Friday, November 8, 2013

Paref Woodrose' Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale

   Those who complete their Christmas shopping early gain a great deal of benefits. First of all they do not have to deal with crowded shopping areas as hordes of other shoppers are also trying to complete their last minute Christmas shopping. Shoppers who complete their Christmas shopping early also have more time to relax and focus on other activities such as decorating, wrapping presents, baking cookies or just spending some quite time with family. Finally, those who complete their Christmas shopping early also gain financial benefits. They can take advantage of sales which occur year round if they spread out their shopping plus they do not have to worry about paying for all of their purchases at one time. 

  But in all honesty, I don't really practice it year after year, and I just always blame myself for not being disciplined about shopping in a less stressful manner.

  Here is an opportunity for all us now sensing the busy days of the Christmas season.  There are a lot of bazaars looming with great deals and have been organized as early as November to answer that good change.   Let us start with Paref Woodrose' Pre Christmas Bodega Sale.

  Following the success of last year’s ‘Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale,’ Paref Woodrose is opening it’s doors once again and inviting everyone to do their early Christmas shopping here.

  This year’s Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale promises to be more exciting with new additions on the list of product line ups available on sale. Aside from the usual apparels, accessories,  and linens, shoppers can also score great deals on kitchenwares, glasswares, hotel-restaurant equipments and many more. Paticipating merchants include the popular brands 101 New York, XOXO, Toy Kingdom, Imarflex, Claire’s, Popstar, and Krispy Kreme, among others.
  The Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale will be from November 13 to 16 2014 (Wednesday to Saturday) at the Woodrose Promenade.  This is a fundraising project for the benefit of the Friends ofWoodrose Scholarship Program.


  1. wow malapit lang sa office namin to mam joy...

    1. Hi Rusell, please do pay it visit! It will benefit the school's scholars. Also, can we meet on Monday so you can get your GC? Thanks for dropping by.

    2. yes mam joy... mga around 6pm po because 5pm po out q sa office... ill text you nalang po... see yah...


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