Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend Staycation at The Linden Suites

If you are yearning for a bigger place to breath and be gone from the world at least over a night or if you happen to be on a business trip here in Ortigas, Pasig City, this is the place to be.   If only I could have known earlier that a place such as this that is family-friendly, classy yet homey and near shopping havens like SM Megamall, The Podium and Shangri La.   Linden Suites now has been gaining  popularity of being a party place.  Did you know that more and more families, office mates, friends are enjoying intimate parties here?
With that having discovered, my husband and I made a choice to celebrate my daughter's birthday here.  Apparently this wasn't in our plan for a kiddie party.  The pink and black theme which I have thought over for months flopped.  As the days drew near the birthday, more and more problems occurred.   The venue manner took us a lot of deals.   Then there were the decorations, loot bags, party games and activities, and the catering and the list goes on.   Though me and the kids are super excited, hubby seems to more stressed about it.   Till he dropped the ball and went online to look for XBOX Kinect and eventually luring the birthday girl to ask for it and not do the party anymore.  Come on it's a game what else would the whole pack ask for?  To make the long story short he bought one.  We all enjoyed it at home though having the feeling that you might break something, or having to contend to the meager space we have in our sala, where we have to remove our sofas just to have all four dancing at the same floor.
We just have to do a party, even a small one but where?  Till it hit me!  Why not on a hotel, with spacious room, wide LED screens, centralized AC, why not on a suite? Why not The Linden Suites?
Too much ado about the planning made me just want to be buried on a clean, white, smooth sheet covered bed.  The one that would not hurt my back for being too cushy or too hard.  Eat off and sleep off unnecessary disappointments and just rendering love and fun fro the family specially to our youngest, Danica, the celebrant.   I will be sharing her birthday happenings on a different blog.   Let me just share you how we have loved our stay at the Linden Suites.
Here is the corridor outside one of our suite, which is just across the elevators.   We booked 2 two-bedroom suites, since we were expecting 8 adults and kids who will be hitting it off for a night.
Upon entrance to the suite, a large dining area with a big table and chairs welcome you.   Ahead is a seating space with an LCD Tv with an entertainment system, two couches, and a mini office.
A bit tad excited about where I will be catching some Z's , I headed off to one of the bedroom nearest the living room.
Comfort is the word that best describe each rooms.  It has a separate room AC, LED Tv, study area and bathroom.
It even have everything you might be needing for a longer stay, all camped in a cabinet.  Though simple (compared to the laud kind on other hotels, it has all the essentials, safe box, baskets for some accessories, bathrobe, some hangers, slippers and a flat iron and it's bed.
The bathroom, laden with a not so big bath tub and shower, clean towels and hygiene essentials ready for use.
It even had a hair dryer and make-up mirror.
On the other room are two single beds, also with its own bathroom.  The laid back ambiance is as inviting to our kids as to me.  No expensive and ludicrous wall hangings, a cool speck of cream on the wall paints and hardwood flooring.
Though the other room only has provisions for a shower area, it also what the other bathroom have.   AS you go out, the kitchen will be on your left,
The view of the kitchen from a far end of the living room.
You will be surprised to find it complete with amenities such as refrigerator  sink, counter top convection oven with hood and cabinets.  The water in the faucet can be either hot or called.
This is love foe coffee-addicts like us.  A coffee-maker, electric pot, cups and coffee mixes are available.  If you can not stand your food getting cold, a microwave oven stands by.
Got caught staring at this aluminum backsplash of the convection cooker.   Lookey they even have a bread toaster.
 If you want the comfort of not cooking nor going out, they actually have a cafe on the second floor on the other tower, or call the help desk for orders, menus are at the office table.
Read about our gratuitous breakfast at the Cafe here:
Gratuitous Breakfast at The Linden Suite's Coffee Shop

Here is the lobby where the cafe is at and the elevators taking you to your floor.
And after having your hotel breakfast wouldn't it be really awesome to take a dip in the pool or lounge in a jacuzzi?  The Linden Suites has two swimming pools, one at the roof deck and a temperature controlled  indoor pool.
With the initial plan scratched, we had an option to celebrate the birthday at a resort somewhere in Laguna for my kids love to swim.  But we weren't able to find a place more suited for the event.   I'm just so happy my kids had a fantastic morning swim at Linden's indoor pool, while I got to depressurize at the jacuzzi while watching my kids enjoy the warm water.
Now would that not impress anyone?  Here is more...
They are offering rooms at discounted prices packaged with afternoon treats.

The Linden Suites
37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600
Tel: +632 638-7878
Fax: +632 638-7877


  1. Thanks Ms. Kaye! I would want to comment on your page but I can't find the comment link...:(

  2. Hello, i came across your blog coz I was searching for rooms of the Linden Suites. Do you mind if I ask what room number is this? I heard they have new refurbished rooms and I find it smaller than these photos you posted but the same 2 bedrooms. Hooe to hear from you. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emm, I'm so sorry but I really can't remember anymore it was a long time ago. I'm also not aware of the new rooms they have, better if you call them.

  3. HI.. Did they charged you for the extra persons? Since it's a 2br suites.. I think it's only for 4pax, just wondering if they are strict in numbers of guests? Thank you

    1. Hi Zheng, Thanks for dropping by. This was a long time ago. But before, they weren't that strict. I hope they still aren't though.

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