Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BIZU: l'expérience

In the mood for French Patisserie!

At Bizu, pastry creations are really eye-tempting, the art in cake decorating has been given importance, every detail displays flair and an interest to the palate.  Vibrant colors are used to infuse art into dining...oh what the heck, since centuries I've been dieing to try out their products.   I've so many times bypassed their cafe at Glorietta 4, never did I thought that the money I'd be spending would really be worth it!

At last, with a smoochy here and there to a quite precocious hubby, my wait was finally over. With a long list from  L E S   G A T E A U X   D E   L A V I T R I N E   P A T I S S E R I E  (Cakes from the Vitrine)       I could hardly choose.   Yes, mind you, I want to try everything, that would be gluttonous though, but  I did not say I want to eat all, in my case that would be insanely deadly! We are a family that has diabetes, you know.

So I asked for their best-seller, Samba.  A combination of milk and dark chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate cake and coated with our own homemade chocolate brilliant sauce.

Cafe Mocha

For Bhogs, Blueberry Chiboust     The creamiest cheesecake delight topped with blueberry filling on Bizu's special shortbread crust.   How did I know, well I tried it!   With that he also had Lavazza Capuccino, Italy's best coffee!

But then at the middle of my dining experience, I could not finish the personally-sized Samba.    

It was too much sweet for my teeth! 
I was going  to order their Parisian Macarons,  

but, I just could not handle the sweet anymore.   But what a good news for my daughter, a diabetic, Sugarbabe as what we call her they do offer sugar free European cakes.

Sweet for my sweet, sugar for my lover, as the song goes!
For more info on their branches and more appealing pastries and cakes visit their website:


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