers, the minute after it has bee placed on the table.  Gone by the minute...The crispy chicken fritters are served with potato fries (with their skins) and garlic-lime mayo dip and marinara sauce.

Danielle ordered this huge plate of Grilled Sausage and Pepper Penne. The penne was gobbled down all by herself has slices of grilled spicy Italian sausage, mild onions, red and yellow peppers and Parmesan cheese in CPK's own Marinara sauce

For the tiddle tots is a huge plate of Spaghetti Carbonara.  They just love the texture of the sauteed applewood smoked bacon, mashed up with petite peas and Italian parsley in a Romano cheese cream sauce
Vintage pizzas for sharing.  And more pizzas...Also, I want to make a mention to the wait staff who served us for giving as complimentary house brewed iced tea for the kids.
CPK has always been loved by this pack.

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